I have been recently so much into figuring out my purpose of existence and my calling. As I was hospitalized for 5 weeks recently, this question hit me so hard that it had never done so before. Recently, I turned out to 27; but unlike other previous years I felt like I turned out to be 37 years this year from 26. I badly feel like wasting my life as I am doing nothing except taking care of my own living. At time, it seems I really don't know what I am here for, and think of trying looking for different jobs just to give try to make me satisfied with work. I feel like my amazing potentiality being wasted just because I don't know where to go. Without knowing why I am here, life feels futile. How do I know why am I here? Have you found why you are here in this physical form? Is only spiritual growth enough for our existence? At least, for me, the question 'why am I here?' is equally important to 'who am I?' Does your action truly keeps you in vortex? With this many questions, my quest is why we are here? How can we find our calling here? How we know our spiritual gifts as the Bible says? Thank you, namaste!

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This is a common experience for people in their twenties. Very few people ever discover a high noble purpose for their life. Just live and enjoy the unfolding of life.

(21 Feb '14, 09:18) SR7

Hmmm, maybe that's the point. There is fear of future when living in the present witnessing the revelation of life! Thank you!

(21 Feb '14, 16:46) ZDCobran

Would be wonderful to have @Stingray wisdom too :)

(17 Feb '15, 03:23) ZDCobran
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Simply being in the mindset where you are asking these questions puts you on a road to finding answers. Not only might this be a great time in your life to be asking these questions, it's also such a great time to be asking the questions, in terms of what is available to you on the Internet, and is growing constantly. In fact, it's this site in particular that seems to have been a "launch pad" for me to take ideas mentioned here and to look into them more deeply each time I read up on various questions.

I know that I've been seeking answers for myself for years, and the answers (and new questions) keep coming!

Perhaps off-topic / perhaps a more important part of your question:

Your question is put in terms of a drive to find these answers, and what I'm noticing also is a sense of pressure / self-evaluation / missing out.

Our words are powerful, vocabulary can shape our thoughts and emotions. If a thought isn't serving you, you can let it go, or even simply word it differently to change it from a limiting statement to an enabling statement.

For example, you mention "I badly feel like wasting my life as I am doing nothing". The contrast that you are highlighting is fantastic, and sometimes we need that fire under our butts to get moving. I am by no means questioning that thought, it seems real for you. However, any thought can be translated into another better-feeling thought, and feeling good is important.

(On a side note, I must say that it's great to be doing nothing while searching for all of these answers, because it takes time to watch all of these videos and read books and to have the discussions you will want to be having!!)

What about simply changing how you think about that thought, and say this to yourself: "I'm so glad that I have noticed this desire within me so that I can increase my focus for answers today, instead of waiting until later in life. Even though I may feel 37, I realize that I am 10 years younger, and it's as though I've been able to rewind the clock to give myself an extra 10 years to find the answers to my questions!" You can just take one particular thought, and keep refining it into better and better versions of that same thought until it becomes something that serves you, instead of something that limits you.

I like turning limiting thoughts around into enabling thoughts because they make me feel better about the task at hand. If you can turn any thought about your search into an enabling, loving statement about yourself and your questions: you can feel empowered, enabled and joyous in your search.

I wish you the best of luck and fun in your search!


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@withcurrent thanks for your answer. It resonated within me. I feel glad that I am looking for the purpose of my life at this stage :)

(22 Feb '14, 07:02) ZDCobran

Live in the "now" ... and follow whatever captivates your full attention, whatever gives you the most joy, whatever you find the most exciting. Act from a place of positive good feelings rather than from a place of negative anxious feelings. The choice is yours ... wherever you go, go with your heart

alt text


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@jaz:excellent reply, my friend!

(24 Feb '14, 01:25) TGunn

Life is the space/time playground where a race of Conscious Energy Essence Personalities educates their youth in the proper use of energy manipulation to satisfy their natural impulse to create.

Now, or at sometime in the future you will come to understand that all events in your life are born and raised from the beliefs you hold as they relate to that event. With some effort, any event can be "back engineered" to the beliefs that brought it into your reality. (A belief is just a thought, repeated often enough, that it becomes a part of who you are). When you discover a belief that does not serve you well, replace it with a belief that does. The concept is simple; the process however, can be difficult. Altering beliefs will alter your personal reality. We are all creators. We create by manipulating energies at quantum levels. As with all artists, we seek to develop mastery over the paints, brushes and tools we need to create with.

