Water, its that life vital liquid which all living creatures need for survival. What do you think is the relation/link between water and spirituality. We know that , when in its pure form, properties of water are that its: colorless (transparent ), odourless, tasteless, has 0 calories.

Yet, its essential for all forms of life and all living things need it. Considering the properties of water, i think they make it impartial. Part of spirituality is being impartial, so does this link water and spirituality?

Further indepth:

(( and His throne was settled over water ))

(( and We have made out of water every living thing ))

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The highest excellence is like water,

it benefits those in the most inaccessible places without striving.

It occupies the lowest level, which men avoid.

Therefore it is analagous to Tao.

It has the virtue of gravity, which finds its own place.

It has the virtue of the heart, which knows the silent deeps.

It has the virtue of the good, which bestows the fullest gifts.

It has the virtue of the words which speak the greatest truths.

It has the virtue of the order which ensures the perfect peace.

It has the virtue of the service which uses the highest skill.

It has the virtue of the rhythm which is unfailing in its timelessness.

Therefore, since it does not strive, it is serene without reaction.

translated by Shrine of Wisdom (1924)

Be Like Water by Wayne W. Dyer

Think about the mysterious magical nature of this liquid energy that we take for granted. Try to squeeze it, and it eludes us; relax our hands into it, and we experience it readily. If it stays stationary, it will become stagnant; if it is allowed to flow, it will stay pure. It does not seek the high spots to be above it all, but settles for the lowest places. It gathers into rivers, lakes, and streams; courses to the sea; and then evaporates to fall again as rain. It maps out nothing and it plays no favorites: It doesn't intend to provide sustenance to the animals and plants. It has no plans to irrigate the fields; to slake our thirst; or to provide the opportunity to swim, sail, ski, and scuba dive. These are some of the benefits that come naturally from water simply doing what it does and being what it is.

The complete passage from Dr. Wayne Dyers book "Change Your Thoughts—Change Your Life" Was inspirational to me. I found the whole concept very awakening

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Now the earth was formless and empty, darkness was over the surface of the deep, and the Spirit of God was hovering over the waters.

And God said, "Let there be light," and there was light.

God saw that the light was good, and he separated the light from the darkness.

God called the light "day," and the darkness he called "night." And there was evening, and there was morning--the first day.

The water is also a reflective surface when at rest. there is the outer water and the inner water(soul,mind and heart in the light of the spirit). Why do you wash the outside of the cup? Why do you not wash the inside? you need that reflective surface to know your self. now you know how it relates in spirituality.

jesus also told the same thing i have told you.

I have take what is from him to make it know to you.

wisdom 7:26

For she is(sophia soul) the reflection of eternal light,

the spotless mirror of the power of God,

the image of his goodness.

Now it is for you to meditate,be aware(keep watch) make thine eyes(the eyes are the window of the house) be single,focus,concentrate and find your own water and make your water calm and clean and find the light in the water(reflection) that light is you.that light is waiting for you to solve your own inner division. so the 2 can become one(water and spirit).

Jesus answered her, “If you knew the gift of God and who it is that asks you for a drink, you would have asked him and he would have given you living water.”

there is light in a person of light and it shines on the whole world if not it is dark.

so let there be light,Be the light that you can be,experience and enjoy.


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Here is an explanation from a mystical Christian perspective (and a unique individual):

We are next told [in Genesis] that the Spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters. Here we have two factors, "Spirit" and "Water," and the initial movement is attributed to Spirit. This verse introduces us to that particular mode of manifestation of the Universal Substance which we may denominate the Psychic. This psychic mode of the Universal Substance may best be described as Cosmic Soul-Essence, not, indeed, universal in the strictest sense otherwise than as always included in the original Primorial Essence, but universal to the particular world-system under formation, and as yet undifferentiated into any individual forms. This is what the mediaeval writers spoke of as "the Soul of the Universe," or Anima Mundi, as distinguished from the Divine Spirit or Animus Dei, and it is the universal psychic medium in which the nuclei of the forms hereafter to become consolidated on the plane of the concrete and material, take their inception in obedience to the movement of the Spirit, or Thought. This is the realm of Potential Forms, and is the connecting link between Spirit, or pure Thought, and Matter, or concrete Form, and as such plays a most important part in the constitution of the Cosmos and of Man. In our reading of the Bible as well as in our practical application of Mental Science, the existence of this intermediary between Spirit and Matter must never be lost sight of. We may call it the Distributive Medium in passing through which the hitherto undistributed Energy of Spirit receives differentiation of direction, and so ultimately produces differentiation of forms and relations on the outermost or visible plane. This is the Cosmic Element which is esoterically called "Water," and so long ago as the reign of Henry VIII, Dean Collet explains it thus in a letter to his friend Randulph.

Dean Collet was very far from being a visionary. He was one of the precursors of the Reformation in England, and among the first to establish the study of Greek at Oxford, and as the founder of St. Paul's School in London, he took a leading part in introducing the system of public school education, which is still in operation in this country. There is no mistaking Dean Collet for any other than a thoroughly level-headed and practical man, and his opinion as to the meaning of the word "Water" in this connection therefore carries great weight.

