It seems to me that our Universe is ‘belief driven’ and we have free will to either believe in something or not. So: Why are Universal laws immutable?

By immutable I mean laws that you believe are unchanging or fixed in place for eternity. For the sake of this question it doesn’t matter which Universal laws you believe are immutable.

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That's the Flat Earth Theory of today to believe that the Hubble-observable Universe (aka our "Big Bang bubble") is all there is.

The "Meta-Universe" or "Omniverse" constantly bears other Big Bangs which exist in a different time and space and they most probably have different constants and thus laws of nature.

The universal consciousness (which we are part of) might even try out totally different concepts of existence.

Our thought forms create worlds and they might be quite stable or not. ;-)


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This is a really thought-provoking answer to a great question. Thanks.

(09 Nov '09, 20:35) Stingray

Great answer. I was pondering on similar lines of thought. The bubble just got bigger :-)

(11 Nov '09, 03:33) Eddie

I will pick on your question a little bit here as I think you have answered your own question:

"By immutable I mean laws that you believe are unchanging or fixed in place for eternity."

You have already stated the fact that you believe these laws are immutable. So, am afraid I am going to state the obvious. The universe is indeed belief driven and the fact that you believe some laws are immutable makes it a reality for you.


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Pink Diamond

That is a circular argument. You are basically saying that nothing matters except your beliefs, so any observation (this boat is leaking) is meaningless because it can be rendered invalid by you or anyone else's belief. You can try fixing it by believing it isn't, but if you do try that approach, I believe that your boat is still gonna sink.

(09 Nov '09, 23:13) Vesuvius

That is exactly what I am saying that your beliefs dictate everything. What others believe does not matter, it is what you believe. You can call it circular if you want but that is what I believe in.

(10 Nov '09, 07:11) Pink Diamond

Good answer. Actually what prompted my question was I noticed that there doesn't seem to be agreement regarding immutable laws. For example, while it now seems easy for me to accept and believe in the law of attraction, when I hear about 'X' laws which have 'Y' sub laws, etc., it begins to reek of a hierarchy system set out by man. Is there anything separate from that. Outside of that?

(11 Nov '09, 03:53) Eddie

You see we choose to believe in these immutable laws. We humans like to have a set of rules in place so we can live our lives by these rules but that's fine as long as we are in alignment with these rules, meaning we feel good with believing in them.

Undoubtedly, there are people out there who have broken away from these rules but we will never attract them into our reality as long as we believe in the existing immutable laws.

(12 Nov '09, 20:56) Pink Diamond

Not sure whether that was what you were asking. Be more precise if it isn't.

(12 Nov '09, 20:57) Pink Diamond
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The existence of our universe and life itself depend on physical laws which are constant. If the laws of physics were to suddenly change in some fundamental way (e.g. positive charges becoming negative) all matter in the universe would simply fly apart.

If you want to believe that there is something above that (Universal Consciousness) creating other universes with unique rule-sets, that is fine; there's no way to prove whether you're right or wrong. Within this physical universe, it doesn't really matter (the rules are what they are), and within the others, the rules would still have to be consistent and unchanging in order for the universes to be stable.

When you use the Law of Attraction, you are bound by the physical laws of this universe, if you are attempting to attract something physical. The laws of physics don't change just because you decide that you want a time machine that looks like a Delorean.

There are less limits in the mental world. If you imagine that you are in 1955 with Emmett Brown, and you believe that your mental construct is real, well then I guess you're in 1955. But if you stay there for too long, don't be surprised if you wake up in a rubber room.


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Good points. So what's the answer? lol :-)

(11 Nov '09, 03:59) Eddie

Which part of my answer needs clarification?

(11 Nov '09, 04:50) Vesuvius
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