My husband and I feel very strongly that it is our life's passion to talk to people about improving their life through metaphysics, including holistic healing, meditation, visualization, tapping, etc., through a website and blog, our music, and hopefully conducting workshops, seminars, and talking on a radio show. He has been in the insurance business and we are both songwriters with a strong background in metaphysics, science, and spirituality, but have no clue as to go about getting started out there like all of the other folks trying to help other people.

Can someone give us a website or a name of someone to talk to? We certainly go to Spirit for divine guidance but we need some advice I guess from the business end of it, not from a content standpoint.

Thank you, Namaste

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Martha Alexander

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Barry Allen ♦♦

To (mis)quote Field of Dreams: If you build it, they will come

If you feel strongly you want to become a radio show host, just start a show and don't worry about who's listening or'll attract an audience in due course, as long as you keep it all fun and enjoyable for yourself, and all your previous shows could be archived for others to catch up with when they discover you.

Once you have a loyal audience, you could, for example, branch out further into workshops, seminars etc.

You can set up an account with Blog Talk Radio and just start your internet radio show immediately.

There's a Law-of-Attraction style channeller I respect (and have exchanged words with in the past) called Ken Maclean who's been running a weekly internet radio show called Interview With Spirit for some years now.

He's a good guy and I'm sure if you contact him, he'll give you plenty of advice on getting started...and you could even begin by being guests on his show.


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I had a similar desire in 2008. And then through synchronicity I was led to all the right places and started building a website in February 2009. Through the action of building my site my own understanding and even the direction I was going changed quite a bit. These days I've moved beyond most of my self-imposed beliefs and thus, am able to share my point of view with so many others online.

I'm even using my website as a template for how I want the world in which I live to be. For instance, even though I could have been making money from advertising for more than a year, there are no ads on my site. It amazes me how many people tell me: I should do this or I could be doing that to generate income etcetera. However, I just love writing about metaphysical stuff and eventually will make money from my own products, the ideas for which also came to me through synchronicity :)

The important thing to bear in mind is that a desire would not have come to you unless:

A) You had the capacity to fulfill it in some way

B) Your ideas can provide value to the whole

C) The market of readers, listeners and participants already exist

It's like two sides of the same coin, one cannot exist without the other; thus your success is guaranteed, providing you are willing to do the work necessary to bring it to fruition. But hey, when you love doing something, it's no longer work ♥

Check out my profile, there's links to my website with more info...
If that's the kind of idea you're looking to create, feel free to email me for more info :)


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These may help, these are spiritual/metaphysical radio programs.


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Wade Casaldi

Wade and I have been planning to do something similar to this for over a God's time, it WILL come to pass. The first step is this:

Believing, despite everything, that you CAN!!!

It is such a simple first step, but it seems sometimes to escape most people. But here on Inward Quest, you can find out how to attain your goal.


With hope to your future (and ours!!!)



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