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All I'm seeing is stars moving in unbounded vast space. Ends. Suddenly I'm in a spaceship made of flesh or something organic. I have a limited view of the stars now through a window in the ship. I see a protrusion like a lever and try to steer the ship and it descends rapidly like a falling elevator. Ends. Then bright light and I'm standing outside a bright white Spanish stucco home and gazing into a pool of all kinds of fish packed like sardines. I look to my right and see an old man with beard fishing somewhere else on the premises; I cannot see where his line goes. I ask him for permission to study the pool of fish. He nods yes. Then a fish jumps from the water and is flapping on the concrete next to the house. Ends. I am in a doorway looking at a beautiful white male/female couple lying on a bed. Open and friendly, they invite me to lie with them. Ends. I go to a sink and vomit black liquid which drains away leaving only a bright pearl like iridescent worm in the sink. I look intently, with wonderment. I never sense my body. Only seeing. Ends.

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I could usually make some sense of dreams but this is very abstract. It seems very fragmented. It seems to be pretty negative too. Had this to be a response to stress or worry I could make something out of it, but I haven't any idea of what you are experiencing in life.

(04 May '14, 15:05) Wade Casaldi

"bright light and I'm standing outside" wow its wonderful.

If you enjoy the dream continue to dream until it opens up completely and make you feel better and better.

(05 May '14, 05:58) PERFECT GOOD

Thank you Wade. For me, if there seems to be negativity in dreams, when interpreting them, I only interpret them for understanding. I do not judge them.

(06 May '14, 07:30) Noel

Yes P.Good, the mother and child in the womb are a perfect Unity. I happen to love Spanish Stucco homes, and me and my mother found one together that she and my dad later bought. I really loved my "mommy". She died about a year later.

(06 May '14, 07:33) Noel
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Hi Noel, When all is said and done, only you can interpret your dream. An interpreter can assist by asking the right questions and suggesting possibilities for certain symbols that appear. You choose the symbolic dejects and events for what they mean to you. Different people will attach difference meanings to similar objects and events.  So the question to ask is "what am I trying to tell myself?"

I would first try to determine the overall theme for the dream. This can usually be determined by looking at what is going on in your waking life. Are you trying to find an answer to some question? Trying to solve a problem? Resolve some issue between you and someone else? Asking for guidance from spiritual guides? Making and important ant decision? The dream could be necessary for some upcoming event, potentially life changing, where you will experience some synchronicity with the dream. Only you know which, if any of these has some bearing on the dream. With this limitation in mind, I can suggest one possibility as an example.

Off hand, I get a feeling that this may be a message from your spirit guide, in part to remind you of who you are, In part to encourage you to just relax, maybe go with the flow. (Attitudes normally associated with going fishing, getting off by yourself to reflect etc.) Maybe show that you are not alone and that everything is on track. From the description you gave, your dream actually had a great flow to it from my perspective:

The dream begins with a scene from between lives. Here you are the soul unbounded free to traverse the universe in your spirit form. It is not the stars that move. It is you moving past the stars. Remember being there? This was then followed by your descent back into the physical (your eyes being the windows in your "organic" ship. The bright lights, (almost seem blinding; every time I experience it anyway) that hit you at birth. This to remind you of where you permanently reside when not playing a role as an incarnate. Next you fast forward to a place representing home where you see your spirit guide, father figure, God image (what ever old men represent to you) The man is "fishing" (for what) Do the fish represent abundance or Is the meaning more in line with the phrase "No worries, there's plenty of fish in the sea". Moreover, are you feeling like "a fish out of water" lately for some reason Out of place, Etc. As for the couple, they can represent any number of things. Is there a couple in your real world? Ask the question: When I see a happy couple together what comes to mind? What does it make me feel? What ever your life is bringing you right know you may be overreacting to something? If it involves others, try not to speculate or assume anything. Rely on open and honest communication for decisions as opposed to imagined ideas. Remain open to compromise (even got me fishin' now). I do not know if this helps with this specific dream per se. Hope it helps you to get an idea of the process involved in interpreting your dreams if nothing else. Good luck!


