I was curious if anyone else has ever experience this type of pehnomenon or possibly has some further knowledge of what this kind of thing this is when it is happening.

I am explaining all this out to you because what has happened at least twice to me within the past 8 years of my life is that while in a deep meditative state I will hear a particular song that I have listened to over hundreds of times, yet I will hear a brand new voice, sound, or instrument playing in this song that was never heard before. And everytime this has happened it's kinda spooky. It bends my mind backwards and inside of itself because whenever this happens, the song is forever changed. I will always then hear it with that new additional voice, or instrument that was never in the song from the hundred of times before I had listened to it like if that's how it always was from the beginning of time the song was created.

I feel like if I were to go ahead and post on here a song that this happened to me with on here to show you, it wouldn't matter because you would only hear it with the new instruement, or vocals and would be like...so what? That's always been in there.

The point is, is that I would swear on my mother's life that that additional sound you hear in that song was never there. Yet there it is, and it is now impossible to show you what it sounds like from before, because the song is now forever different. It's like that additional sound was there the entire time, purposely there by the musician, but it sounds like a radically different song than what it was before I went into this trance and hear this new version of the song. I feel like I am going crazy just trying to explain this. I know I am not hearing a higher frequency from before and therefore hearing more sounds that existed in a higher range because I have gone and found other lower quality versions of the same song that play in lower frequencies like 128kpbs@48khz and yet the new never before heard sounds are in there too playing like they had always been there as well.

It's like I somehow switched into another parallel reality where that artist decided to add in another instrument, or have one of his band members that never does any singing to sing away in the background. This has only ever occurred to me when I am in a deep, deep trance and the song that i had listened to over hundreds of times before plays again on my mp3 player, but because i have heard the song so many times i notice that there is something very "wrong" with the song because while it is the same song, there are more people singing in it or an entirely new instrument playing with in it.

........Soooo anyone have any clue? Anyone have anything remotely similar?

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Barry Allen ♦♦

This question made me feel very.. very.. weird.

Remotely similar.. Hmm. Yes, few times but with pictures. Increased in detail and clarity and quality, very rarely new features.

Though as I'm writing and the more I think about it I recall mentioning a sensation like this when I was a kid to a family member who I believe told me it was just that I hadn't noticed it before and so I wrote off the experience.

I get what you mean by feeling crazy explaining it, so do I.

(27 Jul '13, 02:56) Snow
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perhaps, your perceptions are
developing a finer
receptiveness of what be
there, now being able
not just a capable


answered 27 Jul '13, 20:12

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They say that the angels sing all the time...Soooooo....

Perhaps what you are hearing us the angels singing along with your music.

I know this sounds strange, but I thought I would suggest it because of your meditative state when you hear it, and also because you are highly spiritual and I think this might be possible.

I am sorry that I can only relate to this with Classical music. I hear it in Bach sometimes...The melodies are very complex, and like you, I am listening along, or playing the music when...Wham! I hear the whole thing along with other harmonies.

Another thought I had is that you are letting go of your left brain when this happens, and your right brain is adding the sounds you did not hear before.

Either way, your question intrigues me because I love music, and this happens to me sometimes, especially with Bach.

Just thought I's throw a few ideas at you. perhaps they will resonate with you.

Just listen to this..it's one of my favorites,and I swear Bach heard Heaven when he wrote it.

link text

This link might also interest you. It's about how music messes with our brains.

link text




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Thank you very much for your input Jaianniah. Very interesting.

I am not sure what to think now. The song is forever different with the new sounds in it that were clearly never heard before. It's not like I only hear it only when I am in trance state. They don't go away or only appear sometimes after the first time hearing it. It is forever different from then on after.

I can listen to the song after that even when I am not in a trance and it will always be that new version of the song. P1

(27 Jul '13, 16:41) ikaruss21

This definitely helps though, because a possibility that seems to stand out a lot to me from your post is that I am detecting the newer sounds because my right hemisphere of my brain is more active then normal, thus what causes me to pickup the sounds I couldn't pickup before.

But then again I am also even more confused now...because one thing that condradicts this is that I hear this on all qualities of the song. 320kpbs, 192kpbs, and 128kpbs all at 48khz.


(27 Jul '13, 16:49) ikaruss21

I'll admit my knowledge on the human ear and hearing ranges is limited though, so I may not even know what I am talking about. But after doing some more research on your question on the human range of hearing I am finding it is typically 20hz-20khz for the average person.


(27 Jul '13, 16:59) ikaruss21

I still don't know if this has anything to do now with hearing something at a higher range than normal anymore though now. Because, You just don't miss out on hearing a person that was singing in the song the entire time, but then selectively only hear the rest of the people and their instruments perfectly. It doesn't make any sense. You don't get to consciously choose what singers u hear in every song you listen to and have your ears filter the rest AAHH IM SO CONFUSED@! lol.


(27 Jul '13, 17:06) ikaruss21
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