I have been able to manifest all kind of things - a healthy body, going travelling to nice places, a girlfriend, and even negative things manifest after putting too much emphasis and feelings on them.

The big thing I've been having problems manifesting is money and cash. I've done affirmations, meditations, but one thing I haven't been doing is CONSTANTLY 24/7 feeling wealthy. Is this a must?

Being in the vortex all day every day? Are some things harder to manifest than others? Do some beliefs have bigger blocks in them that take longer for me to turn around?

Can the upcoming ascension and my life path be what is stopping me from gaining wealth, as wealth my be detrimental to what I will be later? For example, if i have lots of money now I might go travelling and exploring and this can distract me from the path my higher self wants me to take...

Any one have any past experiences with blocks in their wealth manifestatons and how they overcame it?

Thanks alot.

My theory to why wealth isn't being attracted as fast as all the other things is due to the blockage from he beliefs about money I've been raised with they need to be cleared further? Or is my higher self blocking me from gaining wealth?

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Barry Allen ♦♦

are you not all ready wealthy? why do you see something missing? everything else outside is man made creation. money man made creation. to facilitate trade from one person to the other person according to their work. you all ready have all that you need inside as for the outside it is only vexation. why because people cheat and thief them self and other to have more money or power. feel wealthy of what you have that is good at the place of feeling bad about what you do not have that is not good.

(17 May '15, 20:13) white tiger

@naughtydobo -

I think I can respond to a few of your questions.

The big thing I've been having problems manifesting is money and cash. I've done affirmations, meditations, but one thing I haven't been doing is CONSTANTLY 24/7 feeling wealthy. Is this a must?

Based upon what I have learned thus far, the answer is no. You do not have to feel wealthy 24/7, although it might help speed the manifestation. All you have to do is ask the Universe for what you want, and then "get out of the way" by feeling neutral about it (or, not thinking about your desire for, or absence of, wealth).

I'm not sure how new you are to these ideas. If so, I would peruse this Guide to Manifesting. You don't need to do affirmations all the time...just ask once and "get out of the way"...and if you start noticing the lack of a physical manifestation (or feeling frustrated by it), then find a way to raise your vibration on that topic.

Being in the vortex all day every day?

No, as Stingray says, this is not necessary, or even ideal. Ideally you spend 90% of your time in the Vortex, and 10% out--which is when you come up with new desires to manifest.

Are some things harder to manifest than others? Do some beliefs have bigger blocks in them that take longer for me to turn around?

No, there is nothing intrinsic in a belief that makes it "more difficult" to turn around and get rid of. However, I think depending on our individuality, certain beliefs might have more of a "hold" over us. So it might take more focus and contemplation to become aware of that negative belief, and realize how much of a hold it has had over you, and how much it might be affecting you. Once you become aware of it and really "shine the light of consciousness" on it, the belief will likely evaporate pretty quickly.

And when that happens, the belief may fight for its own survival by manifesting strange things in your life, as happened to me a few months ago.

I think the biggest challenge to eradicating your limiting beliefs is realizing that you have them at all. There may be some very subtle beliefs related to money that are holding you up, that you don't even realize you have. For instance, do any of these limiting beliefs sound familiar? (they are all ones that I once had):

Making money is not easy.

Making money takes hard work.

You have to spend money to make money.

In order to make money, you need a good job.

Making money requires at least some work.

Making money requires at least some action.

Can the upcoming ascension and my life path be what is stopping me from gaining wealth, as wealth my be detrimental to what I will be later? For example, if i have lots of money now I might go travelling and exploring and this can distract me from the path my higher self wants me to take...

Doubtful. The Universe can manifest anything, and there is nothing I can think of that would directly contradict the manifestation of wealth--unless you have a secret desire for poverty, which I doubt.

But the fact that you are raising this question at all might--I say might--possibly point to a subtle limiting belief such as

I can't be wealthy and be spiritual at the same time.

Having some wealth could distract me from my true "purpose."

Having wealth could corrupt me and change me into a bad person.

Having wealth would come with too many attachments and burdens that would prevent me from realizing other desires.

Having wealth might cause me to splurge for things I don't need, and I might be a bad steward of wealth, etc..

The Universe has a special plan for me, and it doesn't/can't include financial prosperity.

I think you get the idea...and please don't be offended that I'm suggesting the possibility that you believe any of this--they are beliefs that I myself once held, so it was easy for me to think of them as examples. I am aware that you might be brainstorming random ideas because you are just trying to figure this all out.

My theory to why wealth isn't being attracted as fast as all the other things is due to the blockage from he beliefs about money I've been raised with they need to be cleared further?

It is possible that limiting beliefs could be holding back your manifestation. Or it could also be that your desire is a few days (or hours) away from physically manifesting.

Or is my higher self blocking me from gaining wealth?

I can't see this being the case, unless your true passion and desire is for a lack of wealth, i.e. poverty. From what I have learned, the higher self doesn't work like that (block your desires), it is rather a guidance system that tells you through intuition/emotion if you are moving toward or away from your desire. You can read more about that here.