Our main purpose for incarnating is to practice. In this analogy, in our physical "life", are painting on a three dimensional canvas. To complete our projects, we are learning use our desires, beliefs, emotions and intent to match the image in mind, to its vibrational equivalent on our 3D canvas. The process is always active regardless of our recognition of it. Recognition allows us to begin the process of mastering the art of molding energies to create whatever we might desire (in reality we become masters of illusions that seem real from our perspective). Fulfilling this goal is the reason why we reincarnate again and again. Earth is a multi-level school for creators that use a time/space environment to slow the creative process down enough to observe the inner workings and the "mechanics of creation.

Millions of people are awakening in every moment to the reality of deeper realms of consciousness beyond our physical understanding. Individuals are working to merge science and spirituality, while rejecting the dogmas of religion that no longer serve the purpose for which they were intended. The establishment of group think institutions such as churches, and political parties etc followed previous periods of awakening in history. Awakening in this age is far more individual in nature; we are not creating a new religion, or churches for awakened souls to gather. This is because we have evolved beyond the need for those institutions.

As a result, many different factors affect each individual who is experiencing this process. . Awakening individuals are part of a collective in that we all share a similar goal of soul evolution. We each develop a unique perspective on the many changes taking place, How to filter through the massive knowledge base of information and disinformation that's available, What works and what doesn't in relations with other belief. Here is a link to some valuable information to consider in answer to your question.



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@i4cim2b Nice answer!

(24 Feb '14, 14:24) Cory

I can relate to your question because a few years ago I too was hospitalized and near death. For 16 days I laid in my hospital bed saying to myself "Why am I here?" "What's my purpose in life?" My career, that I worked so hard for, meant nothing to me anymore as I laid there. I had lived a life filled with unhappiness which completely revolved around my career and what others expected me to do. Not once did I, or anyone else, try to make myself happy. That's when my journey started to fix this mess I was in.

Here's a couple of old videos from Bashar which helped me:




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Thank you :)

(21 Feb '14, 16:47) ZDCobran

@Eldavo - I can relate to your experience, my friend, never trying to make myself happy. My epiphany came more gradually than yours, born in a "bad" marriage that actually taught me so much, finally bearing fruit when my child had grown. I just don't know why we started from such a self-denying space. Why would anyone see something so destructive as a virtue? I know I sure did, but I now feel I should have known better, had more self-respect. It's not important, I guess, but it bothers me.

(05 Mar '14, 11:17) Grace

I will give you some thoughts, and you make your own conclusion:

Behind all the details in the Bible lies the absolute truth: LOVE IS THE TRUE RELIGION. (James 1:27) [Conversely, self-serving is false religion.--Colossians 3:5] That means God is not a factor in the true worship. (Habakkuk 2:4) His attitude is that if you are good, it is good for you; and if you do bad, it is bad for you. God is not praised or reproached by man's action. [We know a humble person does not feel honored or insulted by others--he carries on with his duty unaffected by others' comments. So is with God] It is our experience that the more loving a person is the more successful he is as he will have also the cooperation from others. This means being spiritual is for one's own good, it has to be one's own need!

We know attitude (not action) matters. That is why beating a miscreant and beating by a miscreant are viewed differently. God knows this principle better. (Jeremiah 9:25; Romans 2:25, 26) He also knows there are good people in all religions. "Everyone who loves has been born of God and knows God." (1 John 4:7, 8; Luke 13:29; Colossian 3:11) God gathers them only in the end. (Mathew 24:31) This makes proselytizations unnecessary--they do not make the world better. On the contrary, proselytization inherently carries the seed of discord (we-are-right & you-are-wrong attitude).

Ironically, religions unwittingly turn people away from God as they teach them to seek favors from their respective Gods (Contrast Mathew 5:3; 16:24), hence are more about materialism. Even when Jesus announced his imminent death, his disciples became only callous, seeking to ensure favors from him. (Mathew 20:17-21) They had witnessed countless miracles (calming of the turbulent sea, resurrections, transfiguration.... ) yet they abandoned their Master--OUT OF FEAR--when he was arrested. (Some may object saying those disciples became courageous after Jesus's death! If one cannot show integrity to his master when he is alive, when he is in trouble, when he is in need of moral support, what is the use of showing the same after his death?) Throughout the history, BILLIONS OF SOLDIERS (many of whom were atheists) have behaved better than these disciples--they were ready to risk their lives when their countries were in trouble! Even criminals and gangsters show more integrity to their master, when he is in trouble!

