From the middle of April to the beginning of May 2014 sees some very interesting astrology and the ramping up of powerful energy. Some are talking of it being a major shift in our collective spiritual development.

The energetic climate of the past couple of years has been dominated by the planets of Pluto (government among other things) and Uranus (the individual, new inventions) and on 23 April they exactly square off. Squares being a tense, difficult aspect between planets in astrology. To ramp things up, they are being joined by Mars (the planet of aggression and war) and Jupiter (the planet of expansion) in a rare cardinal grand cross formation, all at 13 degrees. Cardinal (Aries, Capricorn, Libra and Cancer) signs are the zodiac signs that like to take action.

On top of all that the formation is sandwiched between two eclipses, one a "blood" moon total lunar eclipse on 14/15 April and the other a solar eclipse on the 29 April.

Here is a clip outlining the main idea of it being at time of great change:

The advice, as always, is to let go and live in the moment and in doing so, surf the powerful energetic wave. Do you think there will be any discernible change or is change a slower process? If yes, then what changes do you think will happen?

Here are some other interesting articles:

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@Roy Thank you - really good video. It is interesting when she talks about coming together and creating our own societies, that is the way things are moving I feel. I recently posted some Barbara Marciniak clips about the next few years and the Ps also talk about changes in the way we live coming from the grassroots (rather than a big one off event or something that is handed to us by government).

(12 Apr '14, 03:56) Catherine

@Roy Very interesting - thanks.

(16 Apr '14, 16:27) Catherine
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I've seen too many of these events that were supposed to be events that would awaken the planet to new consciousness.

Look around the world, it doesn't seem like anything happened other than planets aligning.

I still remember the very first one I heard of. It was some kind of Harmonic Concordance thing, it was suppose to usher in the new age, every person was suppose to be enlightened.

Then there was some kind of Great Cross and now this is saying the same rehashed prophesys.

No, I think that this is something rare to see with your telescope, but otherwise nothing more.


answered 10 Apr '14, 12:40

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Wade Casaldi


@Wade Casaldi Thank you Wade for responding - it feels a little quiet around here of late. I don't think there will be a big undeniable moment and I agree we've had too many "significant" dates pass without much to show for them, but I do feel that all these intense alignments are signs of gradual shifts ... I feel things are shifting and moving in a really great direction. If I think back 20 or so years, things do feel energetically very different.

(11 Apr '14, 02:52) Catherine

@Catherine Very good point, we need to climb a ladder one rung at a time. Each seems like not much progress from the rung before, but if you keep going up, up, up you will eventually reach to the top, far away from the ground.

(12 Apr '14, 21:05) Wade Casaldi
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