I just heard a comment from someone saying bringing kids into this world is something we agreed on in the non physical.

Does this mean we agreed with whom we are going to do this parenting, as in like spouse?

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Yes, everything has been pre-determined in the non-physical plane.

So what about free will you say? Well free will is for you and it allows you to choose ANY reality you want at any given moment of your life. The thing is that their are INFINITE number of realities to choose from. What does it mean?

Well if anyone of you watched the series "Sliders" a while back it was about few people travelling thru portals into parallel realities. What does it mean? That NOW their is an INFINITE number of parallel realities exsisting simultanously. Every choice of every being ever made is taken into account in those realities. It's like you can decide today that instead of going to work you might want to call in sick and go hiking with your friends. That's free will. But you can also decide to go to work and go hiking after work. That's a choice to. That's your free will. But you need to understand that NO MATTER what choice YOU make it has already happened. In fact everything is happening simultanousy, in this moment of NOW.

So what all of us do all the time is to switch between realities. It's sounds science-fiction but that how it works. So for people who are sceptical and say:"Well all these variables, how can I make an agreenment with anyone to when he is going to get born or what parents he will have." Well in non-physicality you can SEE all the earths as if everything is happening right now and simply choose when you wanna get born. It's like a movie strip where you see all the frames one-by-one and you choose to "jump" in at any moment you want.

While it is inconcieveble for us right now is because we have been taught to believe that time and space is real. In fact they are illusions. Our quantum physicisists begin to realize that now saying, that the same particle can exist simultanously in two diffrent places at the same time, and by changing the quality of One particle the other particle changes automaticly. It's simple physics, but we are just getting started as to say on our way. I imagine that in decades time it will be fact and common knowledge, just like Copernicus theory which was banned during his life time and proved to be right later. Nobody questions it now.

So what if a mother decides to have an abortion? Well it has already been arranged that way. Say a being wants to experience only a little physical reality. It doesn't want to experience a whole life but just have a glimpse, get the feet wet as to speak. So that being gets attracted to those kinds of parents that will make that choice and make an agreenment with them. And that's all their is to it. The thing for us to understand is that we CAN'T hurt ANYONE without his or her agreenment. ANYONE. We make them constantly, all the time. We are just not aware of them yet. It's a tough concept for some to grasp because that would mean that their's no good and evil because everything has a permission for it to happen. And that is exactly so. Happiness isn't more richous then saddness. It is just a feeling. It is as valid as anything else. But you still can CHOOSE which one you want to experience. For example you may hd a lot of turmoil in your life, experienced a lot of negative emotions. So now, when you know you chose them, you can CHOOSE to experience happiness and bliss. And that's it. It's no more complicated than that. We all make choices all the time, but most of the time they are unconcious or automatic. How many times have you been eating dinner and half way thru you felt full but instead of stopping you were still eating so "not to waste anything"? You probably felt heavy and sleepy after that and you don't know why. Well it's because blood from your brain is being transported to your stomache to digest the excess of food. But that's not the point. The point is that half way thru out the meal you had a choice : Continue eating or stop. If you continued you "transported" yourself to a reality where you feel tired, maybe go for a nap for an hour, wake up dizzy, watch some TV, have problem sleeping at night and so on. The implications are enormous for your whole life to come. But what if you chose stopping? You might feel more invigerated than ever. YOu might decide to go for a walk. You might stumble onto someone you haven't seen in a while and have a cup of coffe with them. You might feel good about yourself for the rest of the day. You see what I'm getting at? You can "transport" yourself to ANY reality you choose depending on the choices you make, but they ALL exist simultanously, at the same time. It's about matching the frequency of that reality and then experiencing it.

So many people may also think that when they start working on themselves, they start changing and see circumstances and people around them changing. They might start thinking that they are changing the behavior of people in their lifes. But that's not so. What your doing in fact it EXPERIENCING a reality where those people ARE diffrent. Your TUNING yourself in to that frequency. It's like a TV. Just because your watching one program it doesn't mean the others are not there. They are all running at the same time. So when you match the frequency to what you prefer you will start experiencing the reality you prefer. You may think the whole world has changed but it didn't. It has ALWAYS been their. You just matched the frequency and "teleported" yourself to that reality. That's all.


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That is sooooo amazing! I am truly impressed! thank you for sharing, namaste

(24 Sep '10, 14:27) daniele

I have heard this before as well. It would be nice to believe this is true, but I certainly don't think it is as clear-cut as one would like to believe.

What happens if, for example, the mother decides to get an abortion?


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And free will, I have come to believe, will always trump decisions we loosely made before coming here. What if the other parent did not want to go along with the enterprise after coming here? Or as someone mentioned, the mother decided to get an abortion, or the fetal spirit withdraws for its own reasons and there is a stillborn birth? Too many variables, it seems. I can't work this out in my mind, that we would decide pre-physical and it would all work out perfectly. Interesting question though and has been food for thought.


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Now let's consider for a moment that time is an illusion, and space is an illusion. The non-physical, the netherworld, the after-life, the before-life or whatever we want to call it is not "somewhere out there", neither is it "before" or "after" our lifetime.

It is right here and now.

So all our un- or subconscious decisions come from here and now. Love and inspiration comes from the here and now, from the deep world within that is creating our world without.

So yes, in our world within we do meet these energies == entities == people who would manifest in our lives when the "time" for a certain purpose is right.


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In each life you choose and create your own settings or environments; and in this one you chose your parents and whatever childhood incidents that came within your experience. You wrote the script.

Source: Seth Speaks


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I don't know but I have heard from several other people that we pick before we come into this world when we are just beings (not human yet) the life or reality we want to live and the parents we want to be born into. But I really don't know I am still getting my fingers around this one, yet.

I have even heard that there are lessons for us to learn and we choose to come (be born) into this life and circumstances to learn from them.

It is an thought to ponder. I am thinking you may choose your parents but I don't think right now that we choose who our mates will be or who will be the parent of our children.

I know we have free will but there are so many variables that come into play also that helps guide our free will this way or that.


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i believe we are surrounded by the spiritual realality at all times- and as such, during our lives, as we grow , we may attract the attention of those entities waiting for rebirth- they, i believe then, grab the opportunity , when or if its provide by the free will actions of either the male or female in question


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