For instance, for thoughts like "I wish she would be more mature" or "I wish his temper would improve" or "I wish she would be less bitchy" is that possible? And how should I go about it?


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Pat W

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Barry Allen ♦♦

Yes, it is possible to manifest a change in another's behavior because the part of the other person that is projecting into your reality is a vibrational match to your expectation of them. And, if your expectation of them changes, because you have deliberately started thinking differently about them (using, for example, Focus Blocks), their behavior will have to change.

This is not because you are actually changing the other person, you are just changing what you are attracting from them.

This is why the same person acts differently with different people. Those other people are interacting with different aspects of that person's personality.

Two points, however, to bear in mind.

  1. The change in their behavior will be limited to what potential they have to interact with you in your vibrational reality with that changed behavior. For an explanation of this idea, see Where is the line drawn between “Law of Attraction” and the non-existent “Law of Assertion”?

  2. If they don't have the potential to match your improved feeling about them and the relationship matters to them for some reason, you may encounter something I have come to call clattering. Just be aware that this may happen and don't allow it to distract you from your improved feeling. If they have no part of themselves that is able to match your improved expectation when you feel better, it's probably not a relationship that is going to last much longer.

The natural corollary to what has been written above then your potential relationship partners when you are feeling good predominantly within yourself, and then you won't have to change them afterwards. :)

And the corollary to the corollary is...when you become the right person, you will naturally attract the right person.


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If I am understanding you correct, the change would start with self, Correct?

(22 Aug '10, 23:31) GS415

@GS415, everything is ultimately about you, not the other person so, yes, the change always starts (and ends) with you. The other person is really just a reflection of yourself.

(23 Aug '10, 05:50) Stingray

Thanks Stingray. Always a big help pointing me in the right direction. :)

(23 Aug '10, 13:20) Pat W
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I have had success with a technique I learned from Burt Goldman (The American Monk). You go to a meditative level and imagine you are talking to the person, and convincing them of your side of things...e.g. "It would be better for all involved if you would take the time to be a better listener. It would help me to feel that you care, and something I say might be helpful if you would listen. We both want the same thing." and etc. Imagine this vividly a few times and end your imagined conversation with good feelings, such as a handshake, hug, smile or whatever is appropriate. Imagine that you have agreed on some level and that it's the highest good for all concerned.

I have used this with a "problem co-worker", with a personality conflict I once had with a neighbor, for resolution with friends, family and just about everything. It does work for me, and perhaps is worth trying for you. I have seen some difficult situations turn around for me.

I don't believe it is being manipulative, because the other person has their free will and will not cooperate if isn't for the best and isn't wanted.


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LeeAnn 1

IS that from his Quantum Jumping program or otherwise? I have always had an interest in that but never got around to buying it. Is it any good in your opinion (if it is from there)?

(23 Aug '10, 04:08) Liam

Hi LeeAnn, sounds very interesting. How do you get to the meditative level? Is that the alpha state?

(23 Aug '10, 13:19) Pat W

Hi Liam, it isn't from Quantum Jumping, it was from "The Mind Box" set. And yes, I really use a lot of the techniques from Mind Box all the time; they work for me and are so simple to use. And Pat, getting to the meditative level is the same with the Burt Goldman exercises as the alpha level with Silva. I believe most of Burt Goldman's work began during his association with the Silva family, which he still has to this day. So a lot of the exercises are similar. Best wishes!

(23 Aug '10, 16:52) LeeAnn 1

Thanks for the info. :)

(24 Aug '10, 06:43) Liam

Yes LeeAnn, thanks for the info. :)

(24 Aug '10, 08:46) Pat W
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I have a similar question about my sister she often makes the wrong decision and doesnt think thoroughly about her actions or the words she speaks. I thought i could not change who she is but give her another point of view of things just attempting to work with her, but in result i end up aggravated. i dont believe you change someone they have to want it.


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To a certain degree, yes.

There is manipulation, conscious hypnotizing, bribing, the "stick", the "carrot", sending good vibrations, changing your own reaction, showing by example, etc.

however, since you can never make anyone do something they don't want to do, there is a line we can't cross. It is different for everyone, different people have different boundaries, confidence, poise, etc.

Good luck!


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I would have thought that by and large God would have put a safe guard into his laws to stop people controling others thru HIS system. But there are plenty of humans thru history who have had by way of force of will and persuasivness/charisma exerted a a huge influence on others and perhaps changed their behaviour. Good question really. Graham


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Monty Riviera

@Graham Cook: You sound angry at God, are you?

(02 Sep '10, 22:51) Inactive User ♦♦

No not at all.Gods part of me and im part of Him.Im cool with Him.Now my blinking step kids....thats another thing! Only kiddin..mind you ill be glad when the last one moves out.

(03 Sep '10, 07:46) Monty Riviera
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