Simply put, can a person become God? By that, I mean can somebody actually become so powerful within their own mind and truly harness the power to create for themselves that you can actually override "God's will" or "Universe's will" (depending on what your belief is)? I see so many people who want to create for themselves, want better for their lives, want happiness, etc. and try very hard to make that happen all the while it seems there is this underlying force that may keep that from happening, even if what a person wants is for the right reasons.

People always resort to the typical phrases "oh, it will happen in god's time' or "when the universe will deliver", or "it's a test to see if you really want it", or the one I just looooove (sarcasm) which is "it wasn't meant to be, so something better will probably fall into place". I don't like that concept, not one bit. It's like taking the easy way out, or accepting defeat. It's unfair, unjust and quite frankly I don't want any part of this spiritual/universal battle.

I do personally believe there are good and evil forces out there, however I feel people are seemingly thrown into these quarrels against their own will and are withheld deserved things for unjust reasons. So I am beginning to wonder, do you believe (again, depending on your beliefs) that there is actually some way by either complete faith, reality creation, mind power, etc. or becoming so in tune and enlightened that our gift of being able to create our reality can go so far as to "become god" as far as your own life goes? While doing some research on the subject I came across this comment in another forum...

In a pantheistic sense, this might be theoretically possible. Note: I don't believe this, but I'm just throwing it out there.

Pantheists believe god IS the universe. Current quantum mechanics would tell us that all matter is simply different forms of energy and that the entire universe is one continuous stream of that sense, it isn't a stretch to say that the universe is a single whole entity, not separate entities. Some Eastern thought, specifically the concept of Enlightenment, is somewhat of 'becoming one' with creation and the universe (this is a gross simplification of the concept of Enlightenment, but certainly is part of it). Now let's assume for a second that the pantheists are onto something, or even that we go to a world after this one where we 'become one' with the whole that is god. In that sense, we might BE god at that point. Or, if we extend the concept of Enlightenment one step further to the point of complete awareness and oneness (and thus control) of existence, it might be possible to simply become one with all that a person omnipresent control over a word: God (at least in a pantheistic sense, assuming there is no 'other' world beyond this one).

Beyond God? Probably not...especially since pretty much any modern concept of God leaves no room for expansion and/or improvement. But 'Being God' or at least level with him in terms of awareness and power? Possible (again, depending on one's beliefs and conceptions of reality).

This intrigued me. So, that being said and applying this in terms of reality creation, etc. whether you do believe there is a "higher power" or you're more of the type that believes in the "universe" as an all knowing force that will give you what you want, or the more (by my observation) "submissive/passive approach" supposedly need or in the right time, do you believe it is possible for one to actually become so enlightened, so in touch and powerful that they can somehow override this and become truly a "god" of your reality?

I mean no disrespect to anyone's beliefs or ideas and concepts about God. I mean this with good intentions and as a legitimate curiosity.

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Excellent question!

(02 Oct '14, 01:03) ursixx

You actually are a god of your own reality. You create it all, maybe not counsciously, but you do create it.

Just think about it, if you wouldn't exist your world wouldn't exist either :)

All the people, all interactions, all events, all stuff is in your head, your world. You shape it and give it meaning, it is all your manifestation so there is no such thing as luck nor coincidence. Everything in this universe is connected(everything is energy), all is One, so you actually have all the creative power within you.

This is very powerful if you fully understand it.

Physicists know that everything is energy and that people are multidimensional beings and much more but it is not something you can find in public literature, atleast not yet, and I don't know why. Wordly renowned Croatian physicist talks about it in his seminars and scinetific symposiums.

There are tons of tools with which you can shape you reality deliberately. Try looking up @Stingray 's "manifesting experiments" here on InwardQuest. Explore the " Vortex " analogy, too.

Good luck :)


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perhaps some humility
helps you see more clearly what
your imaginations runs
away with, GO SLOWLY and

learn to understand how
a drop of water is not
the same as the ocean
yet a part of what it is


answered 01 Oct '14, 14:07

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Yes just like water

(02 Oct '14, 01:04) ursixx
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