This is something I have often wondered about, but have never comfortably settled in my mind. I would love to know what you think.

I remember when I channeled a wise and friendly entity some years ago, asking "Why do we have to have death? I think it really sucks.", and being told that we were never really intended to die. I believed this answer because of all of the other, well-proven bits of information I got from him at the time, and because it just feels right to me. It is also supported by my own and countless other's instant, strong reaction to being given the news that someone has died (maybe among the most shared of all mankind) - What is the very first thing we all say, either out loud or in our heads? "NO!" It comes from deep, deep, down inside, and I have this feeling that we all know in our hearts that death is fundamentally wrong, but we explain it away as best we can because we don't see any other choice.

And that incredibly strong survival instinct - have you ever come close to dying? I have, several times, and I can honestly say that fight for life that comes up unbidden from inside is a unique and very powerful feeling. It feels wrong to die. I understand that instinct is needed for the continuation of the species, but is that all it is? I think there's more to it, but I'm not clear on just what it is I'm sensing.

Never being intended to die, though it feels more right, doesn't sit well alongside how much good sense reincarnation and soul progression make to me. Also, I don't know where to put the idea with Abraham's teachings about simply transitioning back to Source in a "croaking experience", which also make sense to me. I can't figure out how things would work if we didn't die.

I talked to a Christian friend about it, and she told me it is because we were made for the Garden of Eden, and were absolutely not intended to die. That story doesn't harmonize with the Law of Attraction, contrast and fulfillment/release of resistance we are all supposed to be here to experience, which is another thing that clearly resonates with me.

Is it because life is just an illusion created by immortal beings? That makes sense, but then why would death hurt us so badly? That part does not make sense.

Lastly, I had a very powerful personal experience when someone I loved passed away four years ago. This person knew me very well, and as soon as I found out he was gone, I could feel this NO! and the fight against it begin inside me, and I could swear I heard him saying clearly and firmly "Grace, listen to me! There is nothing wrong. There is absolutely nothing wrong. I am closer to you now than I was before." It was as if he had come up and wrapped his arms around me, gently but firmly holding me still.

I believe this was not simply wishful thinking because at the time, I was thinking there was most definitely something very wrong, and because of some other circumstances regarding his death that seem impossible but were proven true. Also because I experienced it and know it to be true. But, if that be so, then how can death be wrong?

I go back and forth like this on the subject all the time. What do you think the answer is?

Thank you for thinking about this with me.

Love, Grace


asked 07 Feb '14, 23:11

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I want to apologize to everyone for taking so long to respond to your answers - I honestly thought I had, and was surprised tonight to find that I hadn't. It took me a while to figure it out, but this must have been when was very sick for several weeks, right after asking this question. Hahaha I had a high fever, and must have imagined I'd responded to everybody! Now that I think of it, it's probably better that I didn't hmmmm. ;)

(05 May '14, 01:55) Grace

"inside you I'm residing as a book" and "by reading me" you made this question.

I really don't understand how to express, how so closely we match our thoughts and experiences. It's been so "highly live living, feeling".

Love, Perfect Good


(05 May '14, 07:05) PERFECT GOOD
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Also, I don't know where to put the idea with Abraham's teachings about simply transitioning back to Source in a "croaking experience", which also make sense to me

As Abraham say, if you feel negative emotion either about the idea of death or about something else, it just means one thing only. Your inner being doesn't agree with what you are currently believing with your physical mind.

I think there are two major categories of beliefs you cannot make your inner being/higher self believe, no matter how hard you try. No trick and no method will help to make the larger part of you believe the following two categories of beliefs.

  1. Unworthiness (i.e. "I am not worthy of...")
  2. Scarcity (i.e. "There is not enough food, money, time, ressources, ideas...")

So if you think you or other people are going to "die", you are implying there is a scarcity of time and that you or others run out of it. But nothing could be further from the truth from the perspective of your inner being.

Everything exists in the eternal now moment only. And everything that exists now (including you and other people of course) will exist forever. You just can't change that universal law. It is simply not possible.

