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I was taking a nap. All of the sudden I woke up and I saw a huge black spider on the left side of my bed above my left foot. I am aware, I was awake, I call my husband in a shaky fearful way with out screaming. I was afraid that the spider my notice that I can see was a gigantic spider, I can describe it in husband open the door to see if I was OK? He noticed me looking above me and staring at the spider ( he couldn't see it ) but he noticed I was terrified and I was pointing at it... But I couldn't let him know right away with fear of getting attack or something. I was in shock. My husband just stood in the bedroom with me until I was calm. I remember evwr Since I was a child I will always have spirituals encounters my first at vampires,dragons, angels, demons and now a black spider. I also will see a giant black image of a man near my bedside. (Chango) I told my pastor from a church that I visit often and shared my situation looking for answer of what I've experienced the answer I got.from.him was"you are tapping into dark powers).

asked 14 Feb '15, 17:40

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Arachnids, octopi, scorpions, bloated flea or beetle-like shapes and amoeba-like shapes are seen by many people world wide (even when others cannot perceive them). Those with an open or semi-open 'Third Eye' will be able to perceive these entities. The form perceived is not so much important as knowing what these highly negative, 'whispering' entities are: Archons. They feed off negative emotions and reactions (fear, anger, sadness, hatred, suicidal thoughts, etc.) and try to implant them through trickery, temptation, and 'whispering'. No one is immune to the Archon virus. Myself, I have been battling with these parasites the whole of my current incarnation. Now that I acknowledge them and what their agenda is, I am more conscientious of their presence and the threat of influence they potentially may have over my behaviour and reactions to certain circumstances.

In learning more about the Archons, John Lamb Lash and Robert M. Stanley's materials on the Archons are most recommended (and hopefully will be helpful). I would recommend starting with Robert M. Stanley's material.

Robert M. Stanley:

John Lamb Lash:

Love and best,



answered 17 Feb '15, 03:02

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Thank you so much for the information. Wow! I can't believe it exists & so real!

(19 Feb '15, 05:11) Aztiram

What you saw is beyond most people's programmed spectrum of perception. This is actually very good! It is natural for all of us to 'see' these entities. Why they appear as such forms may have to do with our 'Anunnaki'( mind software/emotional body perceptions, in reaction to fear -- the Reptilian programme in our holographic brains. Archons are not creators, but imitators, and can manifest in any shape or form, including Beings of 'Light'.

(19 Feb '15, 06:46) TGunn

Acknowledging that these entities exist is the first step in removing them. And please remember: these entities do not care about you, your free will, or the Laws of Intervention. The Archons are minions of (Lucifer), who is the Chief Archon.

(19 Feb '15, 06:56) TGunn

@Aztiram: I wish also to suggest that hierarchies of the astral/etheric planes change and are usurped, just as hierarchies do on the earth plane. In the Nag Hammadi codices, Yaldabaoth (Yahweh, Jehovah, EL, Anu, etc.) is the Chief Archon, not Lucifer (Sabaoth, Poseidon, Prometheus,, etc.). Regardless, it is clear to me that the aeons and archons use us (Source electricity) to battle one another. It is also clear to me that the aeons and archons are merely flipsides of the same dual coin.

(19 Jul '15, 02:05) TGunn
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Hi @Aztiram so what do spiders do? they spin webs to catch insects.

And what is a "web"? ... a woven fabric, a complex interconnected structure or arrangement ... a web is the greatest game ever.

And what is an insect? A really small invertebrate animal, some are helpful others are pests. Bees for example can be useful they make wax and honey. It can also mean a bug, a fault or illusionary fault in a computer system or any physical entity including humanoids


answered 19 Jul '15, 02:50

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@jaz: I often contemplate what is organic (of Spirit) and what is cyber-genetic. I am getting better - more honed - in my inner core gnosis of identifying such. Sometimes I am able to make the distinction, but not always. Regardless, when I do make the distinction, I mentally dissect the light-encoded components of such, and often, what is present before me, is unconnected data without Spirit consciousness.

(04 Aug '15, 04:48) TGunn

@jaz: It is rather shocking but revealing. Interestingly enough (at least to me :o) I have realised that my electrical (emotional) reactions literally give 'life' or 'consciousness' to the hologram I am interacting with. When I later dissect and discern this hologram, I realise it is an aspect of myself - made of dark energy and manifest through dark matter. Such looks like a human being but is not. It is really remarkable to realise this! :o)

(04 Aug '15, 04:49) TGunn
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