Ok, I'm sure this question has been asked within other questions and contexts, but I'm still struggling with it, so any help would be appreciated. Isn't trying to visualise something you want daily just reminding yourself that you don't have it?!! So in my case, for example, if I set time out everyday to visualise having a partner, this seems to reinforce to me that there isn't someone in my life. Visualisation seems a forced, unnatural activity. So after some time trying to listen to meditations and visualising someone in my life, I feel like I don't want to think about not having a partner anymore and just want to focus on myself and trying to be happy and increasing my vibration. In fact I think the visualisations haven't really worked for me as I guess I don't really believe what I'm visualising. But if I don't visualise and intend etc, I'm afraid I will go back to square one when I was believing that finding a partner was not possible and not taking any steps etc. I'm afraid I may even start sending out the vibe that I'm happy on my own. So I'm really wondering whether there is a winner between visualising what you want and vibrating at a high level and just being happy. And if both should be done together, then how can I stop visualisation becoming associated with noticing the lack of that thing in my life. Thank you all for all your marvellous insights. I just love this community. Always so willing to help. I'm just sorry I don't always have many insights to help you all, but perhaps one day!

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Inner Beauty

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Hi Inner Beauty, the visualizations are not working for you as you are projecting the vibration of 'I want a partner & don't have one so I am trying everything to get this partner I don't have' so the Universe instantly matches that vibration by giving you a situation where you want a partner and don't have one because that is a perfect vibrational match. You will have to shift your vibration a little to manifest. You're right to focus on just getting happy, a happy vibration attracts happy back

(09 Apr '14, 08:21) Yes
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Your vibration will always trump what you're doing with visualization. You can visualize all day long about your dreams but if you're settled at a low vibrational frequency eg depression, powerlessness, worry etc you will only manifest things that are a match to your frequency not what you're visualizing.

So, for example, if you're settled in a lower vibrational frequency and you're visualizing the love of your life coming to your door and sweeping you off your feet you could manifest that very fast if you're dominant vibration was a match to how you would feel if that really happened. In the reality with the love of your life you would be feeling love, ecstasy, excitement so if you were in a vibration of love, ecstasy and excitement and you visualized that it would manifest.

If your dominant vibration is lower than love and excitement then there is no match to that scenario so you would manifest something that matched your frequency. So, if your dominant frequency is worry, for example, then you would manifest situations that cause you worry.

I would just like to add something, as there seems to be a lot of questions on manifesting partners on IQ at the moment. The connection that you're all truly looking for is the connection to your inner being not to a man/woman. You believe that having the man or woman in question would make you 'feel good' but feeling good is a consequence of being in alignment with your inner being not a consequence of being with a dream man or woman. There are PLENTY of people in relationships and marriages that are utterly miserable because whilst they have the man/woman they don't have the connection to their inner being so misery is still a part of their lives.

Generally what people do is 'fall in love' which is basically focusing on all the good things in their partner, feeling the excitement of the experience and those love/excitement feelings are a perfect match to your inner being. Your inner being is screaming YES to you when you feel that way so you're aligned. The problem comes when you're vibration is not stable at love, appreciation, excitement (alignment) and soon your dominant vibration will pop up and the novelty of the lover wears off, you're no longer focusing on all the good things about them and you settle back into your habitual vibration whatever that may be: worry, insecurity, frustration etc cue all the relationship problems that begin and then you wonder where is your 'and we live happily ever after'.

What Abraham and IQ recommend is to align with your inner being (IB) now, feel good now. That is what you're really reaching for and being in a love relationship with another person does not guarantee you will align with your IB and being in alignment with your IB is the only way you will ever be able to 'feel good' on a regular, continuous basis.

If you begin a relationship when alignment is your habitual vibration then you will live happily ever after. But once you get to that place you can be happy with a partner or without partner. You can't lose from that place. That is true freedom.


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Thank you. Lots of wisdom there!

(10 Apr '14, 17:58) Inner Beauty

Interesting question.

Being in one's preferred vibrational frequency and visualising one's desires are two separate things. When one is in one's preferred vibrational state one will not feel the desire to visualise and manifest what one feels one lacks. When one is outside the preferred vibrational frequency one desires to be in, shifting to that desired frequency will aid in the greater manifestational properties of one's desires to further expand that vibrational frequency experience.

Put simply, when one focuses on desires of a higher vibrational frequency that do not correspond with one's chosen vibrational frequency, such desires will not, and cannot, manifest. This is not to say that such 'rockets of desire' are unanswered. Rather it is more that one is not matching the frequency one wishes to resonate in. When one matches such a frequency, one will find one's visuals manifest.

One is not in a position to manifest a visual desire, unless one is in the vibrational frequency in which such a manifestation may occur. Thoughts not of a match to one's vibrational frequency are stored in an ethereal escrow (dark energy non-manifested).


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tgunn, under whose authority would one rest (set) their chosen development of vibrational frequency

(09 Apr '14, 05:54) fred

@fred: this is a great question and one I argue about frequently with my so-called Higher Self and/or Over Soul. Although I experience a memory overlay after dream state, I am seeing through this B.S. more and more.

(09 Apr '14, 07:00) TGunn

@fred: are you asking because you do not know?

(09 Apr '14, 07:43) TGunn

"Being in one's preferred vibrational frequency and visualising one's desires are two separate things. When one is in one's preferred vibrational state one will not feel the desire to visualise and manifest what one feels one lacks" This is so very true, TGunn. :) It's hard to believe that you can be so happy that you don't care about 'stuff' but that is the wonder of being in the vortex. It's like a drug, you will do anything to remain there. :)

(09 Apr '14, 08:04) Yes

Thanks TGunn! Working on it!

(10 Apr '14, 18:00) Inner Beauty

tgunn, the question is for all on what is settled for, if the vibration is of choice are we selfish, or is it let to sound as the wind blows driven to know

(21 Apr '14, 21:22) fred
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I agree with the others, vibration is more important. The only reason that you desire a partner is because you believe that once that happens, it will make you happy. You desire all of the things that you desire because you believe that once you have them, they will make you feel good. So, the only way to manifest anything that is on track with your desires is too first feel good. Try not to worry about what you don't have and start to only focus on raising your vibration. Because once you start to feel good, you are on track with your desires and the things that you want will begin to manifest in your life.


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In the following video Michael Losier explains that visualization is not always for everybody, there are other ways of creating the vibrations that you want here's a video that you may find interesting


personally i love to use graphics ... L&l


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thanks a lot Jaz, good insights.

(10 Apr '14, 17:56) Inner Beauty
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