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In my second session (round a year and half or so ago) with the channelled entity known as TReb Bor yit-NE, TReb said that there were two different groups known as The Elohim. Since that session I have done much research and listening, dissecting and discerning. My thought is that the first group is The Elohim, and the second, the Bene Elohim or Nephilim, creations of the Elohim. My further thought is the Bene Elohim, Nephilim, and The Anunnaki are one in the same. I do not believe that these post-Elohim factions upgraded 'us', as is said, but rather severed DNA strands so we would be more easily controlled.

Regarding The Elohim, my thought is that they are part of the Yahweh Soul Group Consciousness, just as we all are, and that Yaweh/The Elohim are the original creators of the human race that existed in the proverbial Garden of Eden (Gaia, which was Heaven on Earth during this period), prior the Luciferian Soul Group Consciousness descending to the 3rd Density to assist humanity in its evolution by providing human beings, with Yahweh's assistance, the catalyst of Free Will.

Bashar states that Homo sapiens were a genetic mixture of the Earth hominid Sasquatch and the Anunnaki. This rings true to me, save for the idea that the Sasquatch are refugees from the planet Maldek (now our Asteroid Belt), but too much is left out in the interim of the Eden humans and the genetic engineering of Homo sapiens. Perhaps it is conditioning, but I do not resonate with the idea that the original human beings possessed with no Free Will, living on an unspoiled Earth with no predators, were the Sasquatch.

I have a strong resonance that the greater portion of the Eden human beings' DNA was Angelic in nature, and that only The Elohim and Earth humans of this bloodline (not type) possess this particular strand or strands of DNA. I believe that this DNA within us is what the Illuminati-controlled 'scientists' call junk DNA. Gee. I wonder why? ;o) I also believe that Yahweh and The Elohim played a Trump Card in the highly probable possibility that extra-terrestrials would abduct us to extract our DNA and mix it with their own, so their offspring would possess this Angelic DNA. The Angelic DNA of Yahweh and The Elohim is not compatible with those not of Earth-lineage and formation. And this DNA is not exactly 'physical'. This DNA is more of an energetic lineage.

Starseeds and Walk-ins do not apply to this. They are here to awaken, but they are not from here; they have not been in incarnational cycles from the Earth's very beginnings.

Anyway, I have babbled enough.

I would like to hear other views and opinions and feelings.

I would appreciate no quotes from 'Bibles', unless they are pre-King James. Religion and bibles are controlled and written by the Illuminati. But I will hand it to the Illuminati -- they do love us, even though their role of negativity has to be played out, as per their contract. Within religion, literature, movies, etc. -- the Truth they always 'hide' in plain sight. They give us much; we give ourselves little.

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There are a number of stories that attempt to explain the origin of humans. Atlantis, lumeria, Mu, the Elohim, Niberu, the Annanuki, the Greys, Hybrids, DNA experiments, the Reptilians, to name a few. There are many different sources for this information which may or may not be credible. Each has its own perspective, and each perspective could be accurate. However, you have consider that each explanation may apply to any number of parallel earths, parallel timelines of development inherent to the multi- dimensional reality in which we exist that exist. We may be able to draw some probable conclusions about extraterrestrial involvement, and DNA manipulation experiments because there is some evidence in this earths history, both written and archeological. Beyond that, there are too many variables to know with 100% certainty, the specific details that apply to this particular version of earths human history.


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@ i4cim2b: Thank you for your response. If you knew me better you would know that I am very much aware, knowledgeable, and discerning of the aspects and ideas you presented briefly. I have spent the last two years of my life researching many different sources of information. Some sources add, some sources detract. My technique is to accept, dissect, and discern such information. Some information I can discern instantly. Other information takes a bit of dissection.

(17 Mar '14, 00:10) TGunn

I understand very well the nature and manifestations of alternate and parallel realities. However, there is Universal fact. All else is subjective truth. When Bashar and Abraham, etc., talk about parallel and alternate realities, they are talking about subjective truths, not Universal fact.

(17 Mar '14, 00:18) TGunn

perhaps humanity has
it's own part in creation
fashioned over eons to
where it is today

how the lineage unfolds
a being of physical
matter and self conscious
potential our task to know


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If you want to have a clear picture about perfect system of things that exist in other planets and in spirit world, I would suggest you please read DESTINY OF SOULS written by Dr. Michael Newton. I completed reading the book in three days--in fact I did not keep the book down. I have never read such a fascinating book in my whole life, giving eye-witness account of what lies after our death! "If God were to give me a choice--either the whole world with its emperorship or this book, I would take this book!" No one could have simply guessed the truth found in the book, nor invented it--it is simply beyond human thinking! The author is a Past Regression Therapist. People who have undergone Past Regression Therapy* have given extensive details about the lives in between their earthly lives, which shed light ALSO on Council of Master (highly evolved) Souls or ELDERS in Heaven.

