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I understand in order to be free and start living life is to be content with your state? I want to be able to embrace that I am in lack and currently not married. But what I want to know is how do I stop thinking of this to the point it consumes me. I want to be able to embrace the moment and accept what is presented in my life, but how do I let go.

I realize I may be blocking what God has for me when I constantly think of these things. How do I get to this state or better yet embrace it? I want to embrace without thinking it is a bit of a struggle. I believe true freedom lies in that concept, embracing the moment or letting go. Sometimes I feel like I am not where I need to be in life and there is so much more that I need to conquer.

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Barry Allen ♦♦

When your thoughts and beliefs leave you for dead and make out with life, that's what you get. But it's nice to know, you can cheat it all, to make up for the time you've been cheated on.

Embrace death and life will embrace you.

(01 Jan '13, 12:37) CalonLan
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Hello Evolme4412

"There will never be a time when life is simple. There will always be time to practice accepting that. Every moment is a chance to let go and feel peaceful." ... quote from "40 Ways to Let Go and Feel Less Pain" by Lori Deschene.

Here is the link to the whole article that i feel sure you will find very useful

have fun ... blu :)


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blubird two


so @blubird two,.. you tell me, what's so complicated about life ?

Life is. What's complicated about "life is"?

(01 Jan '13, 12:15) CalonLan

@CalanLan- agreed, "life is" ... though for some people life seems terribly complicated :)

(02 Jan '13, 03:04) blubird two

@Blubird two,it's the seeming that seems.Just like when you're afraid of "what will others think".It's the thought you're afraid of,not that others would have it.But because recognizing you're already having it,which is rather eye opening,you say "others would have thought it".People like to sleep,but wanna be awake.

So it's easier to say life is complicated,than the way I perceive life is full of mess and complication.Because then not life,but I am to be blamed for whatever feelings.

(02 Jan '13, 03:37) CalonLan

People want to believe in free will and having a choice. Never mind they have no choice, but to make choices all the time. And while choosing the "Good", they are first to say, I made the choice, I'm responsible. But all the "bad" in their life is none of their business, caused by someone else.

You bad, bad life, you're so uncanny and complicated. Baaaad life, I say! I'm gonna find a technique and whip you with it until you're good and simple. You'll see. ;>

(02 Jan '13, 03:44) CalonLan

@CalanLan- love the ranting, reminds me of my mum :)

(02 Jan '13, 04:10) blubird two
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There might be a few reasons. Either you are holding judgement over yourself for where you are right now or you fear change or both. This self-critical judgement or fear of change from your current situation keeps you stuck and the Universe has no choice but to keep reflecting it back to you.

What you desire already exists right now but to start seeing the reflection you may have to find ways to feel better about your current situation.

I recommend Stingrays Focus Blocks Method for this.

In the example of being single you would start from where you are (your current belief) and then find better feeling statements that are true for you that bring you relief on the subject. So essentially your feeling better about what you don't have.

Eg Focus block

Current belief >I hate being single.

Better feeling statements that are true for you.

1) Everyone at some time has spent time being single.

2) I realise that no relationship is better than being in the wrong relationship.

3) In the interim I can work on self-improvement at becoming the person id prefer to be.


If its the fear of change you may believe deep down that your current situation is keeping you safe in some way.

So for example being single someone may be thinking "I would love to be in a wonderful relationship" but subconsciously they might be thinking "Being single is keeping me from being hurt". "It might not work out like the last relationship so why even bother" etc. So in this example although consciously they desire a relationship subconsciously they believe being single is doing them a service.

Ask yourself if "If I had what I wanted right now in my life what would I fear happening the most"?


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@Bluebird Thank You so much I will read the article now : )

@White Tiger Thank you for your insight I will look at the videos now

@Satori, you almost made me cry. If I have what I want now, what I will fear the most is being hurt. My last relationship with my live-in boyfriend hurt me so bad, we were suppose to get married, well he propose that we will and he just walk away from it all and that left me really bummed out, now I must say there is someone in my life and we are both interested in each other, but I must admit I often think will he do the same. He is treating me way better than anybody I have ever met, but I am scare to let go and embrace just the fact he is in my life. He showed me a new perspective on how I should be treated as woman. How do I let go of the fear of being hurt again and except that God has brought him in my life for a reason. So in a sense you are right I fear and there is judgement within myself. So how do I get to a place and not let this hold me captive any longer. I do hold judgement on myself because I have so much ideas that are amazing and I feel like I am not there. I will use focus blocks, so do I do the same for being single? Thank you so much it really have me see things in a new perspective.

(01 Jan '13, 07:41) Evolme4412

@Evolme4412, the answers box should only be used to provide answers to the original question and is not intended for making comments. If you wish to make a comment on an existing answer, please click on the "Add New Comment" link available under each answer. Thanks. I'm converting your "answer" into a comment.

(01 Jan '13, 07:52) Barry Allen ♦♦

@Evolme4412-The Focus Blocks method rule is always the same. What is bothering me in the current situation I find myself in?

In your case the FB topic might be "Ive attracted a new potential relationship but fear being hurt again like I did in my previous relationship"?

Better feeling statements that are true....

(01 Jan '13, 08:48) Satori

@Evolme4412- 1) I've already seen evidence that the universe has answered my request to be treated better. I can create what I want:) 2) Im just out of a bad relationship. I'm in no rush to enter a new one, I will just let this new one unfold in its own time. 3) My last relationship helped me get clear about what I do want by showing me what I didn't want.

Etc. These are just examples....