So maybe start using the word "transition" instead of "death" if it helps, because there is really no end.


answered 08 Feb '14, 06:25

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@releaser99 - Thank you, actually I tried switching the word in my mind as you suggest, and it does feel better. I have something stuck in my head about this subject it seems. I've been holding off posting a somewhat painful, very personal question for a very long time. May be time.

(05 May '14, 01:13) Grace

The book Conversations with God talks about this. I don't remember exactly how it goes, but God says something along the lines that He wouldn't create something imperfect. That the body was meant to live forever if that's what we wanted, but throughout the centuries humanity had done things to the body (physically, emotionally, etc) that made the body age and ultimately die.

He talks about biblical myths of people like Methuselah, etc. And that even that was a short time.

One of the things God says which I thought was funny, is that He talks about alcohol being bad for the body. And the author then talks about Jesus, and how he drank wine, so how could that be bad. And God says something like: "Who told you Jesus was perfect?"

I kind of agree with that view, that if we were to arrive a certain state, the body could live way longer, not just with the help of science and medicine.

Having said all this, we are not the body, so it ultimately doesn't matter ;-).


answered 08 Feb '14, 09:53

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@Kriegerd - Thank you. I also liked Conversations With God, and got a special kick out of it, as the answers in the book were often the exact same answers I had received some time earlier, before the book had been published!

(05 May '14, 01:02) Grace

This is a great question and supposition, Grace! Thank you :o) First off, do you define yourself as a physical entity or one of eternal consciousness energy?

Our physical vehicles - and we have many existing concurrently, in different dimensions and on different densities, not to mention infinite parallel time lines, as well as linear time lines - do not define us. What defines us is our ever-expanding signature energy and conscious self-awareness as a whole, through the incarnations we experience. Our experiences in the physical realm are concurrent and cumulative, forming an energy wave expansion of infinite creativity that is projected from the inner core of our being to the outer arena of our manifested 'realities' - that which we can manipulate, limit ourselves, and experience.

There are many claims and sources that state that our ancient ancestors - such as Lyraen and Maldek emigrants/refugees, Hyperboreans, Atlantians, and Lemurians, etc. - lived far longer lives in one particular physical vehicle than we do.

My research and discernment informs me that these beings did not perceive time as linear, as we do, and as such, lived longer in one particular physical body as a result of their belief structure dictating such. Of course, there are many more reasons for this longevity: organic diet, no disease, no chemicals, no monetary system, free energy, no pollution, greater oneness with All There Is, etc. They were more in tune with All There Is than we are concurrently, and the behaviour of their existence, their lives, intentions, behaviours and beliefs, reflected and manifestated this vibrational construct.

Were Human Beings originally intended (I would say genetically engineered, grown, manipulated, and upgraded) to live forever? I will say YES! :o) Did it work? No. Death is a beginning, not an end. When one cheats the trajectory of one's physical death one establishes a self-induced purgatory, which will manifest in one's conscious 'reality', creating unnecessary karma.

Fear not death; for you are more alive in death than you are in your perception of life.


answered 08 Feb '14, 02:47

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@TGunn - Thank you. I am not especially afraid of death, actually. It just feels wrong to me when people die.

(05 May '14, 01:07) Grace

Thank you, Grace. Why do you feel it is wrong when people 'die'?

(05 May '14, 21:54) TGunn

Actually truth is very simple! Take something very fundamental like an electron. It moves in the orbit. After completing first revolution, can it rest? It has to move into the same orbit again and again, eternally. What is true of micro is true of the macro also.