This is the gist:

When someone dies, his "the spirit returns" to the Spirit World (Ecclesiastes 12:7), where he is warmly received by all his (available) beloved ones and friends who died before him. Then he is taken to the House of Healing, where he is rejuvenated. He is given enough time (often more than his earthly life-span) to review his life he just concluded on earth. Once he has all the details about himself and all others involved in his life on earth directly or indirectly, he comes to a conclusion about the way he lived his life on earth. Then he is taken to a Council of Master Souls comprising of six or more. Here the soul's previous life is reviewed collectively. The Master Souls are in NO WAY CONDEMNATORY or JUDGMENTAL, but extremely loving and compassionate helpers who have lived many lives on this earth, hence very well-experienced. The soul himself makes the judgment on his living and places the solution before the Council. If the solution is viewed best by the Council, they would say ok; or else they may suggest many other options which are put before the soul with no compulsion at all. Soul chooses the next environment, friends, relatives, parents and even a new body (sometimes a crippled body, if need be, to work out some special Karmic debt of previous birth). After taking rebirth on earth, some may forget their purpose, and return to the Council only to repeat the whole process again and again. Others may steadily progress, and go to higher Levels ..... which look almost infinite in numbers ... and finally reach where God Himself resides after billions and billions .... of years.

Hence earthly life is like a school, where one is supposed to gain a minimum qualification. Council of Master Souls examines impartially whether one has lived up to HIS NATURE (not whether one has obeyed certain laws or lived up to certain belief system ). What is man's nature? Humans APPRECIATE being loved and ABHOR being harmed. Hence man nature is to love and to refrain from doing harm, like the fire whose nature is to give light and heat. One has to return to earth till he is willing to behave according to his very nature, which is a quite natural thing to do. [Council compassionately deals even with those who are mistakenly called demons or ghosts. These are actually souls that may develop some extreme habits, rather than living with a guest-attitude considering themselves as "temporary residents" while on earth, wanting to 'return to their original home, a better place,' thus viewing the world as a drama-stage. (Hebrews 11:13-16, Philippians 3:20; 1 Corinthians 7:31; and 1 John 2:17). Such extreme souls may STUBBORNLY refuse to go forward, but may prefer to TEMPORARILY linger around in pursuit of their unfulfilled desires--helpful/harmful. They get attracted to only people of their sort. They all are allowed to use their free-will and are taken first to the Rehabilitation Process once they are convinced of the folly of their life-style, and then to the Council for collective review.]


Foot-note: Though many (Dr. Michael Newton, Dr. Brian Weiss, Dr. William Roll, Dr. Ken Ring, Dr. Bruce Greyson, Dr. Melvin Morse, Dr. Raymond A Moody .....) have published case-histories of their clients, Michael Newton's books are exceptional--especially his "DESTINY OF SOULS" in which he presents case-histories of his clients in an orderly, subject-wise manner which suggests the existence of a perfect system of things in the invisible heavens.


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T D Joseph

@ T D Joseph: I appreciate the effort in writing such an in depth response. However, your response is irrelevant to the subject matter in my initial post. Your response should be transferred to a subject about the Afterlife, or the state of existence between physical and non-physical.

(16 Mar '14, 23:56) TGunn

In the Bible there was a rebellion among The Elohim Heavenly Hosts and the rebels were called "The Nephilim".

In The Sumerian writings, there was a rebellion among The Annunaki and the rebels were called "igigi" which means The Watchers.

In The Book of Enoch, not only are the rebels called "The Nephilim" but they are also called "Watchers" just like in the Sumerian stories.

So, no. Annunaki are NOT Nephilim. The igigi who betrayed the annunaki and rebelled against them are Nephilim.


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@arpgme: Thank you, friend. Question: Do you allow scriptures to define your beliefs and identity?

(17 Mar '14, 10:26) TGunn

@TGunn , it depends. Beliefs about what? If it's beliefs about "those who created us in their image" then yes, my beliefs change as I learn new information from ancient texts.

(17 Mar '14, 13:23) arpgme
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