On a practical note, if you have already asked the Universe for wealth, you could try flowing more energy to it by keeping a journal of appreciation, or reading this financial rampage of appreciation back to yourself on a regular basis. Or, listen to the "Getting into the Vortex Meditation" regularly to raise your vibration on the topic:


The key is (or so I've been told), feel good about it or don't think about it at all.

Creating a focus block for this issue is probably a good idea, especially since you are currently wondering why it hasn't physically manifested yet (i.e., noticing its absence).

Hope this helps!


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Correction- it is impossible to be in the vortex for an entire day. If someone states otherwise then they are lying (and if they're not I wanna know the secret).

Good points @lozenge

(19 Oct '12, 02:48) Nikulas

@lozenge123 Really good answer. :)

@Nikulas Everything is possible... :) I'm sure it would take someone with enough willpower and discipline, but I think the reason most of us just simply, and naturally, don't is because being out of the vortex serves us greatly. To me the idea seems to contradict itself... if we wanted to be aligned 100% of the time why didn't we just stay in the non-physical?

(19 Oct '12, 08:38) LapisLazuli

@lozenge123 - This answer is wonderful. All of the information from your own experience added to the wealth of wisdom in all of your links.... this is an encyclopedia! Bookmarking for me. :)

(19 Oct '12, 09:43) Grace

@Nikulas, @LapisLazuli, @Grace - Thanks guys! Hope it helps.

(19 Oct '12, 15:05) lozenge123
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As have we all, you have been using the Law of Attraction/Repulsion all your life. As it is a fundamental principle in how this Universal Construct works, one cannot NOT use it. In our own individual realities, and in every moment, we direct one polarity and reflect the other simultaneously. As there are so many distractions going on in our conscious NOW moment, and because we get caught up in this drama, we often are not aware of how rapidly we are consciously shifting between these polarities.

Basically speaking, The Law of Attraction/Repulsion works the same way as does a magnet; and we are similar to magnets - each of us possessing both polarities at the same time. We have not incarnated countless times on this planet to experience one side of polarity. We have incarnated countless times to experience duality. And in order to experience duality both polarities must be equally active in every moment.

So, is our experience on Earth governed by magnetism? No. Our experience on Earth is governed by Electro-magnetism. Our conscious thoughts are electric energy currents and our physical bodies are 'grounders' to the magnetic field of the Earth. In a sense, the Earth is our Universal biological Mother and the Sun our Universal biological Father. This 'system' not only allows us to experience duality at all times, it also allows us the Free Will to choose Neutrality: unconditional love. But I digress.

Whenever I hear stories about people trying to manipulate The LOA/R to manifest in their lives what their ego feels it lacks, I wonder about the frequency these people are choosing to resonate in that they should have such feelings of lack in their lives. A harsh statement, I know; but a valid one. Would it not be more beneficial and easier to change one's frequency?

Each incarnation is a new experience; with pre-planned coordinates that we all have chose prior to incarnation. In between these coordinates we have the Free Will to remain aligned with this trajectory or to become misaligned with it. Regardless, these coordinates we will always come to.

Our Higher Self knows what is best for us. As our Higher Self is unconditional - like the Universal Creator (whose construct we are willing guests in) and Source itself - it allows us to heed its advice (our inner knowing; discernment) or ignore it. Should we veer from the path of our chosen trajectory, in some shape, form or circumstance, we will always be given guidance back to it.

We are here to experience all aspects of consciousness concurrently, though countless incarnations.

In my opinion, The LOA/R works perfectly well without our deliberate manipulation of it. Let it flow and, instead, chose the Frequency you wish to be in.


answered 04 Feb '14, 08:11

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@TGunn when you talk about coordinates and free will. I thought of a sail boat . You have a destination, but depending on how the wind blows is what really decides on how the journey will go. And of course how good of a sailor you are

(04 Feb '14, 17:47) ursixx

We're all free to do and think as we wish Your wish is to manifest an increased flow of money and cash in your life, the only reason why you're not succeeding is that you're obviously hindered by a negative mindset.

Your mind and subconscious have a built in program that keeps creating and recreating the same negative belief over and over again, So long as that unconscious false belief is still active you're limited , You hit the nail on the head when you say « why wealth isn't being attracted as fast as all the other things is due to the blockage from the beliefs about money i've been raised with ».

You can change all that and turn things round by reprogramming your mindset , Open up your mind and say "yes please" to money and cash

alt text

here's a reprogramming mindset check list

1- Change your vocabulary, listen to a poor person talk and you'll quickly find that they speak with a great deal of negativity. If this is you think carefully before you speak, filter out negative speach when you hear it, minimise it when you speak it

2 - Be disciplined; the wealthy delay gratification, the poor always demand immediate gratification, the poor get short term pleasure and long term pain

3 - Seek opportunity in every situation, those who seek safety rarely gain wealth

4 - Success must be summoned, you must make things happen, opportunity does not fall into your lap, it must be sought out

5 - Have a sense of urgency; the wealthy are driven by the need for success, waiting around to be discovered returns nothing of value

6 - Persist until wealth is yours, if you fall down get back up, losers quit at the first sign of trouble, you are a winner

