I can't recall when it started, but recently, once in a while when I look at the desk chair sitting in my kitchen, I catch a quick glimpse of a white aura about an inch or two off the top of the chair.

I only get a brief look at it before it disappears again. Because of the chair's position in front of the window, I sometimes dismiss it as a trick of the light. But it has happened more than once, and a few weeks ago I saw it again, only this time it was around my daughter and little brother.

These are the only times I've ever noticed a possible aura, but they have never been around the whole object. When I do see it, it's only around the top of the chair. It was the same around the kids; around their head, shoulders, and a little down their arm.

I know a little about auras and have been looking into Wicca as of late, but I'm not certain what to do about these half auras that I see or what it might mean. Can anyone give me a little guidance here please? I need to know if its all in my head, or if it is indeed something more.

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@Dani Rymer these energies are real and can be measured scientifically


prof. Korotkov has done a lot of leading work in this area ... anyone can train to see them if they wish to

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The aura is an energy field that surrounds us, and can be seen by some people. It looks sometimes like this picture:

alt text

I see auras under certain conditions, and when you see them at first, it isn't unusual to see the crown chakra aura, as it glows very bright in some people, especially children.

We are all surrounded by this energy field, and if you try, especially under lower lighting, you may eventually see all of a person's aura. The aura over the chair may be residual energy, either from you, one of your children, or even perhaps the previous owner of the chair (if it is not new).

You have begun on a wondrous journey into the energy fields of the human body. I suggest that you Google "aura" and "chakra"- there is tons of stuff on the Internet to explain these phenomena, so I have no need to do it. Also, try Inward Quest's search engine. There have been plenty of questions about auras and chakras. Try this question to start you off.

Good luck!

Image of the Chakras

alt text

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For the last several years I, too, have been seeing white auras round objects and people. Often I need to use my peripheral vision to see these auras, but, in the case of trees juxtaposed with the sky, I see them without using my peripheral vision. I even see auras of trees against the evening sky. I have also seen beams of white light emitting from my fingers when I look at my hand using my peripheral vision. These auras are not chakra auras. Chakra auras are coloured and frequently change upon emotional mood. I see only white. I also see frequently what is termed as 'faerie lights', as well as bright sparkles, black dots, energetic shimmering, and comet-like trails. When I look at an overcast sky, the sky turns blue, then pinkish-red. I enjoy this experience immensely! :o)


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