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1.) Thanks so much i4cim2b. I have to admit the day before I posted here, I went over this dream with a friend. It's actually a very old dream that is still quite relevant.

The unbounded Spirit/Soul! The snug flesh-ship--the womb. The sudden descent(though I thought I could control the ship); the bright white light--birth. Outside the house (the mother) confronting the fecundity of life impressions.

(06 May '14, 07:50) Noel

2.) continued The "Father figure" to whom I express my intention, yet ask for permission to engage that vast richness and understand. A "fish out of water" begins the tricky bit. Perhaps you know of the idea of being lost in Tao as the fish that wriggles too much to be put back in, and the fish that seeks the depth of the pond.

The male and female couple bring to mind the dual Yin/Yang of energy and of life. That is also part of the deal that at times we don't realize we bargained for.

(06 May '14, 07:59) Noel

3.) The "ahh moment" is about the present, this recounting and sharing. I did not lie with the couple. Instead I vomited black liquid. I did not feel that I rejected the invitation outright, but this is where it is still difficult to express the meaning. I wasn't aware that I did not choose---at all. There was something like a subconscious rejection. That's when the reflex of involuntary vomiting occurs. I don't, in waking life, like vomiting--at all. Though there's relief afterwards.

(06 May '14, 08:17) Noel

4.) What is left in the sink after vomiting the dark liquid is something that would be horrifying to my waking sensibilities--a shiny iridescent worm. But the dream ended with me zooming in on the supposed moving creature to discover that it was a bright pearl. I think now, a priceless pearl.

The dream was/is an answer to the questions I have pondered for many years. What happens at birth? What happens to innocence? Why can't I live fully, just embracing today: now? Lol I am right now! Thx.

(06 May '14, 08:37) Noel
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Hello Noel your dream is made up of lots of pieces like a puzzle that needs to be assembled into one big picture.

In this case i would suggest that you take a large sheet of paper and draw each item of your dream on it and feel where to place each separate piece, where it you feel it fits into a much larger whole scene, like a chagal painting

alt text

this'll give a wider perpective and you may have a flash as to what all means


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Great suggestion, though this was a whole dream like scenes in a movie. Some movies suffer from poor editing and I probably didn't write it out all the well. Also, consciousness/reality moves in jumps, in dreams and in what we call our waking state. Thanks.

(06 May '14, 07:25) Noel

@Noel the movie scene is your logical brain editing, for your subconscious linearity doesn't exist, everything is happening "now" as in a still picture

(06 May '14, 07:41) jaz

@Noel- my understanding of Lucid Dreams is that you are in control of the Dream! This sounds to me like a very vivid dream, but it does not sound like a Lucid Dream. Just because you experienced Outer Space and so on does not make it a Lucid Dream.

Wade has Lucid Dreams all the time. He has told me of one where he was in battle with bad guys who were threatening him with chainsaws. Wade laughed at them, and said to them, "Oh you think that scares me???" He them took the chainsaw from an attacker, and cut himself in half. I think the attackers all ran away at that point. Wade knew he was dreaming, and took control of the dream- and he knew that while dreaming, anything is possible. So he could cut himself in half with a chainsaw and not be hurt- because he was dreaming!

Your dream is basically a very vivid dream with with a lot of great symbolism. I think it is up to you to figure out what it all means.

I wish you luck!


Jaianniah ♥♥♥


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Thank you "Jai...". I agree. I once had a short dream of flying, suddenly loosing altitude, and heading for a crash. I turned that impact into a screw shape. I screwed into the earth and reversed the motion to a standing on the land position. That became a lucid dream.

(06 May '14, 07:22) Noel

@Jai .had the same thought thanks for posting. Saved my thumb from a work out ;-)

(06 May '14, 23:36) ursixx
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