Ok, today I was taking a nap and I had a really strange dream that I cannot figure out. To be honest, this dream has freaked me out! I only slept for about an hour and a half.

The dream was about me and my husband in a strange neighborhood. Some of my family was with us too and I was going into a house to clean it and when I stepped inside, I got a really odd feeling and I was kind of scared and had the sense that someone was there.

My husband went inside even though I asked him not to and he did not come out. After a little while I walked in the door calling his name and he did not answer but when I reached the hallway I looked down the hall and a man stepped out in a white coat and he was putting on a surgical glove and he looked at me with a very uncomfortable cold stare.

I woke up at that instant. I have been freaked out all day over this. "Where is my husband? and did this stranger do something or was he going to do something to my husband?"....and to make things worse, I have never seen this person before in my life. I cannot get his image out of my head.

Please help me figure this out.

Thanks, Donna

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Donna K

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Barry Allen ♦♦

You live a unique life to everyone else on this planet, with your own unique experiences, your own unique memories, your own unique preferences, your own unique desires and wishes, and so on.

Asking others to interpret your dream for you is like asking others to taste your food for you and tell you which meals you should like the best.

In other words, the interpretations you will get will be from the perspective of those others, not you...

...only you can interpret your own dream.

However, there are some guidelines you can follow.

And the most important one is: How did the dream make you feel?

Contrary to what many people think, dreams (even if they seem to last hours) happen in the split-second between being asleep and being conscious. The dream is effectively a download of information that is then filtered through the lens of our current reality.

That lens is usually what gets in the way between what the dream actually was and how we perceive it to be.

So if our current reality feels bad to us, the dream will feel bad to us even if the non-filtered dream was actually originally great-feeling (which all non-filtered dreams are).

So what I'm saying is that every dream is only about you and your relationship to your current physical reality, and nothing to do with anyone else's.

There are some more dream interpretation guidelines here: Something in my dream made me believe I could bring a dream item back to the ‘real’ world. Am I going crazy?


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Stingray, the dream made me feel uneasy. It made the pit of my gut ache...like someone had just punched me in the stomach. I have been trying to figure the dream out all that day and I had thought that it meant something was medically wrong with my husband and the man was possibly a doctor! But, my husband thought I was reading way to much into it so I wanted to see what others think about it! I've read that people can actually change the outcome of a dream, but when I am dreaming...I never seem to realize that I am "in a dream"...and this dream felt real! Did my husband die? Have surgery?

(17 Aug '11, 12:25) Donna K

I think he died in my dream...that is what my gut feeling tells me, but I don't know! Part of me wants to believe that he went into surgery with me not knowing what they found! But my gut says he died. I have been trying to get him to go to the doctor for over a week now because he has some hard lumps! I've been scared to death over the thought of him having a terminal illness. Both of his parents orphaned him due to cancer! Am I just trying to make a mountain out of an ant hill? I just wanted to see what you thought about it. I honestly never knew that we could control our dreams!

(17 Aug '11, 12:29) Donna K

Where else in your life right now do you have a similar feeling of uneasiness? Is it because of those lumps your husband has? If so, the dream is just a vibrational match to that feeling you are holding and it's an indication that it's a good idea to change how you feel about the subject. If this is not where the feeling comes from, you might have to think about it for a bit, but it will definitely be in your life somewhere

(17 Aug '11, 17:50) Stingray

well stingray i don't agree about the dream being only about you i have add many dream that concerned other people. but usely you need to know the difference. and that comes with experiance. as for the time a dream last yes you could live a life time in one second. experience and enjoy.

(18 Aug '11, 02:59) white tiger

@Stingray-great answer :)

(21 Aug '11, 18:24) blubird two
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I am a good dream interpreter.

I believe I understand your dream quite well.

In a nutshell, you saw what perhaps is a version of a possible future. In it, your husband is quite ill, and the man in the white coat is a doctor. In short, it may be a prophetic dream...or it may be that secretly you fear losing your husband, and you are or were trying to come to grips with this possibility.

I do not know your age, or the health of your husband. Is he well? Or do you sense a change in him? Perhaps he has done something that rattled your security. Just for luck, have him go for a check-up. Maybe something is brewing...or maybe you saw a distant future...i do not know. But rest easy. Our dreams exist mainly to help us process information and feelings. Trust your gut most of all. Talk with your husband.

Blessings, Jaianniah

And Welcome!

P>S> You might read the question,"What is ESP and especially note flowingwater's answer to that question. It explains this phenomenon very well. Jai


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@Jaianniah-love the phrase"our dreams exist mainly to help us process information and feelings", thanks

(17 Aug '11, 08:04) blubird two

You are welcome!>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

(17 Aug '11, 08:06) Jaianniah

Jaianniah, Thank you for your thoughts because I do believe my husband may have a medical condition that i have been trying to get him to see a doctor for! He lost both of his parents when he was a teenager and they died with cancer...with that being said, he has some hard lumps that he needs checked out but he wont go! I kindof thought this myself about my dream but I wanted to see how others would think about it! Thank you so much! I Loved your interpretation!

(17 Aug '11, 12:12) Donna K

My grandmother used to too have dreams that would "come true"...she would dream about someone and then something would happen involving that person. Not exactly how it happened in the dream, but she used to freak me out with her "dreams". I always thougt she was just exagerating! She is gone now for over 12 years, but can people really have 'visions'? I do get strange senses about people...but never put too much thought into it! I also don't remember my dreams hardly at all. This is the first dream in years that I actually remember and it feels so real!

(17 Aug '11, 12:36) Donna K

Like I could turn a corner and see the stranger standing there! Am I just thinking too hard?

