The Scale of Power is similar to other scales like The Emotional Scale and The Scale of Consciousness. This Scale is based on how much control you feel that you have over your life.

If Law of Attraction is true and you are the creator of your own life experience then you should always remember that everything that happens is what You created, and even if it is something you do not like, you are Not a victim because you chose to allow it to come into your life experience.

People are "trying" to create this and that, but this Scale to help you remember that everything around you NOW, is what you created, so that you never feel like a victim or feel that you need to escape, but by staying in this higher consciousness things come easily.

You do not need to "try" to use Law of Attraction because you are already using it. You do not need to "do" anything because it is already happening naturally.

From this perspective, detachment and surrendering is not about "giving up" and "letting go" but fully focusing in The Now and realizing that THIS is all your creation and the more you stay in this Vibe, this Consciousness the more it grows and you feel in control of your own life experience.

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arpgme, yes, but the gift of life has been provided to us by the Father and we ought learn what 'the plan' is

(17 Mar '14, 06:27) fred

@fred , it's not necessary. you don't have to know what your 'life plan' is in order to fulfill it. It comes naturally.

(17 Mar '14, 13:21) arpgme

scales of this type all assume that feelings (emotions) can be divided into good or bad and therefore I must manage them ... I invite you to observe what's happening deep inside, you'll find that "feelings" are movements of "energy" that seem to appear from nowhere and just like notes of music there's an infinite variety, and there're "neutral". If you do feel that there're "good" or "bad" it means that the judgment "good" or "bad" has been added to the vibration that alters the original vibe

(15 Jun '15, 03:06) jaz

It doesn't assume "good" or "bad". All emotions are helpful in letting you know your frequency. Yes, the notes of a piano are not good or bad, but some are still low notes while others are high notes. There is nothing "wrong" with being aware of your high or low frequency and changing it.

(22 Jun '15, 23:01) arpgme

@arpgme "Yes, the notes of a piano are not good or bad, but some are still low notes while others are high notes"? ... reminds me of the Animal Farm quote by George Orwell "All animals are equal but some are more equal than others" :)

(23 Jun '15, 01:15) jaz
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This seems good to have a evaluation scale. It lets you know where you need work on your self to improve.

This is similar to Stingray's focus blocks but with a set in place definition like the emotional scale.

I think this could be a handy device to evaluate how things are as compared to how things ought to be.


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Wade Casaldi

It is hard to say the points where changes in the degree of power are initiated in the realm of spirit. People generally will attempt to understand a new concept by relating it to a similar existing one. When considering power, most people equate changes of power with a corresponding change acoustically.  We hear the increase of horsepower that happens when stepping on the gas pedal.  Movies always use sounded effects and volume changes to indicate an increase or decrease in power.  Music seems more powerful if the volume is increased. 
The power changes that occur during the process of manifestation through law of attraction, are much more difficult to distinguish.  They do involve vibration so there may be an audio indication outside of our range of perception. There may be other indicators that we are not aware of or insensitive to.  Certain individuals may be.  Even if we have or had the capability of sensing subtle changes in power, it is unlikely that we would be paying attention closely enough to recognize them.  The diagram below is roughly based on Bashar's 7 steps to manifesting. It's accuracy and any value associated with have a scale of power as a tool, is undetermined, and in all probability, unnecessary.  Your question, however, was thought provoking.

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@i4cim2b what is the motivation behind the question about "The Scale of Power" by @arpgme?

(23 Jun '15, 01:33) jaz

Emotions are basically

Happy, Sad, Fear, Anger.

and from these biologically based emotions all the others have evolved in humans.

Emotions are energies that allow organisms to behave in a certain manner.

The scale of power, the scale of emotions? I like what Melody Fletcher says about the spectrum of empowerment that she refers to in her book Deliberate Receiving;

"Keep in mind that the spectrum is fluid. No one permanently hangs out in any one spot. And while you'll usually occupy a certain range on the spectrum (it's unlikely that you'll feel total passion in one moment and total depression in the next), you can move about quite a bit within that range. So, while you may feel enthousiasm most of the time, you may feel anger on a certain issue. The key is not to demonize any one emotional group, but to recognize that all have value ... if you know how to move from one side of the spectrum to the other, and you know it's not hard to get that broader view (clarity, solutions) you want, then you'll stop thinking in terms of negative spectrum equals bad, and positive spectrum equals good. You'll simply go where you need to go on the spectrum in order to get the information or experience you want."


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Interesting you would say that. The scientists just figured out that there are 4 basic emotions like you said here.

(05 Aug '15, 22:18) arpgme

yes exactly @arpgme I searched on the www and these 4 core emotions popped up and clicked with the physical part of me, but where did these emotions come from? from nature of course, so in my eyes what does that make "science"? the interpretation of natural phenomena. Think again and it's the realization that there's a feedback loop in there somewhere, www functions very similarly to the brain, a good metaphor is the smartphone. The black disk includes www :)

(06 Aug '15, 01:26) jaz
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