I understand meditation works as well as getting HAPpY by thinking & focusing on my good, however, are there other ways to raise my vibration "even" higher? Being in moments of high vibes feeeeels so good & I want to consciously get in that good feeling place on a consistent basis.


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(10 Nov '10, 07:28) Stingray

Actually, as a method for raising your frequency, meditation is a pretty crude approach..which may be a shocking statement to some.

The process of meditation is effectively saying that to stop resistance within yourself and allow your natural higher self to shine through, you have to stop all thought.

It works effectively because in stopping all thought, you are also stopping the resistant thoughts...but it's a bit of a brute-force method if you think about it.

It's a bit like having a party at your home and, to prevent any trouble, you hire some security guards to stop everyone from entering, instead of just the troublemakers and gate-crashers.

alt text

Yes, there won't be any problems at your party but it's going to be very dull with you sitting there by yourself :)

The more effective approach is to allow yourself to think only positive thoughts - best of all, appreciative thoughts - that accelerates your raising of frequency considerably, especially when you are already feeling good, which appears to be the state you are asking your question from.

That's fine if you are already feeling good, however, if you are not, there is a problem with this idea...the Law of Attraction may not let you think positive appreciative thoughts!

If you are feeling angry or depressed right now, the Law of Attraction will not grant you access to any positive thoughts...it's just too far out of vibrational range right now. It's just impossible to make that jump instantly.

The best you can do is think thoughts that are feel slightly less angry or depressed...and from there, you can then think thoughts that are again slightly more better-feeling....until you reach a point where the Law of Attraction will allow you vibrational access to good-feeling thoughts which will then raise your frequency fairly quickly.

What this ultimately means is that the method you use to raise your frequency depends on where you currently are on the Emotional Scale:

alt text

Different processes work best at different points on the scale.

Here is a useful diagram (from an Abraham-Hicks resources page) that shows the emotional ranges over which the processes in Abraham's Ask & It Is Given book are effective. (These emotional ranges are listed in the book under each process description)

alt text

Click here to see the diagram at full size, or download a copy of the pdf file here.

So, to answer your question, great ways to raise your vibrational frequency are to decide how you are feeling right now (whether generally, or about a specific topic) and then apply the process that matches your mood in the moment according to the chart. Those will be the (Abraham) processes that will probably be the most effective that you can use in that moment to raise your frequency.

But here is something interesting to note about those processes...

Look at the range for three processes in particular...The Focus Wheel Process (No. 17), The Book of Positive Aspects (No. 8) and The Rampage of Appreciation (No. 1).

Look at how just those three processes cover every emotion from Anger up to Joy...and then those Rampages of Appreciation can keep you at the level of Joy i.e. in your Vortex.

Just focusing on those three major processes alone will quickly raise your vibrational frequency from almost any starting point and that's why they form the basis of my own Advanced Focus Blocks Method for getting into the Vortex systematically every time. (Remember Focus Blocks are just Focus Wheels applied more systematically)

And if you look even more closely at that chart, you'll see that the emotional range covering the part below the range of Focus Wheels (Fear to Revenge) is covered quite nicely by the Moving up the Emotional Scale method (No. 22)...and this process was actually part of my original (pre-Focus Blocks) systematic approach...but, for the sake of simplicity now, I just let Focus Blocks/Wheels deal with that area too.

But if anyone is really habitually down in Fear/Insecurity etc and is not having any results with Focus Blocks/Wheels, it might be worth looking at these lower-range processes.

One other thing that may be noticeable about that processes chart is that the process of Meditation appears to be effective at all emotional ranges - and it is.

But Meditation by itself does not change belief (to prevent a bad-feeling emotion recurring), it simply acts as a temporary raising of your emotional level so that you feel relief from those habitually resistant thoughts. The best it can do is to make it more painful for you to go back to thinking those thoughts that do not serve you.

And once you are well out of that meditative state, you will still probably drift back to those resistant thoughts unless you do some kind of vibrational work to deal with them.


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Brilliant answer, Stingray!. From the same page [ http://whatanicewebsite.com/faces/downloads.htm ], do you have any idea what the Black Madonna has to do with? [ http://whatanicewebsite.com/faces/blackmadonna.jpg ]

(10 Nov '10, 12:46) BridgetJones09

A nice helpful post Stingray :)

(10 Nov '10, 13:19) Eddie

All I can say is WOWZERS!! What an amazing way to begin my day! My AAIIG book is right here on my side table, I will take some time this morning to revisit suggested processes & re-apply them to my daily life. (I am habitually setting intentions before doing anything--even walking to the supermarket, & am finding it to also be extremely effective!!)

Thank you!! Stingray!! I sincerely claim you as a caring friend!

