Why is it that the wishes which we seek to happen to us, we see happening exactly in reality for others (some known person)?

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We start noticing our wishes being lived out by others because we are tuning into the frequency of that desire/wish. When you encounter something that reminds you of a desire that you have, it means that you are getting closer to realizing your desire. The something that reminds you of your desire is called a vibrational match, so just smile, wish them well and know that you are that much closer to recieving.

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beacuse they are you, when u see thAt this is only an outward mannifestation to a part of you, just in aonther form, you will see that for what it is. so teh trick is to be happy, no jelousy, and embrace the idea of it happing to anopther part fo you and foucus that energy twords yourself, or better said, accept that they are a part of you and it will happen to you as well. celebrating that you see it mannifesting in general is a great shwop that yopu are powerfull and that you are attracting.

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