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When I close my eyes and imagine something, it's really dark and shadowy. But I've heard of people who can see as bright and clearly with their eyes closed as they are open. So how can I enhance my imagination so that it's vividly brighter, colorful, and even more tangible than the dark shadowy images that I currently see? Thanks. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

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There's a simple trick that i use quite often to stimulate my imagination, and the same trick also works when i'm searching for a visual image to fit in with what i'm saying ... that trick is to use other peoples imagination.

Search in google "images" and you'll be presented with a whole host of different images. For example searching google images "put color into my life" i came across this picture

alt text

that i like, now i have a picture on which i can focus and memorize and reproduce, in color in my imagination, then allow your imagination to wander a little, change the color from blue to yellow, add a few birds ... you can end up with a completely different colored scene by the time you have finished, have fun with it :)


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