Now, move to a greater awareness: Life means to die at every second. In this type of awareness, life is as a strawberry shortcake and as we live we eat pieces of that cake, until there is none. That is death. There is death everywhere. In our body (which is made up of cells) there are always some cells that are dying every moment. There are over 50 millions unborn babies waiting to be killed in the name of abortion every year. There are billions of animals for the slaughter waiting to die, to become tasty meals for us humans.... Thus death rules everywhere! In this type of consciousness, we are aware of being an ignited candle, which will burn away, someday... Thus if life is about dying, then dying should be about living... Because, if what is observed is eternal, then the observer too is eternal. If an individual observer is eternal, the Supreme Observer is also eternal. The ancient wise knew this, hence Abraham named God as "the Eternal" (`Olam, in Hebrew) in Genesis 21:33 and Moses presented Him as "I am that I am." (Exodus 3:14), which God Himself expanded later as: "I am the Alpha and the Omega ... who is, and who was, and who is to come, the Almighty." (Revelation 1:8)

We are actually the spirts (John 4:24; Mathew 23:9) in human robes. (Revelation 22:14). When we die, our soul "returns" to God (Ecclesiastes 12:7) and take rebirth in new bodies. (Mathew 11:14) Hence each one carries memories of the endless past lives in his sub-conscious mind. (Mathew 12:35) Many are not aware of this, nor Of the vast potential each one has because he is a spirit, the exact representation of God's very being. Those who try hard to unfold more and more, bring out more and more, and are known as geniuses. This is the secret of great accomplishers! Everything happens according to the choices one makes!

Things happen "because" that is the way it should happen. There is no need to discover the "cause," when the consequence is the child of that cause. The self-attested truth is that ONE-THING-LEADS-TO-ANOTHER--and this is the immutable, impartial, impeccable, inexorable, and omnipresent rule (and the TRUTH behind all happenings). It has been happening, and it is happening, and it will happen. (Ecclesiastes 1:9, 10)

Knowing this SIMPLE truth sets you free. Because you know, from experience of yours and others, that if you want GOOD results, you need to choose GOOD action. (Isaiah 3:10, 11) You might have observed being moderate is beneficial, whereas extremism is not beneficial. This is something we can see proof in our own bodies. When moderation is adopted in sleeping, eating, working, entertainment and thinking, our bodies' vital organs respond pleasantly, otherwise they malfunction, and may even simply shut down! That means one can choose to drive his life either to comfort or to calamity--it all depends on the choices one makes!

That is the beauty of life--though we cannot reverse what has been done, we can see it, understand it and take lesson for the future!


answered 08 Feb '14, 03:59

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T D Joseph

edited 08 Feb '14, 04:02

@TD Joseph - Thank you for your answer. I do need ask why things happen.

(05 May '14, 01:20) Grace

mankind, a creature within
a Divine Plan develops its
consciousness via its
sensory perceptions

the soul outlives the form
it finds itself in while the
spirit outlives the soul

form, soul, spirit exist in
one during an incarnation


answered 08 Feb '14, 06:41

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@fred - Thank you.

(05 May '14, 01:21) Grace

Hiya, @Grace~ This is a great question! I have been wanting to answer it but I have been so busy the last couple of days, that I have not had the chance to address it until now.

If you check out this link, from Wikipedia, you will see that there are longevity myths about man from all over the world. The most well-known are the lives of the people in the Bible, but there are longevity myths from the Sumerians, the Chinese, and other places as well. The question then arises as to whether we can believe these myths. All of them suggest that perhaps we are meant to live longer than we do.

I highly recommend the book, Time Enough for Love, by Robert Heinlein, which has a character named Lazarus Long (and that is only one of the names he went by in his long life). The book starts out with Lazarus wanting to die simply because he has lived so long, done so many things, and is finally tired of life because he is bored, does not want "rejuvenation", and goes to a flophouse to die. He wakes up at a rejuvenation clinic, mad as heck and insisting that he be allowed to commit suicide. The book is rather racy and even a bit much for those who have strict-sexual mores, but Lazarus tells many stories about his long life, while the clinic tries to find something new for Lazarus to do.

This raises a good question: If you live forever, and it is the future and you can travel all around the Universe, experience many things, would you eventually run out of things to do and long to move on to Heaven? I cannot answer that, but it does sound rather inviting to think of living two thousand years like Lazurus in the book. But we do not live that long- YET.

We are already on the track towards finding the genetic causes of aging. I am positive that in the Future, people will have the choice to live long lives. If you read Wade's answer, then what he points out about humanity being robbed of exciting new advances because of death is a good point. But in Tmie Enough for Love, humanity has spread all over the Universe, so population is not a problem. Unless we find a way to travel to other planets and colonize them, we will, through our long lives, over-populate the planet.

