Dreams seem very important to my psyche.

If I have nightmares, it makes me anxious all day. Sometimes I wonder if I am putting the cart before the horse; I have bad dreams because I am anxious or whatever.

When I have a great dream, I am almost guaranteed to feel good all day.

Is this normal?



asked 07 Apr '13, 12:45

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let it go before you fall asleep, what made little sense that day for your mind is but an instrument as it rest you refresh

(10 Apr '13, 21:10) fred

@Jaianniah - I feel this way too, except that nightmares are more likely to make me feel sad afterward, for whatever reason, rather than anxious. I've never thought to wonder, till this moment, why that may be. Powerful dreams definately do stay with me though, whatever they were about, and tend to color my day.

(10 Apr '13, 23:32) Grace
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It is normal.

Dreams have a profound effect on the way we feel, in no small part because they deeply involve the emotional part of our brains. Dreams also have a "hanging-on" effect; as you are reminded of the dream during the day, the emotional effects resurface.

Emotional things that happen to you during the day can and do have an effect on what you dream about that night, particularly if they highlight "unresolved" issues. In other words, if you feel tension about something, and you are an avid dreamer, you're likely to dream about it.

Some scientists believe that dreaming is the way that the mind consolidates your experiences throughout the day. This is evident, not only in you dreaming about things that you are concerned about, but also waking up with solutions to those concerns, or at least a feeling of resolution about them.

Likewise, people who dream frequently about certain things are in a perpetual state of non-resolution. Often, they will replay scenarios in their head like a broken record, or worry about things that are beyond their control. Resolving those conflicts generally resolves the nightmares.

In any case, the way out of the fog and gloom of a bad dream is the same way as any other: change your state. Do something you enjoy, complete a project, meditate. Offset the gloom with positive actions.


answered 10 Apr '13, 13:52

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I just had two nightmares yesterday. They didn't affect my waking day much. One thing they did was remind me to keep close to God in my feeling. In both of those nightmares I was helpless to demons coming for me. This was very unusual for me. It revealed to me that I need to get back to knowing fully God and I are one.


answered 11 Apr '13, 00:08

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Wade Casaldi

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