Smiles!!! Figure8shape

(10 Nov '10, 13:42) figure8shape

You're welcome, everybody. @BridgetJones09 - I've no idea what some of those files are about...presumably they are related to discussions on the Abraham-Hicks groups there, and not necessarily just about the Abraham processes

(10 Nov '10, 15:31) Stingray
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Exercise, Smile, Take Deep Breaths, Eat lots of fruits and vegetables, Sing, and Dance. Also, while practicing your meditations imagine all the cells of your body filled with the light of Source Energy. Now witness your higher vibration.


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I would also add drink lots of water to that.

(10 Nov '10, 11:48) Pink Diamond

I agree, drink lots of water.

(30 Apr '11, 09:46) Brian

Mentor someone whose is willing to step out and learn a new way. For example teach a friend meditation or dream analysis or whatever has helped you. I usually make the offer than lower my expectations, not everyone is ready.


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To raise one's vibration ~ I've had the most success CHANTING in sankrit. Simple, repetative chants where you can get fully absorbed in them.

Since the highest vibration there is is Pure Consciousness / God , chanting the NAMES of God has an extremely purifying effect. AUM the primordial sound, or an 'enlivend mantra' one which has the power of a Grace Bestowing Master behind it, would be my first choice. Sankirtanas or 'Fast Chants' rather than the longer text chants are often very joyful, while the later will give your mind more focus. Either will raise one's vibratory level.. especially if done as a daily practice.


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EFT can eliminate the negative emotions that are pulling you down the emotional scale.


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Fairy Princess

Hi @figure8shape so you wish to raise your vibrational frequency or in other words you wish to be blissfully happy all the time.

Everyday all day you experience emotions, some you enjoy others you struggle with, it's like being stuck on an endless merry-go-round, I know the feeling :)

Emotions are the hidden incentive behind everything you do to play and creatively express yourself. Everything you desire is always an emotion that you really wish, whatever you say you wish it's just an imagined road into being what you really wish, that is, completely happy.

What usually happens is that once you get what you imagined would make you happy never leads to complete happiness.

It's all about inner experiences, when you watch a great movie people do all kinds of things, pleasant things, disagreeable things, even horrible things but all that doesn't matter, what does matter is the inner experiences that you feel that are triggered by what's being presented to you on the movie screen. What you see is just a trigger the "on switch" for inner experiences. Take away the inner experiences and all the fun disappears things appear drab and boring.

So the hidden incentive for all that you do to play and express yourself is to experience a wide variety of emotions.

But what are emotions, what is happiness?

Emotions are the movement of energy within yourself. Most people describe happiness as being just one emotion, just one movement of energy, but feeling just one vibrational frequency, just one emotion would be boring, true happiness is like being on a roller coaster with thrills and spills that all blend into an exciting experience. True happiness is about experiencing the whole spectrum of human possibilities, the whole spectrum of emotional movements of energy without learned resistances, without judgement.

As long as you maintain the belief that there're good and bad emotions and that happiness is a good emotion you can never be truly happy.

How come?

because as long as you have a good/bad mindset, as long as your mind is programmed to split emotions into either good or bad, your mind will always create that split and while you're tricking yourself into believing you're happy there'll always be baddies you'll try to maintain at bay that in the process sap useful energy.

You can experience neutrality, equilibrium from which emotions are born, you can experience an infinite variety of emotions, be aware of them all, welcome and appreciate them all. As a result you can experience genuine happiness, what was previously named fear, joy, peace, happiness, sadness, anger, etc all join together and can be received with pleasure in a welcoming flow.

As you say @figure8shape moments of high vibes feeeeels so good, so you already know what I'm talking about, now you can consciously experience it day in day out.

How do you do it?

By changing your mindset, by reprogramming your mind.

By using symbols, figures&shapes such as music ♩ ♪ ♫ ♬ drawings and graphs ★ ╬ ❤ numbers ⑦ letters a b c or anything else that triggers your mind energy.

Symbols can also be used in strings such as in lyrics, and what are words but strings of symbols arranged in a particular order that can trigger a great movement of energy, create emotions that are nothing more than movements of energy in your inner space.

Lyrics of the song "Imagine" by John Lennon

"Imagine there's no heaven It's easy if you try No hell below us Above us only sky Imagine all the people Living for today...

Imagine there's no countries It isn't hard to do Nothing to kill or die for And no religion too Imagine all the people Living life in peace...

You may say I'm a dreamer But I'm not the only one I hope someday you'll join us And the world will be as one

Imagine no possessions I wonder if you can No need for greed or hunger A brotherhood of man Imagine all the people Sharing all the world...

You may say I'm a dreamer But I'm not the only one I hope someday you'll join us And the world will live as one"


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