So science has to advance on more than one front so we can live long lives.

Your question also raises a spiritual dilemma. Perhaps those who believe in an afterlife would finally want to die, so they can experience that. I do not know.

This has been a fun question to answer, @Grace! Thanks for asking it.

Love you,

Jai ♥♥♥!!!

alt text


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edited 08 Feb '14, 14:24

@Jaianniah - You bring up another interesting side of this question, as well as of my overall objection to death, and that is so much myth and legend of people living, if not forever, much, much longer than we do now. It seems so pointless and disruptive, unless, as you point out, we want to experience this. Thank you for your answer. :)

(05 May '14, 01:28) Grace

As learned from Rishidevism man is the spark of the Eternal Truth ie the Supreme Creator Sarveswara. Our primeval soul was originated from the supreme source. It is eternal. But our physical body has limitations.In previous Sathya Yuga the avaerage life span of human being was 2000 years. The purpose of human birth is to be one with the Supreme for eternity. sathyan muttambalam


answered 09 Feb '14, 11:42

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@sathyanji - Thank you.

(05 May '14, 01:32) Grace


Few months ago mostly I guess when you preparing this question. God made me to experience the truth that might get few answers.

It's a journey from Nalgonda to Hyderabad.

There are many passengers in sumo and I'm one among them. Just beside me a beautiful women and with her a child, whose is taking rest in her lap. I felt like apart from regular attitude (like shy, giving respect etc., which not at all made me happy), I thought to try something different. I decides to feel whatever, I actually wanted to feel. And firstly I thought that 'she must feel good', whenever 'she touches me'. That is what happened.

I understand her comfortable moves. Gradually I tried to adjust my shoulder behind her shoulder. ( We both kept our eyes closed ). Her slight correction of shoulder, gives me more space on her shoulder. Tightly holding our shoulder to each other and the wonderful feeling  increasing and increasing. Suddenly a hand on my thighs; I felt like it's a heaven.

Instead of keeping my eyes closed I opened them. I surprise to see what, the hand belong  to the child. When my eyes kept closed I felt it's her hand wanted to hug me tightly. Because the hand turned to me, when the enjoyment is at it's best. I can feel the hand, it asking for more and more.

Still her mother kept her eyes closed. And the child is in deep sleep (other feels it). I can read the child, he is representing her mother.

Then that made me to understand that my eyes are fooling me.

Now the definition changed for me now, it's like "there is one feeling" and "there is another feeling" instead of there is "one person" and "another person".

When child representing their parents feelings. This representation continued from generation to generation from the starting age of the human being on earth.

 No doubt that our ancestors are in our body (in & around everywhere), they are not died and they never die.

 In the same way I'm representing my parents. They never die and I won't let it happen.

 Our feeling will also carried forward by new generation. That means "We won't die" and "we never die". Farmost we have to retain our trust on God.


answered 05 May '14, 15:35

PERFECT%20GOOD's gravatar image


edited 06 May '14, 00:29

@Grace what do you feel about the idea "there is one feeling" and "there is another feeling".

(06 May '14, 01:21) PERFECT GOOD

If there are hundred people enjoying the party and if there are intended to dance and drink. I feel like they are two persons (instead of hundred) one want to drink and another want to dance.

(06 May '14, 01:22) PERFECT GOOD

If all people willing to live life to a greater extent. Then there is only one feeling that ruling everybody heart.

(06 May '14, 01:22) PERFECT GOOD

If we look at all people with this perspective. No matter whomever we meet we give rise to the feeling that we are all one.

(06 May '14, 01:22) PERFECT GOOD

In a higher degree You feel yourself everywhere.

(06 May '14, 01:22) PERFECT GOOD

This give rise to the feeling that we never died in the past.

Hope this consciousness will heal pain of the death to the greater extent. Thank you.