7 - Know that you must give value to receive value, the poor only think about what they can squeeze out of the government or their fellow men, you must think about your abundant future and how to create it

8 - Be responsible for all circumstances in your life and be ready to change those circumstances that are preventing you from achieving wealth

9 - Use positive speech; the wealthy say « i can do it » the poor say « i can't »

10 - Go where the wealthy go. Go to the finest restaurant or hotel in your city and just sit there in the lobby and soak in the wealthy vibrations

11 - Limit your exposure to the media for 60 days, you will feel better and get more done. After the 60 days go back and you will see how negative the media is and how it affects your life

12 - Your thoughts are very powerful, think thoughts of wealth, abundance and happiness and those things will start flowing into your life. Think about lack and you'll get lack, what you fear will be drawn to you

13 - Get started; losers have dreams, winners have concrete goals with specific tasks and deadlines

14 - Stop with the hero worship, who cares about millionaire sports heroes or who the flavor of the month movie star is dating, Spend your time creating your dream life not worshiping others

15 - Always know that anyone can be rich, money does not discriminate and the wealthy are a very diverse group

16 - Think of different ways to achieve wealth, if you don't build your dream someone will hire you to build theirs

17 - Keep your wealth ideas to yourself most friends and family do not want you to succeed, some fear you'll make them look inferior, others fear that you will leave

18 - Do not follow, blaze your own trail, being a follower never brings wealth

19 - Your weekly goal should not be « i can't wait until friday » it should be «  i can't wait to plan the next step towards being wealthy »

20 - Regard wealth as a friend; some cultures believe that the pursuit of wealth is evil or dishonorable, wipe those thoughts from your mind, providing a comfortable life for you and your loved ones is truly honorable

21 - Decide to be wealthy, then decide how.

Great Job




answered 02 Feb '14, 06:07

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money is the symbol of exchange, it's liquid just like energy ... the mindset checklist applies not only to money but also to energy

(03 Feb '14, 00:51) jaz

Yes, your higher self can withhold manifestation and in fact it does that all the time. What you manifest successfully and what you don't is ultimately decided by your higher self. It has the final veto.

The higher self has one single purpose: to gradually take you to a place of 100% non-judgement and then to unite you to it. The higher self operates from a place of complete non-judgement. If you are to unite, then you have to get rid of your judgements and move up to its level, because your higher self will never come down to your level.

Every discomfort, annoyance, negative emotion, etc. that we feel are tests set up by our higher selves. Each is an opportunity for it to take you to the next level of non-judgement. If you don't play, you don't go anywhere, and you keep experiencing the same sort of emotions again and again.

Your higher self is not interested in your manifestations. It has one single objective - to make you non-judgemental. Everything the higher self does is decided against that fundamental purpose - will this action move you towards non-judgement, or away from it?

Now given a specific wish that you may have, the higher self first has to decide which way the benefits lie - whether in allowing the manifestation or in withholding it. If you already have a lot of desire built up and are annoyed that your request has not manifested yet, your higher self rubs its hands in glee - because you have just given it another opportunity to test you. If you pass the test, i.e., become non-judgemental on that desire, then your higher self probably has zero or little incentive for withholding the manifestation - unless it decides for some reason that it needs to take your life in a certain direction (a direction that doesn't include that particular manifestation) to set up the next test for you.

Bottom line: do your job, i.e. become non-judgemental, but there is still no guarantee that you will definitely get what you want, but there is a decent probability that you will. However, if you remain judgemental, there is 100% certainty that you will never get what you want.

No point arguing - those are the rules.


answered 07 May '15, 06:27

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the benefit lie. totally agree on that. cash man made invention that he use to make him self work and pay is stuff. making some very rich people and some very poor people. making some happy and some very not happy. some are happy with very little and some not happy with a lot. does that have very little needs more and those that have a lot want even more.

(17 May '15, 07:33) white tiger

Yes and no, this seems to be a grey area when it comes to reality creation, and everyone has different beliefs regarding this subject of the higher self and manifestation. In my own experience I've always got what I've wanted as long as I was aligned to that very thing, be it an experience or a physical object. We are ''co-creators'' and we're not the boss and neither is higher self, it's a team effort because higher self IS you, the you that knows the quickest and most effortless way to realize your intentions [desires] and if your desire is coming from the heart [inner being] with added clarity, you'll have full support from higher self to make it a physical reality. But does higher self hold back a manifestation?, only if you're not a vibrational match to the desire, or you simply must have some experiences first which assist you in aligning to the very thing you want because you can't manifest what you're not ready for or a match to, another factor is the timing. I think it doesn't serve us to believe there is a higher power out there calling all the shots, it gives away our own power, we are co-creators with the Universe, again, it's a team effort, if what we want feels good to us at the very core of our being, then we're on the right track and aligning to it, and if not we either need to work on aligning to what we want more, or move on to something else that's easier to align to. In my own experience my higher self understands me and has supported me every step of the way including the full support of my intentions and I've never been disappointed thus far.


answered 16 May '15, 14:53

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kreatr, agreed one has to be ready for the wish and have cleaned up any resistance from offensive past karma accrued

(22 May '15, 16:19) fred
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