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It is been a LOOOOONG week. I am seeing so many people who are breaking up, communications are on the fritz, and people are connecting to the past. It is been such a great way to learn and grow. It has been kicking around allot of people energies. This is what is said about it. How much of this resonates with you. Please share your own experiences too.

Video -

and me and george covered this on Rob & George show too.

Shadow and Release

The shadow period is before the retrograde, when Mercury is in degrees that will be part of the cycle. The release period is when Mercury is out of retrograde degrees completely. The shadow time is one of foreshadowing; the days up to the release bring many ah-has.

February 23 to March 17, 2013 Shadow: 6 Pisces, February 9th Retro Station: 20, Pisces 23rd Direct Station: 6 Pisces, March 17th Release: 20 Pisces, April 7th June 26 to July 20, 2013 Shadow: 13 Cancer, June 10th Retro Station: 23 Cancer, June 26th Direct Station: 13 Cancer, July 20th Release: 23 Cancer, August 4 October 21 to November 10, 2013 Shadow: 2 Scorpio, October 1st Retro Station: 18 Scorpio, November 6 Direct Station: 2 Scorpio, November 26th Release: 18 Scorpio, November 27th True Feelings All three of the Mercury retrograde zones in 2013, are in water signs (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces). Mercury in water has a filter of feelings. So a retrograde in water signs adds the power of authentic emotion to what we're saying, perceiving, picking up by vibes.

This is one way to see how a retro recovery, can enrich our lives. If we've denied how we really feel about a person or situation, Mercury re-aligns us with that emotional intel. It's a great time to rediscover personal meaning, in life experiences, through memories, impressions, serendipity. This retro also inspires us to share what's in the depths, with others. A water sign Mercury turns its wheels on moods, so spend time in places that have atmosphere, are somehow magical, evocative. The imagination finds a groove with the right music or cinema, a book or friend, time in the wild or in a state of alert daydreaming.

Mercury Retrograde in Pisces February 23rd to March 17th: The first waves come with Mercury in mutable Pisces, the sign with door always flung wide to spiritual realities. That makes this a super magical time. The perceptive faculties pick up a wider range, if you're open and clear. It pays to spend more time pondering life's mysteries now, and the bigger picture.

Mercury retrograde is when things happen that feel fated, and "what are the odds?" Like thinking of a friend, and then seeing them in the next moment. In Pisces, be alert to reminders of that capacity to know, to sense what's ahead and who is in your orbit. This is a time for the seemingly miraculous, and shifts of consciousness.

Other phenomenon: powerful animal-human communication; a picture goes viral and moves people beyond words; a 'sign' from a beloved who has passed over; an experience of oneness in nature; an encounter with a stranger that's tender, a show of common humanity; a voice rising for the helpless; being lost at sea.

Mercury in Cancer Retrograde June 26th to July 20th, 2013 Mercury in Cancer (retrograde) takes us into original waters -- the feeling waves of family, home, Mother, native land and culture and safety. The past may be worth a second look -- for understanding, meaning, healing.

Close friends or family circle back into our lives, perhaps to continue a soul conversation that was left unresolved. Here we trace an emotional matrix we've carried with us, back to its roots, and in doing so, there's freedom. Cancer is a sign that's challenged to come out of dependency, and to overcome habits of reacting to others. It's a sign of mastering moods, and the force of cardinal water, to initiate ideas - to move people. This can be a time of tracing that lineage of feeling, and finding treasure there, as it's integrated.

Other phenomena: going back home (either by necessity or on a quest); hearing from lost lost relatives; looking at patterns in a parent-child relationship; picking up impressions in a house (lingering energy, "ghosts," other eras); edit your historical novel; re-envision/remodel your home.

Mercury in Scorpio Retrograde November 6th to November 26th, 2012: Mercury in Scorpio retrograde comes in the dark of the year, when the veil between worlds is thin. An ideal time for the divination arts, as psychic senses are on alert. It's also for composting the material of the inner landscape, resting, and letting the alchemy of the cauldron stirring work its magic.

A big theme that can arise now is sexual bonds, that sometimes become psychic ones that are hard to cut. Issues of power, and being held by someone's energy surface. This cycle is one for cord cutting, and reclaiming boundaries that have grown too enmeshed. It's one for reconsider what has a hold on your attention, and sharpening your scythe, to let go once and for all (or at least, at a deeper level).