But we have the utterance of a yet higher authority on this subject, for the Master Himself concentrates His whole instruction to Nicodemus on the point that the New Birth results from the interaction of "Spirit" and "Water," especially emphasizing the fact that "the flesh" has no share in the operation. This distinction between "the flesh," or the outermost principle, and "Water" should be carefully noted. The emphasis laid by the Master on the nothingness of "the flesh," and the essentialness of "Water," must mark a distinction of the most important kind, and we shall find it very helpful in unravelling the meaning of many passages of the Bible to grasp this distinction at the outset. The action of "Spirit" upon "Water" is that of an active upon a passive principle, and the result of any sort of Work is to reconstruct the material worked upon into a form which it did not possess before. Now the new form to be produced, whatever it may be, is a result, and therefore is not to be enumerated among the causes of its own production. Hence it is a self-obvious truism that any act of creative power must take place at a more interior level than that of the form to be created, and accordingly, whether in the Old or the New Testament, the creative action is always contemplated as taking place between the Spirit and the Water, whether we are thinking of producing a new world or a new man. We must always go back to First Cause operating on Primary Substance.

We are told that the first product of the movement of Spirit upon Water was Light, thereby suggesting an analogy with the discoveries of modern science that light and heat are modes of motion; but the statement that the Sun was not created till the fourth day guards us against the mistake of supposing that what is here meant is the light visible to the physical eye. Rather it is that all-pervading Inner Light, of which I shall have more to say by and by, and which only becomes visible as the corresponding sense of inward vision begins to be developed; it is that psychic condition of the Universal Substance in which the auras of the potentials of all forms may be discovered, and where, consciously or unconsciously, the Spirit determines the forms of those things which are to be. Like all other knowledge, the knowledge of the Inner Light is capable of application at higher and at lower levels, and the premature recognition of its power at the lower levels, uncontrolled by the recognition of its higher phases, is one of the most dangerous acquisitions; but duly regulated by the higher knowledge, the lower is both safe and legitimate, for in its due order it also is part of the Universal Harmony.

The initial Light having thus been produced, the introduction of the firmament on the second day indicates the separation of the spiritual principles of the different members of the world-system from one another, and the third day sees the emanation of Earth from "the Water," or the production of the actual corporeal system of Nature the commencement of the process of Evolution. Up to this point the action has been entirely upon the inner plane of "Water," that is to say, a process of Involution, and consistently with this it was impossible for the heavenly bodies to begin giving physical light until the fourth day, for until then no physical sun or planets could have existed. With the fourth day, however, the physical universe is differentiated into shape; and on the fifth day the terrestrial waters begin to take their share in the evolutionary process, by spontaneously producing fish and fowl: and here we may remark in passing how Genesis has forestalled modern science in the discovery that birds are anatomically more closely related to fishes than to land animals. The terrestrial earth (I call it so to distinguish it from symbolic "earth"), already on the third day impregnated with the vegetable principle, takes up the evolutionary work on the sixth day, producing all those other animal races which had not already originated in the waters, and thus the preparation of the world as an abode for Man is completed.

It would be difficult to give a more concise statement of Evolution. Originating Spirit subsists at first as simple Unity, then it differentiates itself into the active and passive principles spoken of as "Heaven" and "Earth," or "Spirit" and "Water." From these proceed Light and the separation into their respective spheres of the spiritual principles of the different planets, each carrying with it the potential of the self-reproducing power. Then we pass into the realm of realization, and the work that has been done on the interior planes is now reproduced in physical manifestation, thus marking a still further unfoldment; and finally, in the phrases "let the waters bring forth" and "let the earth bring forth," the land and water of our habitable globe are distinctly stated to be the sources from which all vegetable and animal forms have been evolved. Thus creation is described as the self-transforming action of the ONE unanalysable Spirit passing by successive transitions into all the varieties of manifestations that fill the universe.

from Thomas Troward's Bible Mystery & Bible Meaning

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Don't you think this should be marked wiki? Thanks for posting it - Good Read.

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Good question ... i like the phrase by white tiger "there is outer water and inner water", that i interpret as meaning there is an outer world, the visible, and an inner world, the invisible, there is physical water as we know it, and its' counterpart, a sort of magnetically charged fluid, magnetic meaning containing information, a reserve of spiritually charged energy. Water is one of the four essential elements that make up our material world, the others being air, earth and fire and each have their corresponding counterpart in the immaterial world. This links in with the aum in our physical world, the passage of lighter air vibrations to the heavier lower vibrations of water, of which our bodies contain a large %, which acts as a medium for the transmission of energy, and its' spiritual content ... it is in a meditative state that we can expand our consciousness to reach this infinite source of energy, this fits in nicely with the mantric word om or aum, and with the iam pronounced by bashar.


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Also notice how water extinguishes fire. You can relate that to spirituality in terms of fire representing the ego, and how spiritual development extinguishes being fueled up ( i.e influenced, driven, controlled) by the ego.


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"water extinguishes fire" ... interesting

(27 Jan '13, 00:53) blubird two

Pure water is balanced. Another point to add is that pure water is neutral, its neither acidic nor base, with a ph of 7 in the ph scale , when you relate that spiritualy it represents balance.

(27 Jan '13, 14:05) springflower

we live in a world of duality ... balance implies imbalance to maintain equilibrium ... our physical world is a fine equilibrium between integrating and disintegrating forces, the 4 elements water, fire, earth and air all being regulated by spirit

(28 Jan '13, 04:34) blubird two

@springflower, please do not try to answer multiple times per question. Please edit your existing answer if you wish to add more

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We always have access to both water and spirituality. They are there for us to enjoy and benefit from. They nurture and nourish us and it is our choice how much we choose to immerse ourselves in them.The more we focus on them, the healthier and happier we are - we need both!


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