So if I am correct, after your rockets of desire have been launched, all you really have to do is raise your vibrational frequency (and maintain it) until manifestation has come into your physical environment.

Raising your vibration from what I know, can be done via these things:

1) meditation

2) being in the present moment (Eckhart Tolle, 'The Power of Now'), which I guess is also meditation

3) Thoughts that are designed to consciously develop 'feel good' emotions- excitement, appreciation, happiness, joy, love, enthusiasm.....

So the question is this- can watching a funny movie produce the exact same results? Does laughter and burst-your-bubble humour provide a substitue for this? After all, I'd rather watch some funny things on youtube as opposed to strict meditation.

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You might want to look at your analogy from a different point of view...actively raising your vibrational frequency seems to be hinting that there's some kind of effort involved. (That word maintain suggests on-going effort)

But there is no effort involved...'s just about not doing (releasing) the stuff that stops your vibrational frequency from raising itself.

This is raising...

alt text

This is releasing...

alt text

Humor helps you release because it distracts you from the things that are bothering you and usually leaves you feeling better for a while afterwards so you are now closer to your Vortex than before.

It takes active effort (usually habitual, so people don't realize they are doing it) to keep you focused in a way that doesn't feel good (disallowing what you want) so really, any activity, that distracts you from doing that will work.

So anything that you find engrossing / stimulating / interesting in a non-negative way will have the same effect.

If you just devoted a portion of your day everyday to just doing things you liked doing because it made you happy to do them and for no other reason, it would transform your life in every way :)


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Super great answer Stingray. I loved it and couldn't have said so better myself. Lets hope people read it and think about what it says.

Let go and let love

(29 Aug '11, 11:02) Paulina 1

@Stingray - the visuals here are just perfect. They make this so clear. It's isn't an effort to release, it's the effort put toward hanging on to what doesn't serve you that is so much harder.

(26 Aug '12, 15:12) Grace
(26 Aug '12, 15:36) Satori

@Satori - Lol! Just found this, thank you! Im sick and crabby and you gave me a good laugh right when I needed it! Im going to take a nap now, with a smile on my face, thank you again! :)

(27 Aug '12, 19:21) Grace

@Grace- Glad you liked that Grace:)

(31 Aug '12, 21:20) Satori
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This is a very interesting question to ponder. On the surface, the answer is blatantly obvious as "yes"; however, if we look into this more deeply, we see it is not as easy to make a sweeping judgment as this.

alt text

Comedy and Tragedy are often seen together as two masks. They are two sides of the same coin. You see a friend fall or slip. The first thing that happens is you get a laugh out of it, then say, "Dude, oh wow, that looks like that hurt!" "You should have seen yourself! Boom! You went down good!" Then only after that you ask if he is okay.

Look at how one hurts and other laughs. If you look at all comedy you are laughing at, someone is either getting hurt or acting less intelligent than you are. So does this comedy really raise our spiritual vibration when it is really causing us to see two things: comedy and beneath it, drama? Look at America's Funniest Home Videos". You see someone kicked "accidentally" in the groin; and while you watch, they play a funny cartoon noise, and everyone has a good laugh about it, including the guy sitting there in the audience watching that had happened to.

Think of jokes you know: are there any jokes that do not make fun of someone in someway?

These are just observations from a higher spiritual perspective, I am not saying I do not love watching comedy. Because I do like it: Everyone from Jackie Gleason, Three Stooges, Laural and Hardy, Abbott and Costello, Jerry Lewis, Lucille Ball, and all the many to follow like Chris Farly, John Belushi, Jim Carry, Lesley Nielsen, Chris Rock, Richard Pryor. All of these and many more are very funny, but if you examine the issue more closely, they are either funny because they are getting hurt, or playing someone less intelligent than you.

When we think of it in this light, and you see someone in life less intelligent, deep down, you honestly tend to feel sorry for him/her. Your desire becomes to want to help that person more than you want to laugh at the person, because you know being laughed at hurts! This is why I believe Louie Anderson wrote the books "Dear Dad: Letters from an Adult Child" and "Goodbye Jumbo: Hello Cruel World", because underneath all of that funny man stuff is someone that is hurting.

So does comedy really raise our vibrational level when highest vibrational levels are unity? Consider comedy is based on separation, "Glad that is not me! But, wow is it funny it happened to him though!" and weigh this in your mind. Does it?


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Wade Casaldi

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same things that make us laugh make us cry. Though my ego dosnt want your info, it is very much required for a REAL answer....It's hard to say what is right and wrong now with laughter.

(30 Aug '11, 01:06) Nikulas

I know Stingray always seems to be chosen as the best answer- i love his, but yours is way too insightful and therefore im not gonna 'choose' a correct answer. Thankyou for your insight :)

(30 Aug '11, 01:10) Nikulas

Wade, this has to be one of your best answers ever. I don't know about anyone else, but I have long out-grown the type of comedy that can only make us laugh when we suspend our humanity and concern for others. This has eliminated a lot of new TV shows and movies for me because I just cannot watch that kind of mindless humor anymore. What I now admire is a writer who creates situations that are hilarious, situations that are humorous without making us have to choose between laughter and tears. These types of comedy are much more sophisticated and pit down no one..."As Good As It Gets" comes

(30 Aug '11, 01:41) Jaianniah

very close to being the type of humorous movie I enjoy...I know that a lot of people seemed to agree with me, as both Helen Hunt and Jack Nicholson won Academy Awards for their roles...and Greg Kinnear is brilliant, just brilliant, too. There is some slapstick, as when Jack puts his neighbor's annoying little dog down the garbage chute....but the humor is all based on sound effects, not on actually watching the dog fall. Thanks again for such a well-thought-out answer. I think Louie Anderson would very much agree with you. +1 Bravo! your>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

(30 Aug '11, 01:48) Jaianniah

Thank you Nikulas and thank you Jai! :-D

(30 Aug '11, 05:34) Wade Casaldi

Love this answer, @Wade. Very interesting, I had not considered this very much.

(26 Aug '12, 15:06) Grace
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Good question Nikulas, in my experience you're absolutely right...once your desires have been rocketed into space, so to speak, the best ways to maintain a high level of optimism is to stay happy, play, do things that you really enjoy...and meditating does of course help you to maintain an even keel.


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blubird two

well i would say it always depend how you use it. are you laughing at someone else expense or are you laughing with someone? are you making a joke to pass a message or are you making a joke just for fun? are you laughing where most people would cry in negative situation? so you see it always depend how you use it. experience and enjoy.


answered 29 Aug '11, 19:24

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white tiger

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