Other than inspiration, how do your spiritual practices positively impact yourself, and the people around you?

Can you point to specific instances in your life where your spiritual practices made a tangible improvement to your life, or someone else's life? Was someone healed, or made better by your techniques?

Have you been able to improve your critical thinking or creativity with your spiritual practices, and have you been able to prove that by writing a new book, composing a new song, or helping the downtrodden? Do you function better, in a way that can be viewed by others as a meaningful improvement?

asked 10 Nov '09, 06:52

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@Vesuvius! I was about to post the same question and you had already asked it!

(19 Apr '12, 07:36) Dollar Bill

Yes for me many times, my spiritual side has been a get asset to me. It has helped me in getting over sickness, it has helped distant friends of mine when they needed me, I could be there for them across the world. I cleared a friend's house of evil spirits and I was way across the states from her house. It has helped me get rid of sickness and depression at times in the most extraordinary ways that just seem to defy logic. Looked at from an energy point of energy follows thought then it is perfectly logical. It has helped me at times when others were panicking to just be in the moment and do what needs to be done. It even helped me learning to play my guitar I turned my thought from this is hard to this is easy and it changed my experience of learning from difficult to easy. It helped me defeat a devil that was trying to possess me years ago, I realized he was trying to scare me and get me to believe he was more powerful than I, I turned that against him and won easy.

Really it is about realizing you are in control of your own mind, no one else. nothing out side of you, only you are your own master. You are steering your ship toward your own experiences, so you can choose to have limited experiences or unlimited experiences, to experience from fear or hope, to choose to act or react.

That is the thing of awakening to realize you are in control sort of like lucid dreaming you realize you are creating everything you are experiencing so you choose what you want.


answered 10 Nov '09, 09:12

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Wade Casaldi

Yes, my faith in God has help me get through an lot of ruff and tuff times on my journey of life. I have stop and helped others by praying for them and I felt so good when I have heard they were better.

I have ask God and Jesus to go before me and he has. One time I was out of gas and did not have an key to unlock my gas tank and I prayed to God to help me and when I crank the car back up the gas hand move on an notch or two. I made it home and got my keys when I went to the service station after I got my keys and unscrew the gas top off it pop I was riding on air of gas fumes but it carried me around 27 miles home at night. God came through for me because I believe he would.

No I have not written an book I don't need to write an book to make it be so but God has done miracles in my life and others as prayed was lifed up towards heaven and God. You know God says what you bind on earth he will bind in heaven.

Writing an book would help financially especially if it had an title that would make most people want to read it. That is an thought hummm.

Jesus says ask anything in my name and I will do it. People can feel the love of Jesus within you spreading out to others.

I am now begining to learn how to think and speak postive thinking and how God is the creator and we are co-creators of our thinking and speaking things into existance. I am unraving the years of negativity away from around me.


answered 12 Nov '09, 08:09

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edited 12 Nov '09, 08:14

I love stories of success like this, you kept up the faith, you didn't lose it and curse and kick your car like many probably would have.

(13 Nov '09, 20:29) Wade Casaldi

No I did not and knew in the end that would do no good. I went to Jesus and I mean when I cranked it back up the gas hand moved one or two notches and he blessed me to get home and to the service station. Jesus and God are still in the miracle business we just have to believe that will do it. Jesus said ask and you shall receive and don't doubt. So, that is an problem I am working on of not doubting. I one while thought you just had to be good, treat others right but we must learn to speak and think postive about our selves and others.God has given us many gifts as his children Wade Casaldi

(14 Nov '09, 04:13) flowingwater

Manifesting is new to me and thinking postive and speaking postive is new to me for I spoke what was happen to me. But now I am learning differently. But through all of the power postive thinking and speaking and all of the universal laws we must not forget about God and Jesus and what they have and are doing for us. Or we get so wrapped up thinking we are God. You know we are part of God because he is in us and he loves us all so very much. We are God's ambassadors to helping each other when, where, and if we can. Have a nice day.Wade Casaldi

(14 Nov '09, 04:20) flowingwater

Thank you so much and many blessing be with you in Jesus name.

(17 Nov '09, 20:05) Wade Casaldi
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I feel that the closer one comes to being in alignment with his true self the more he empowers those close to him with an ability to do the same for themselves. And yes my Awakening has help me vastly improve my Life in numerous ways.The one big one is that my wife and I have started a Business for ourselves.In general my whole outlook has done a 360 from 3 years ago.I now look forward to my new challenges and thats almost scary.And to boot I experience better health, no downtime. Great question Vesuvius


answered 12 Nov '09, 02:37

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most certainly,if you finally come to the realization that we temporarily reside in god ;s world, and not a world of our own making- you can easilybenefit greatly. as any good houseguest can attest- your host will be quite gracious if you follow the house rules.god has provided a generous bounty before us. all we need is here. if we live thoughtfully and w/ appreciation- we shall want for nothing. believe me- god does provide for those who love him.


answered 12 Nov '09, 10:08

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eleanor sawitsky

yes to know the truth stay in the truth and not fall in the darkness of ego move over duality of good vs evil. to know that God is with us over this duality that we create. if you are over duality and someone judge or fight with you he is doing that of is free will and is responsible of it. if he would be in truth and love would he judge and fight you? no he would not because he would know that it does not serve him.

try this just look and listen to people and stay in truth. you will know why they do what they do. you will know if they are telling you the truth. you will know what is their duality. you will know when they tell you a lie or say something to you to make you happy but are not really meaning it. you will see that when you stop playing ping pong with duality you can be the spectator observing the play. but if you are playing the ping pong game of duality you cannot observe what is going on. you are just moving from one extreme to the other. someone push you and you push back. someone pull you and you pull back. so take a step back and just observe.


answered 19 Apr '12, 11:24

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white tiger

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