The love of my life and I went out for 2.5 years. In that time, we broke up and made back up numerous times. Mostly all our breakups and our makeups were products of my manifestations. I can totally get him back as long as I get into the vortex and feel good and let go.

This past time we broke up and even though I manifested the best times ever after the breakup, we never did get back together. Mainly because, he is scared that he cannot give his all to this relationship. He is scared of marriage. He wants to marry me but is afraid to take it to the next level. He runs away from commitment. But I know he loves me to bits and I know we would have the best relationship if we could just get past this fear he has of commitment and fear of the future.

So in this case, what inside of me is attracting these traits.

I am currently not talking with him. I told him I needed more in my life. But I know he will call again, we have this unseen cord it feels like at times.

My question is this, what do I need to do in order to get past this? In order to have a "happily ever after" with this guy. I don't just want to manifest a relationship anymore I want to manifest a happy marriage with him.

Thank you.

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He called me yesterday ! about 6 times and then sent a message saying that his grandfathers health is bad and they would be taking him into surgery today. I answered when he called again and we talked a bit about his grandfather. I just kept calm but a bit coldish. I don't want to just run back into our old patterns. I want more this time. I don't know what the problem is that keeps him from committing but I really want him to solve it before he comes to me.

(08 Apr '14, 03:08) akasha

He called this morning a few times too. Says he misses me but that is about it. SO now I guess I have to just keep in the vortex, keep thinking positive thoughs, keep on imagining a beautiful future with him. Right?? :)

(08 Apr '14, 03:09) akasha
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Your dominant thoughts and feelings about him are vacillating widely, hence the 'on again off again'. You need to build a positive momentum of thoughts leaning towards him being in your life, as your full-time partner, in love with you, doting on you you, being there for you, how wonderful he is, how exciting the relationship is, how you cannot wait for the wedding, how much joy you get from this perfect match, listing all his wonderful qualities, milking all the wonderful things he brings into your life, reveling in the love you feel for him, jumping up and down with excitement because you just love him so, so much etc.

Once you have a dominant train of feel-good, positive thoughts and emotions about him he will respond to that energy and match it.

The easier way is the old favourite, just get into the vortex! When you're feeling excitement, ecstasy and joy as your dominant vibration all things that match that vibration, the things that you want, will just turn up on your doorstep with no effort on your part.


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With trying to attract love in general not with a specific person, a lot of coaches suggest visualisation, but I find trying to focus daily on visualisation actually puts me more in the "don't have" feeling. Maybe it's better to just try to feel good and happy in general rather than visualising a mate?

(06 Apr '14, 19:10) Inner Beauty

This is tricky because we only read your side. You seem to take a lot of blame on yourself. Maybe he played a part in the on again off again relationship.

I think a marriage counselor may help but you both need to work on being married.

A movie I highly recommend is Fire Proof, also the Love Dare book I highly recommend. One more thing is a set of books called, For Women Only and For Men Only.


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Wade Casaldi

Thank you Wade. However he doesnt even want the relationship so I had to cut contact because I was getting sad. So I cant have him come to therapy.

(05 Apr '14, 04:10) akasha

Oh wow, then this is mostly his fault! I am sorry to hear this. Yes my approach takes the work of both willingly. Still get the book For Women Only, it will help you understand us men a little more. Blessings for you both as a couple.

(05 Apr '14, 09:04) Wade Casaldi

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