I recently had my akashic records read (and I had them read a year ago) in the first reading someone mentioned a specific person in my "soul group" and the most recent convo said another person was in my "soul team". Is there a difference or is he referring to the same thing?

At first I was just thinking that they might be one and the same but then I realized that he mentioned two different ways of saying it so I guess I was hoping that someone could clarify the difference for me? I have had my akashic records only read twice so I suppose I could ask him for further elaboration but if anyone has any background knowledge on this already then any help would be great. For some reason I have to fill this out to 1000 characters so I apologize if this seems redundant. I have a few hundred characters to go so that I can genuinely get this question posted, I'm not sure when that was put into place but it was. Anyhow I am not sure what other details I can add.

Any further elaboration would be great!

asked 21 Jan '14, 02:14

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Hi @Kanda I think soul groups & soul teams are the same. Edgar Cayce referred to soul groups as teams of individuals who incarnate together. I've heard other teachers talk about soul families, clans & nations. Perhaps IQ could be considered a soul nation if this fits your belief. ETA I just looked online & it appears a team could be a subgroup. That sounds pretty cool. Your own team cheering you on & having your back. Hopefully someone will know more than I do about this.

(21 Jan '14, 02:45) ele

@Kanda, I'm closing your question because you tried to bypass the 1,000 character minimum limit. The limit exists to prevent abuse and we enforce it strictly. There was a clear warning on the "Ask Question" page that questions padded with irrelevant sentences will be closed. Every question can have more genuine detail added (even just with examples) so I suggest you re-ask your question with appropriate detail. Thanks

(21 Jan '14, 02:57) IQ Moderator ♦♦
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The question has been closed for the following reason "Vague question / Question does not contain enough detail" by IQ Moderator 21 Jan '14, 02:57

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