Other phenomena: Sexual trauma comes out, to be reexamined, and perhaps expressed; Exorcising demons that have invaded your space; Discovering tools to deal with psychic attack; Mastering your domain (your mind and energy) and undoing/unplugging from mind control programming; healing wounds around sexuality.

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TReb Bor yit-NE

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Teal is pretty cool. I've been following a lot their stuff on spiritscience for over a year until I ran into your stuff and Bashar's.

(09 Jul '13, 22:31) ikaruss21

@kiaruss21 yes, has any of this effected you too lately ?

(10 Jul '13, 07:51) TReb Bor yit-NE

You can fall down any rabbit hole you choose. Astrology is just one of many. How about all the millions of people who have no clue about this retrograde thing and are doing just fine. Whichever you focus on you find plenty of evidence for. The mind works that way. So how 'bout this perspective on the whole retrograde thing...

(10 Jul '13, 16:53) Rindor

Before this question I had no idea what a Mercury Retrograde was. Is it like some kind of Murfy's Law thing? It hasn't been affecting me. I don't believe so. At least nothing weird has been happening, I know that.

(11 Jul '13, 08:16) Wade Casaldi

YEs, it was something I was dealing with,. so i had to search for a label, it is all it is, I understand more than most how this works lol,

(11 Jul '13, 23:06) TReb Bor yit-NE
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How can anyone tell? Does astrology really rule our lives? It has been said that astrology provides insight into areas that can cause us good or ill and that by understanding these areas, we can better control our reactions to these influences.

But, is this actually a necessary part of our reality? Does Mercury going retrograde really "kick butts?" I am not promoting the concept either way, just asking.

And how valid is astrology, anyway. Now before you jump on your high horse, or Pegasus or Unicorn, has anyone asked an astronomer where the planets in the sky are in comparison to astrology?

astrology or astronomy?

astrological placement is fixed throughout history and does not take into account the precession of the equinoxes (the “wobble” that the Earth’s axis describes over a 26,000-year interval), so the Sun’s place according to astrology often differs considerably from its physical place according to astronomy.

Astronomically (actual empirical study) the planets are in far different positions than Astrology (anecdotal pseudo-science) would have us believe, the planets in the sky are in far different relationships to us than our horoscope would have us believe.

I have done astrology charts and have been scarily accurate in describing a person. But in one event I was doing a reading for a man where he was blown away by the insights that he felt were incredibly valid, but he looked at my chart and calculations and informed me that I had the wrong year. but was right on in the interpretations.

So, let me return to the original question.

Has Mercury Retrograde Kicked Your Butt as Bad as It Has so Many Others?

Can it? Is it really retrograde? I don't know.

Difficult question for me and I, as always, request and welcome your opinions.


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Dollar Bill

@Dollar Bill - Interesting - I too have been blown away by the accuracy of the birth chart and looking at those of my family has led me to understand them better ... I think. Who knows whether any of it is valid - I enjoy it, that's all. I don't study the transits - I just didn't find it as useful.

(11 Jul '13, 05:08) Catherine

as i just commented above,. it was something I was dealing with,. so i had to search for a label, it is all it is, I understand more than most how this works lol

(11 Jul '13, 23:06) TReb Bor yit-NE

@Dollar Bill I put your ideas to a spiritual guru I know. Her view is that thousands of years of intention by astrologers would generate the energy signature to make their reality true. I guess we are all making it all up all the time! The other point is that the wrong year in a birth chart would still give quite a bit of information, especially if it was only out by a year or two. Just some thoughts.

(22 Jul '13, 10:15) Catherine

@dollar bill I have pondered this so many times ad feel I have the answers.

(16 May '15, 10:21) TReb Bor yit-NE
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In order for Mercury retrograde to "kick your butt", you have to believe that Mercury actually has the power to affect your life in a negative way. The power of belief is huge.

Instagram is full of Mercury retrograde posts. It's pop culture astrology.

Mercury was retrograde when I took my first breath. My understanding is the planets and their placements in the sky are a sort of map but not the territory, so to speak.

So whether Mercury is retrograde or you are having your Saturn return or whatever the cosmos are up to, use the planetary energies to your advantage. We can believe things are going to go wrong or believe that anything that challenges us, is facilitating our soul's growth. It's a good thing! Roll with it!


answered 14 Mar '19, 23:49

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