(17 Aug '11, 12:36) Donna K

No, you are not thinking too hard..you are terrified, and rightly so! Your husband is playing with fire in ignoring his lumps and his family history, and your mind is trying its best to contain the fear you now have...which sounds huge, based on your nightmare (remember, the dream was for PROCESSING YOUR FEELINGS!!!) Drag your hubby NOW to the doctor...Do not take "no" for an answer...Your action may save his life...in which case, the dream would be the savior of his life...neat, huh? Blessings, Jai

(17 Aug '11, 18:06) Jaianniah

well donna yes i think you created most of that dream from fear. you said it your self you want him to go get check to have a clean bill of health. but he does not want to go. in the dream he goes and yet you say you don't want him to go. you call is name and he does not answer. so i think you have insecurity issue (scared, he does not answer, he goes and i told him not to). and they came alive in the dream.

(18 Aug '11, 03:06) white tiger
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Dear Donna, Sometimes,the dream about yourself or your own family,may reflect someone else in your life.Every dream may have a significant meanings,especially,if you are worried or concerned about it .Think Positive,and that's how the outcome will come out.Your husband going in and not coming out,may signify that, someone maybe entering in your life,but maybe there for a short while.Or may be have already present,or may go out of your life soon,or your friends life.
Like I had a dream that both my feet were amputated.I got up with a start....didn't let it worry me.Next day, I met a lady in the shops, and she was in a wheel chair, with no feet. We became friendly.I just told her,"we were destined to meet". So we became friends and keep in touch by phone.Ronna . I haven't yet told her about my dream to her.


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Dreams are one of two things. They are a manifestation of your fears or wants, an actual soul making the surroundings,, OR it is your soul living in the physical realm, so your soul is traveling around in the physical world, These ones seem more real. You need to also understand that your soul is not JUST limited to this reality and this time. Your soul doesn't feel time like we do. The greatest material that I EVER have heard is a channeler called Jane Roberts. She describes ( Seth really does ) dreaming to a perfection , If u REALLY want to understand dreaming better, Please, please listen to this.. and this, and this love n light,



answered 26 Aug '11, 20:12

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TReb Bor yit-NE

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@rob-thanks for the links...very enlightening

(27 Aug '11, 08:09) blubird two

you are welcome,, love n light

(27 Aug '11, 17:33) TReb Bor yit-NE

I would like to congratulate Donna for having asked such an interesting question...as Stingray so wisely puts it "only you can interpret your own dream"...however i would like to add that in replying spontaneously to this question we reveal a deeper side to ourselves, leading to a deeper understanding of our own emotional structure, very useful for an auto-psychoanalysis.

here is my own spontaneous answer...

"Hello Donna, welcome to inward quest...seems to me this man with a white coat and surgical gloves represents a kind of spirit surgeon, behind his very austere appearance i feel sure he is a very loving person and only wishes good things."

This answer reminds me of a childhood desire...due to a mental disorder my mother was often in and out of a psychiatric hospital, my childhood desire was to cure her, when she died i was that much more shattered because i thought at the time that i could no longer fulfill my childhood dream.


answered 17 Aug '11, 04:42

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blubird two

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Blubird, thank you...

(17 Aug '11, 12:17) Donna K

I was thinking that maybe his cold stare was a sorrowful look towards me...like he had really bad news? Does this make sense?

(17 Aug '11, 12:38) Donna K

It didn't seem comforting at all...but I guess It could have been a look of peace? But I just don't know!

(17 Aug '11, 12:39) Donna K

blubird, childhood dreams should grow and evolve as the physical body does from birth. In a way shedding as the useless skin of the now greater snake or the shell for the evolving crusteacian. maybe there is a specific past interaction that still sends out vibrations you are receptable to. then use mind over matter

(27 Aug '11, 02:29) fred

@fred-"a specific past interaction that still sends out vibrations"...i must admit this phrase brings tears to my eyes...

(27 Aug '11, 08:02) blubird two
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You are afraid of losing your husband to an early death. You are especially worried that he will die of illness. It would be wise to have him get checked just incase. Meanwhile, EFT-Emotional Freedom Technique- is very helpful for eliminating the fear and anxiety that you have surrounding the issue and other issues.


answered 17 Aug '11, 14:06

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Fairy Princess

well you are scared of new place you do not feel easy about new place. so i think it is about the family moving to a new house. and you want to clean it. and your husband does not listen to you and he does not answer and it make you fear. and after you see a new men dress in white white coat and cloves to not dirty is hand. maybe a worker that will do a job on the house cleaner, painter etc. and you said it your self you want to clean it. so maybe he knows it and that is why he as a cold stare. does it make sense?

i worked with the dream info that you have put in only you have the key to know what is what in the dream. and how you feel about everything in the dream. well what do you think is it a good interpretation of your dream?


answered 17 Aug '11, 05:33

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white tiger

White Tiger, We have not been looking at new houses or anything like that, but I have started a new job sitting with an elderly lady and her house needs alot of attention...if you know what I mean! The way I feel about the dream is not good! The dream has really bothered me and has given me an uneasy feeling. Does that make sense?

(17 Aug '11, 12:15) Donna K

donna was the elderly lady in the dream? do you know to who belongs the house? anny other information about annything in the dream? think you know or how you feel about something. it could give you clue to complete the puzzle. does that make sense?

(18 Aug '11, 02:53) white tiger

he donna was the guy in white cute? maybe he is your next husband you never know. yes i know you do not need to write that you love your current husband. just solve your issue. and stop being scarred.

(18 Aug '11, 03:11) white tiger
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