Or, is this just a figure of speech that people say casually? Do you know of anyone manifesting money out of thin air?

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I find the text on the Deep Trance Now website quite illuminating. They have a program called, oddly enough, "Money out of Thin Air."

Money Out of Thin Air CDs are only recommended for people who have been involved in practicing spiritual alchemy for several years...

"Thin air" is really a misnomer - what may appear to be just thin air is actually rich spiritual substance - energy, life-force, in which we live and move and have our beings...

These recordings are not designed for people who dream of goofing on the beach for the rest of their lives and doing nothing. It's even less for those who have need to impress others with their supernatural skills...

These recordings are designed for spiritual people who have dedicated their lives to bettering and serving this world and for whom this ability would provide opportunity to assist those who can not repay them with money for their services. The universe has a way of providing supply for every single need any human being can possibly have.

Money is a measure of the value you provide to other people. That value can come in the form of a product or service, or, if people like you enough, they will give you money.

Popular artists are like that; they tap into something in the human psyche we all want, and are willing to pay a small fee to get. That's why James Cameron's new movie Avatar is now the highest-grossing film of all time. James Cameron had a vision, and the means by which to achieve his vision, and an army of consumers that were each willing to pay him a few dollars to share in that vision. James got to play with a lot of really cool technology for a few years, and made a lot of money doing it.


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well, but if the people on that website could manifest out of thin air, why would they need to sell such products?

(30 Jan '10, 14:13) kakaboo

@kakaboo: Exactly.

(30 Jan '10, 17:33) Vesuvius

I have heard of stories of a Hindu guru supposedly waving his empty hand that was empty and after moving it in some circles he would manifest a gold chain or some gold coins.

Is this real, now that is another question as if this is just a trick I know that most amateur magicians can appear to do the same thing as I am sure James Randi would delight at the chance of rubbing that in everyone's faces that believes in anything.


I am not Indian or Hindu so I do not know this Swami much, it would be nice to receive some validation from our Hindu friends about this.

The interesting thing about this is that if we look to the bible it seems a possibility, as Jesus made bread and fish from just two to feed I think it was 50 with plenty left over, so that was manifested out of thin air.


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Hi Wade, it's I'm curious to know what time it was when you posted this answer? Because it's 3.00am for me & I thought I was nuts to be up this late. Anyway, I was a member of the international brotherhood of magicians and I have seen video uploads of SaiBaba producing objects out of thin air. My opinion is solely based on my inner feelings (which I always trust but keep it private so as not to insult others), I believe that SaiBaba may have had some powers in the past, but the man I see today is a crook & shouldn't be trusted.

(28 Jan '10, 07:56) The Traveller

Lets see it is 3:17Am now for me it says 49 minutes ago... I need to find that clock calculator on the web again, I haven't used it in a long time. Thanks for that personal opinion That was what i wanted someone that has studied him and not just heard stories. :-)

(28 Jan '10, 08:20) Wade Casaldi

We are in the same time zone Traveller

(28 Jan '10, 08:24) Wade Casaldi

2:28am http://www.scottseverance.us/html/time_calculator.htm

(28 Jan '10, 08:41) Wade Casaldi

Ahhh....This adventure of the mind is an adictive pleasure isn't it?

(28 Jan '10, 18:01) The Traveller

Yes that is so true, this i feel has reawakened a lot in me that has been dormant for the most part for years.

(29 Jan '10, 09:44) Wade Casaldi
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