(06 May '14, 01:23) PERFECT GOOD
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Humanity progresses only in spurts exactly because of death! If we look to people like Albert Einstein, Nikola Tesla, and Thomas Edison, how far advanced would we be if these people were still alive and in their prime?

We could take that to music too, Jimi Hendrix, Stevie Ray Vaughn, and Roy Buchanan, it makes you wonder what they would be doing now. Jimi died with huge ideas he wanted to try.

We get a genius every once in maybe centuries then he changes the world for the short while he is there. Then he dies and all we have are what he was working on, but none can think like him, they can only try to follow.

Curing death will be the greatest human achievement we could ever have for the progression of humanity.

The way things are is similar to, being born then going to kindergarten, then grade school and dying. That is most people they never get to accomplish much. Others go on to Jr high school or even high school then die, so they start achieving something but die anyway. Then there are those that make it all the way to collage they ones like Einstein and Tesla but guess what they die too. If you think of it for humanity, what is the point of that? If you believe in reincarnation it is even worse like getting through all those grads then when you finally graduate you get to have your memory wiped out,erased like everything you learned doesn't matter! What is the point of that?

So I believe humanity is really suppose to live forever and we need to accomplish this otherwise we keep having to repeat ourselves over and over and over again. "I think I am on the verge of the biggest breakthrough that can change everything! Ahhhh!" and now for the News "It appears this scientist was working on something like we never saw before but unfortunately he had a heart attack. We'll never know what he was trying to do." That seems almost cruel to do to humanity, but things like this happen all the time.


answered 08 Feb '14, 01:03

Wade%20Casaldi's gravatar image

Wade Casaldi

edited 08 Feb '14, 15:44


@Wade Casaldi - Yes, I agree. Maybe circumventing the whole reincarnation process is where we will eventually evolve to.

(05 May '14, 01:16) Grace

Hi Grace, Here's a video to give some incite on your question. Deloris Cannon is world renown and has a million+ followers and hundreds of video's. Watch her other video's and she will definitely open your eyes like she did with me.....


answered 09 Feb '14, 22:13

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@Eldavo and @Grace: I have read all of Dolores Cannon's books, and have watched countless videos that feature her. At the vibrational point I was at during this period, I found her books and information very helpful. But I was left with far more questions than I was given answers. Keep in mind, the information Dolores receives and relays in her books and lectures, etc., is soley from her clients', whilst in a somnabulistic trance state.

(10 Feb '14, 01:11) TGunn

Dolores attempts to interpret this information from her own limited and limiting perspective. Some of the information she relays I resonate with; some I do not - the same for any source of information I come into contact with and explore. Regarding the latter, here is one example of her interpretation: 'The E.T.s are closer to God than we will ever be.' Is this statement empowering?

(10 Feb '14, 01:11) TGunn

I have progressed far beyond the information relayed by Dolores Cannon; but I will admit that her books and videos (as with David Icke's) jump-started a journey of greater awareness and understanding that I had resisted prior; and for this, I am thankful.

(10 Feb '14, 01:14) TGunn

I recommend Dolores Cannon's books more than her video lectures and interviews.

Continue exercising discernment and continue exploring other sources and avenues of information. What resonates with us in one moment, will not in another; we are all constantly shifting in frequency.

In regards to your query 'Were human beings intended to live forever?' - you will not find this answer in Dolores Cannon's work.

(10 Feb '14, 01:16) TGunn

@Eldavo - Thank you. The clip was interesting, familiar stories about the death experience, but I didn't hear anything about whether we are meant to live forever, maybe I missed it. I does seem that people's memories of past life experiences that recall the experience of death are mostly very similar.

(05 May '14, 01:47) Grace

According to Shakthiveda, as propounded by His Most Divine Rishidev narendranji man was created by the Supreme Creator through the divine trio. This means man is immortal. It is the SOUL and not the corporeal frame. The corporeal fram could live not more than 2000-3000 years in the past sathya Yuga.

(05 May '14, 22:29) sathyanji

sathyanji, 930 years, 10 years subtracted for each of the seven builders were all the authorities were able to detract from the blue plan of 1000 years of mankind.

(08 May '14, 19:44) fred
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