Hi! I have been listening to Isochronic tones that are supposed to help me in viewing auras. Till now I need time and concentration to see auras in objects, so I keep listening to this tone...

I was wondering, what benefits would it bring to me to be able to see auras clearly...Would it help me with clairvoyance?

What can I expect from this excercise?

Every time I listen to it, at some point I feel a slight tingling sensation in my third eye...Is that possible?

Any help will be appreciated!


asked 30 Jan '12, 11:15

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Barry Allen ♦♦

Seeing the auras is just a confirmation of the spirit in all things. I don't know that there is a benefit to it. Seeing auras will have some personal meaning to you only. Other peoples experience will be different that yours or mine. Any feeling in you 3rd eye will result in more psychic abilities. If I can be of any more help give a honk.


answered 30 Jan '12, 11:48

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I'd agree with Tom too about confirmation. For me seeing aura's on people confirmed aura's real but I guess I got lazy and didn't take it any further...didn't really know what to do with it anyway etc. I don't know anything about that 'tone' thing, but the tingly thing probably ur 3rd eye. You might hear a bang too. It's like spontaneous psychic moments.


answered 30 Jan '12, 12:02

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