I just returned to my country after my first journey into the world to a small Island in the Atlantic Ocean. And there I had a big change and shifting in life- I feel more than ever all around me and all the people...I kind of sometimes get really mad about it cause I don't know yet what to do with all this. (always I was feeling a lot but I didn't give to it so much attention because I had my own mind protecting with story)..maybe I need to tell my story again,,,but then this dreams coming unexpected breaking all its hard to land again.. ..I like them I see more and feel things before they happen in reality...but yet I'm new to all this area so I feel like a little girl exploring zones of unknown...and I don't use drugs..really! *(people don't believe me and it makes me angry..they don't know one can see better also by himself?))) Sometines when I lay on the bed just for fun,,,I feel like expanding to all directions..I always wake up like the reality is a dream.

I'm doing kong fu everyday and it's really helping me feel fire inside in the ground in one form which I have now.

But how can I just..break the fears..because its really fun..I just want to know to accept it with Curiosity and I do it like this sometimes and then I feel more fun.. So..I just want to get rid of my fear of this new world to me,,, any ideas?? :)))) !!! Would like to hear. I don't know how I reach this place but maybe here I can have answer cause my mind is running ..sometimes....:))))

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You will break the fears when you are ready. Many times, we are held back by our old self. It is very difficult to break what we have spent a lifetime building. Know that you are both selves in a migration from one level to the next. You will still be you just a bit different. Do it because you know that eventually one day, it will have to happen for you to evolve.


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@Lital Hi and welcome to IQ! Fear is an interesting thing. Many fears are based in a lack of knowledge on a subject. The more you know about something ,the more you understand it. The less you fear it. Can you name your fear? Do you have similar fears about other subjects?
Can you replace the fear with respect? Think about spiders many people have a deathly fear of spiders. Yes there are many that are poisonous but the majority are harmless to humans. We are much larger is size to to the most common spiders but still fear remains. A sort of respect for them is much healthier . They have there place and we have ours.
So find the root of this fear. Learn about it . Gain knowledge. Replace the fear with respect.


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you can expand in all direction but going in extreme will not serve you. better for you to find your center on all things so that you do not get lost. as for fear, people fear what they do not know or understand. if they would know they self they would know other. in what windows of the mind or the heart does this fear reside? use your light of truth and remove that darkness in understanding. if you are able to find your water unbroken and see your reflection of the living one that you are and learn and understand from it eventually their will be no fear any more.

Let there be light, be the light that you can be, experience and enjoy.


answered 08 Jun '14, 14:28

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