Mov in his answer to the question "Spiritual Puberty - can anyone else relate ?" mentions 'Chiron coming into Pisces' ... this phrase seems to resonate in me so i looked it up and found that chiron - the wounded healer, is an asteroid that takes 53 years to circle the 360 degrees of the zodiac and come back to where it was when you were born ... "chiron in pisces at 0 degrees moved into direct motion on 11-11-11 last year and will stay in pisces for 8 or 9 years ... does anyone have more information especially things concerning the effect of this phenomenon in our lives on the planet earth ?

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Astrology is based on synchronicity ... the sign of a transformation from one age of humanity to another can be found elsewhere, in the universe that we do not see through the eyes of logic and reason (the male principle yang or "Pillar of Joachim") but through the creative intuitive female principle, the dark side ("the Pillar of Boaz") ... all this was gleaned here ;

Here are a few of my own ideas on this question;

i feel there will be breakthroughs in understanding the void part of space ... that void space, sometimes described as dark energy, that surrounds the nucleus of atoms where electrons circulate. A deep understanding of how this dark energy functions can allow for the development of three new technologies; the harnessing of a form of clean energy, creation of anti-gravity effect devices and the possibility of invisibility ... there are already signs of this ;

"scientists have discovered a ground-breaking way of levitating ultra small objects ..." ref.

"first invisibility cloak tested successfully, scientists say"

you tube "dark energy - can we harness it?"

so what do these three phenomena have in common ? well it seems to be Van der Waals bonds

have a great day :)


So why are geckos so interesting and baffling for scientists? ... because they have developed a direct physical liaison between the visible and invisible worlds giving them unusual physical capacities, they spend most of their time sitting on a rock in the sun so they are used to feeling ground echos, they tap their feet up to 30 times a second ... perhaps that's where their name comes from ... ground force, g-force, g-echo, gecko ...or to coin the profound words of the The Traveller " the body is the physical interface of the spirit".

The electromagnetic spectrum is a circular continuum extending beyond our visible light world range of 380 - 740nm (nanometers) and through to the invisible ranges of ultraviolet, the subtle energy EMF and the practically undiscovered negative green making full circle to come back again into the visible range through the infrared end.

Geckos are small lizards and are one of the few animals that are capable of climbing upside down on almost any surface and in all conditions, including underwater and in a vacuum ... they have especially adapted feet, here is an article explaining in detail;

Each foot has half a million hairs that are just 100 millionth of a meter long ... each hair splits into hundreds of spatula shape tips just 200 nanometers in diameter ... the visible range is between 380 - 740nm, so the four feet of the gecko literally physically extend from the visible into the invisible ultraviolet world.

Gecko adhesion or casimir effect as it is known, is currently explained by Van Der Waals bonds

These chemical bonds temporarily rearrange electrons and create an electrodynamic attraction ... so the casimir effect is a quite a complicated attractive force that acts within the infinitely small and involves quantum physics ... in particular quantum fluctuations which can be defined as temporary changes in the amount of energy in a point in space.

Here is evidence of concrete direct interaction between invisible and visible worlds.

have a great day


Come to think of it, the gecko phenomenon providing evidence of direct interaction between visible/invisible simply corroborates that the spherical electromagnetic continuum is energy expressing itself as light, electricity and magnetism in all various degrees and combinations ... in other words all physical matter and all energies are in constant interaction ... Chaumery and de Belizal have done a lot of work on the negative green part of the spectrum, the part that is the most negative in relation to the visible spectrum, here is some info about negative green ;

Here is a document by Chaumery et De Belizal

I'd like to draw your attention to p.70 of this document ... A. De Belizal explains that he managed to isolate the mysterious negative green radiation into it's two component parts ...

-a pure magnetic frequency that he names the vibration of BIEN (good), a vibration that brings health.

-a pure electric frequency that he names MAL (bad), a vibration that destroys and brings death

This explains how our physical bodies can be considered as being situated on a spherical continuum made up of two pure energies.


Yes ... astrology is based on synchronicity

have a great day


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