(01 Jan '13, 08:49) Satori

@Evolme4412- What ever statement brings you relief on the subject. Just don't force it:) Then I suggest taking your focus of the subject altogether and putting your focus on something else that feels good to you. The better you feel better within yourself, the less you'll be attached to other people actions and outside circumstances in general. The Focus blocks method is for all issues in your life big and small. Thanks :)

(01 Jan '13, 09:00) Satori

@Evolme4412-Focus blocks is just one method for feeling better. There are many. Whatever you feel inspired to use. I have a lot of links and methods to other processes from an answer to this question etc. you may find it helpful :)

(01 Jan '13, 09:26) Satori

@Satori, do I practice the focus block excercise daily? Or do I just do itit one time, and can I use the one you gave me? Because they are perfect for me. The statements came natural to me as I was reading them, everything you said is right on point. Thanks again.

(01 Jan '13, 10:45) Evolme4412

@Evolme4412- If the examples I provided resonate and bring you relief go ahead and use them. Come up with some of your own to:) When I'm doing FB's if I write a statement that brings me relief then i feel i have done enough and usually leave it there, unless the same issue activates again and then I go back and reread the FB or maybe even add another statement that brings relief....

(02 Jan '13, 08:04) Satori
(02 Jan '13, 08:11) Satori

@Satori, Self-judgment and fear is hugely inhibiting. Thank you for that comment.

(04 Jan '13, 15:44) figure8shape

@Figure8shape- Your welcome, glad this helped:)

(04 Jan '13, 16:10) Satori
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manny are not rich and not married does it add anny thing to worry your self?Can any of you add a single hour to the length of your life by worrying?make the water still and find the light know your self: peace is in the men who walk the path. lift that stone on your heart, properly split that pieces of wood in truth,find your water and your light and be born again. let there be light ,be the light that you can be, experience and enjoy.

i am also single and i will stay single until i find the right women. as for money it is the monopoly game of this world,you need money in this world because it is the system that people live by of their own free will,to eat buy stuff and survive.should i worry?would it give me something to worry? or should i experience this world and enjoy what i can enjoy in this world? we all know what is not working in this world the system that men created serve the ego to the point that some are so rich that they have money for many life time and some are poor and do not have enuff money for one life time. what a nice creation mankind have made. competition over collaboration. is the world in the current state. eventually mankind will wake up and take collaboration over competition and solve the problem. the sleeper need to wake up.


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white tiger

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I loved your post White Tiger and I agree with everything you wrote. Happy New Year to you. It sounds like you have the right attitude and I am sure good things and situations are coming your way all the time.

(01 Jan '13, 10:57) LeeAnn 1

@LeeAnn 1 happy new year also to you. best wish.good things and situation not always but i make the best of it.taking what is good and changing what is bad, that is in my power to change with my free will. as for what i cannot change people will wake up and change it by them self eventually with their free let there be light, Be the ligth that you can be, experience and enjoy.

(01 Jan '13, 13:43) white tiger

Well, when I was in your position, I had just divorced. I didn't have much money, had little credit, and had gone from a beautiful home to a tiny apartment. My kids were grown and on their own, and I was all alone. It would seem that I didn't have anything going for me. But I didn't see it that way at all. I used this time to work overtime at my job.....after all, I had no one at home to answer to and time was the one thing I had! I listening to music I liked, took long walks, saw friends, decorated my place, and also used time to visualize the direction I wanted my life to go in. It was a wonderful time of self-discovery. There can be many positives and you need to see it that way! My life from there only went up and up. I have everything I want and it didn't really take very long. The best part is that I never fear "things going wrong" because I know I am strong and can make the best of anything that happens. When I look back at the hard times, I am so glad that I just enjoyed the time and made the best of it.


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LeeAnn 1

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@LeeAnn, there are so many good things about your answer that I don't even know where to begin! I think you really just summed up everything that is good to do and feel, no matter what your situation is. You've just kind of said it all!

(01 Jan '13, 11:27) Bedazzled

Thank you Bedazzled, that is nice of you to say. Happy New Year!

(01 Jan '13, 15:55) LeeAnn 1

@LeeAnn, Right on! It's all perspective. Seeing the positive. As Bashar says: The mark of TRUE CHANGE is to behave differently even if things appear to remain the same.

(04 Jan '13, 15:47) figure8shape
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Why embrace lack or being single??? You can have the money and relationship that you desire if you practice applying the law of attraction in your daily situations. OK let me try to simplify it's application the best way I can.

Like attracts like.

Have you ever noticed how one bad thought leads to another bad thought?? That my friend is the law at work in your thought life.

Imagine your self as the worlds most powerful radio antenna. You are always sending out frequencies into the universe. The universe responds by sending back exactly the same signal and more of what ever it received from you.

So if you embrace the feeling of loneliness and lack....guess what??? More of that is what you will receive.

Ok important tip Your feelings will always let you know what you are thinking. Your feelings are the frequency or signal that you are sending to the universe. Only think about the things you want!!! Not only think about the things you want, see your self having the things you want like you already have them..or imagine the FEELING of already having it, not matter what it look like. tell yourself all day "I am the master of my thoughts" and according to the law you will become exactly that. Make sure that you always ask yourself how do I feel, because your feelings are the indicator of your thoughts. remember this: There are only 2 basic feelings, good feelings and bad feelings. Good thoughts bring good feelings which attract good things. Bad thoughts bring bad feelings which attract bad things. Is impossible to think bad and feel good. Just like it's impossible to think good and feel bad. I hope this helps. It take some practice but if you stick with it the world becomes your own personal mall, you can literally attract what every it it's your heart desire...


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