It's extrememly difficult/impossible to feel good or positive when you have a sick loved one, or after the death of a loved one. I think most would agree on that one. I am going through this now. Is being so incredibly sad at times going to bring more to me? Am I sending out the vibration? I mean....I just simply can't help it, but the last thing I want is more of this heartache.

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"How does sadness due to a sick loved one affect your vibration?"

I know it's hard & I empathize & I've been there many times. I would worry more about HOW your vibration is affecting your loved one. Think about it.

Sorry about the copy & paste..

(06 Jun '13, 15:10) ele

@ele, That would not help me at all. Sorry. On top of worrying for the loved one now I would have to worry about how my worry is affecting them. Don't get me wrong, I bet you have the right idea, you just were unlucky in your chose words.

(23 Jun '13, 20:11) Notgonnatellyou

@believer1, I'm in a similar situation right now, and the best I've found is to have a good attitude no matter what, and with that attitude you actually have more energy to help and you also communicate that attitude to the loved one. That's what I believe ele was trying to say.

(23 Jun '13, 20:12) Notgonnatellyou

@Notgonnatellyou Please read her ? & my A again. Thanks for trying to explain what I meant. Yes, I could have offered an explanation; but I chose not to. Did you read @TReb Bor yit-NE 's answer below? He said "I was adding to it. I was co creating more experience." I know it's hard when you have a sick loved one; especially when it's your mom. You are too young to be going through this & I empathize. I'm sure your mom is as concerned about you as you are her, if not more so. (cont)

(25 Jun '13, 22:46) ele

... (cont) ... Your vibrations whether negative or positive absolutely affect her. You know how laughter is contagious & how being around certain people always make you feel good? The same is true for negative vibrations. Have you ever felt totally drained after being around someone? Yes, a good attitude is essential & you will have more energy. I'm sorry if my original comment offended you. Wishing only the best for you & your mom..

(25 Jun '13, 22:51) ele

@ele, I didn't mean to offend you in any way. I just thought that that response might bring more worry to believer1 in case he didn't understood what you meant. I did understand, but perhaps 6 months ago that would've been more burden to me. As I said, I was sure you had the right idea, but from knowing how does it feel to be in that position, I wanted to make sure he'd get a supportive response.

(26 Jun '13, 20:52) Notgonnatellyou

@ele, my case is a little different in a sense that I'm not worried for my mom's death, for I now understand we will forever exist, what I still cannot conquer is the worry about her having to suffer in what she has left of life, and also, to be honest, that I have to take care of her for the rest of her life. I'm stressed about the need to take care of her and of making the most of my life. I'm from a culture, and I agree with it, that doesn't send their elder to nursing homes.

(26 Jun '13, 20:55) Notgonnatellyou

@ele, Thanks for your words of support, and I wonder, since I don't remember posting my age, does my language really shows that I'm still young? Or does it my immaturity in some aspects?

(26 Jun '13, 20:56) Notgonnatellyou

@Notgonnatellyou I was never offended. Often times I am misunderstood, so TY VM for trying to clarify. When I read the ?, my impression was she was ONLY concerned with HERSELF & how HER sadness was going to affect HER manifestations & the reason I responded as I did. I didn't mean to offend you. Had she been looking for support I would have offered it. I've had more personal experiences with death & loved ones with chronic health conditions than I would wish on anyone.

(26 Jun '13, 21:53) ele

@Notgo I also have been a Hospice volunteer & a caregiver for several loved ones including my mom. Unlike you, I did have an option to send her to a nursing home to die. It was my decision not to. I'm actually going through something similar right now. I recall reading one of your posts where you talked about your mom losing her leg & health problems & how worried you were & how hard it was for both of you . I also recall you saying you had some issues of your own & I can only (cont)

(26 Jun '13, 21:55) ele

@Notgo (cont) imagine how difficult it is for you to take care of your mom & at the same time try to get better yourself. I NEVER once thought of you as lacking maturity; just the opposite. I assume you're under 25. You've had to grow up to fast & I applaud you for taking such good care of your mom. There are some very good books for caregivers which maybe you could find at a library which I believe would be helpful spiritually. Are there any caregiver support groups or Hospice in your area?

(26 Jun '13, 21:58) ele
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I imagine how you feel about thinking about a sick loved one strongly relates to how you feel about yourself regarding your response to the situation with the sick loved one, followed by your general outlook on life.

If you have a loved one who is sick and you feel helpless and unable to do anything it will probably make you feel sick and lethargic as well. I have friends who are counselors and coaches who feel good while helping someone get better. Makes sense if you're making a sick person feel better it'll make you feel better. Even if you're not a doctor you can still help and feel better about the situation by giving them company, emotional health is much more important when sick than healthy.

Even in a situation you can't help with you can still find positivity realizing they would want you to be happy for both of you, or they'd want you to be happy in spite of their situation because that'd make them happier. If you believe in energy then good energy from loved ones would be more supportive for them, so it's in both of your best interests to approach it positively. Even if it is as simple as finding positivity for yourself so you can be a source of positivity around them, directly or indirectly.


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@Snow wisely said !

(08 Jun '13, 01:15) ursixx

WOW, this is an old session, I hope it helps you. This is Treb talking about death and how to help. ,

EDITED 6/23/2013

I am sorry to add more to this, but when my dad was sick, and I feared he was gonna die, H stayed sick. When i let go and finally realized he has his own path, Not just calmed my6 mind, BUT really came to peace, within two days he started feeling better. I was adding to it. I was co creating more experience. Honestly, it helps to try ur hardest to let go. Visualize these people getting better. If it doesn't work, it is not ur fault, it only means their path needs to be where they want it to be.

Love n light,



answered 11 Jun '13, 08:23

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TReb Bor yit-NE

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