Look at an ATHEIST woman, Diana Nyad, 64, who became the first person confirmed to have swum from Cuba to Florida last year--it was done without the aid of a shark-cage in heavily-shark-infested waters for a distance of 180 km. (http://www.usatoday.com/story/sports/2013/09/02/diana-nyad-cuba-florida-swim/2754645/) Recently on an Oprah Winfrey television show, she said, I can stand at the beach's edge with the most devout Christian, Jew, Buddhist, go on down the line, and weep with the beauty of this universe and be moved by all of humanity all the billions of people who have lived before us, who have loved and hurt and suffered. To me, my definition of God is HUMANITY, and is the love of humanity! And as we return to that, we just have to remain in awe. Einstein too had some pretty definite ideas of what he believed his universe was about. It was also about awe and he didn't think there was any contradiction there. He said he believed in a God who revealed himself in the harmony of all that exists; not in the way religions present God. We all know how to live righteously--that is why we term certain acts human and certain acts inhuman or brutal! We only have to behave ourselves, act according to our own nature!

Nature and purpose of sun is to provide light and heat. Purpose of fruit-bearing trees is to manifest altruism.

Similarly, purpose of human life is to be humane, which means to live a life of tenderness and compassion, especially for the suffering or distressed--something Jesus declared as qualifying one to inherit eternal life. (Luke 10:25-37) Whether one is an atheist or a theist matters not. One can be an atheist, yet be spiritual. (http://www.patheos.com/blogs/friendlyatheist/2013/10/14/oprah-winfreys-awkward-conversation-with-marathon-swimmer-diana-nyad-an-atheist-whos-in-awe/), and one can be a theist, yet be a parasite!

That is why Jesus declares: "The kingdom of God will be taken away from you and given to a people who will produce its fruit." (Mathew 21:43) Your deeds (not religion) matters!


answered 20 Feb '14, 23:55

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T D Joseph

The 9D Pleiadian Collection channelled through Wendy Kennedy http://higherfrequencies.net/ say this that is the most frequent question they get asked.

The basic answer is (as Jaz says) to follow your heart. Their advice is to think back to your childhood and think about what you most loved to do ... what sorts of games did you play that made the time whizz by, what hobbies did you enjoy. This will give you some clues as to what really excites you as in the pre-teen years we are, generally speaking, more our authentic selves before the programming of "not good enough" (not beautiful enough, not intelligent enough etc) and "shoulds" (if you want to succeed in life you need to study these subjects, even if you hate them). Obviously these are only broad clues but it is a place to start.

If you wanted to hear the 9DPC talk about this in more detail, they were asked a question about it on latest group session (18 February 2014) available on the website as a digital download.

EDIT: 25th March 2015

A couple of other things occurred to me regarding this - if you wanted more information about your general life purpose you could try consulting an astrologer who specialises in this sort of work - this might cost a bit. Astrology is fantastic for giving all sorts of information about your personality, character, past life strengths etc ... it can really give you some brilliant insights.

The other thing I recently came across is a book entitled "The Life you were born to Live" by Dan Millman. Taking your date of birth, you can calculate a life path number. I think there are 36 ish different combinations. On the people I know well I have found it to be highly accurate and links in well with insights from the natal horoscope. The website is www peaceful warrior.com and you click on the LIFE PURPOSE button and put your date of birth details into the calculator. It comes up with a highly condensed version of what is in the book. The book gives you a much richer insight into your "issues" and shows you what you need to be aware of in order to fulfil your highly purpose. Highly recommended.


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Thank you for your answer :)

(07 Mar '14, 08:15) ZDCobran

I know what you mean about being 37 now. I'm 47 and teaching karate almost seven days per week, I am feeling pain all over from aches to other pains. I enjoy teaching but this pain everyday and everyday waking up with pain sucks! Getting old must really be lousy to live through.

New answer 4-1-2015

There is a movie called Defending Your Life by Albert Brooks. In his movie it shows the purpose of life is to overcome fear. Even though that movie is a comedy I believe he does have a point there; fear has stopped us so many times from moving forwards into better things. There is a saying that when you die you are regretful more for what you wanted to do but never did or even tried than you are for what you did do that you wish you hadn't.

If we look at life from a point of creating our own experience than there really is no room for fear because fear comes from a belief that we are helpless and a victim in life rather than the one creating the experience.


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Wade Casaldi

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Getting old is not necessarily painful ... pain is a sign of energetic disequilibrium, remember that we always get coming back to us what we send out

(23 Feb '14, 01:56) jaz

@jaz - I know you are so right, I just wish I could work out how to remedy the situation. I'm in daily pain too; please tell me - where do I go from here? How do I correct the energetic disequilibrium?

(05 Mar '14, 11:24) Grace
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