do anny one know how it all happen what is the meaning and perpace of all this? anny mystic got a vision of this? would like to ear about it!

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white tiger

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The universe doesn’t contain any built in meaning of its own, we live in a meaningless universe, whereby the only meaning anything has is the meaning we impose upon it. It’s like a blank canvas upon which we have to fill in the details through our beliefs. That’s why I say we live in a belief driven universe.

Sure, I can tell you that the meaning and purpose of god and creation is this or that and that you should or must do this or that to ascend or become enlightened etcetera, but that’s my truth and my meaning, which is second hand information to you. It’s worth realizing that god and creation are many things, not one thing or the other, but rather, one thing and the other. Why place limits on an unlimited idea?

If you really want god’s answers, look in the mirror and ask questions of yourself. Whatever answer you get is your meaning and your truth. By asking questions here, in a way you are inadvertently asking yourself anyway, because you are contained within me and I within you; this whole drama being played out is really god talking to herself.

If you consider that outside of this 3rd density time-space reality, time is non-linear, everything’s happening now, simultaneously; then it becomes obvious that all is one and all events are always occurring here and now; there is no other place. All realities are illusions created by our mind, so as to facilitate the playing out of the idea of this game of life on Earth.

The purpose of all this is so that god can know himself experientially. Without our game of hide and seek and the illusion of time and space, god is, always, everywhere and everywhen so cannot know himself directly. Thus, the illusion of separation and contrast serves to provide a platform upon which god can recreate and know herself directly through relationship.

"Judge not, that ye be not judged." Jesus of Nazareth - 5 BC/BCE - 30 AD/CE

Knowing that we’re eternal beings existing here and now and that we make all the rules, it seems reasonable to make the purpose of our life be one of excitement, joy, bliss, ecstasy and love; now and forever more 8-)


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Dead on Eddie - Brillant description.

(24 Apr '11, 15:56) The Knights Alchemy

well i would say drop believe and experiance! i hate the word belief i see belief as a veil of the mind! well for me the universe is the body of god and the ligth is the spirit of god the true nature of everything that is counscient!and it is not a belief!it also have meaning but one need to see through the veil to understand it! but you want to know something pretty crazy all truth can exist in the absolute truth! thank you for your answer!

(24 Apr '11, 16:26) white tiger

Thanks TKA. @ white tiger, is it even possibe to drop belief? Would it even be possible to return to your home if you didn't believe it was possible? How could you imagine yourself at home prior to the event if you didn't first believe it was possible to return home?

(25 Apr '11, 01:07) Eddie

yes one don't need to believe something he just need to experiance it! if you close your eye and touch something did you need to believe it was there to touch it?

(26 Apr '11, 04:43) white tiger

belief can stop you! if you believe that you can't swim how can you cross a river with no bridge or boat? only when you drop the belief and start to experiance it can you start to grasp it!

(26 Apr '11, 04:48) white tiger

So are you saying that one second you're experiencing being in a restaurant and the next second you're experiencing being at home? Therefore, in your reality the thought of getting home and the image of your home do not come into play, right?

(26 Apr '11, 08:33) Eddie

I agree that there are beliefs that can and do stop us from doing things, I call them self-limiting beliefs. And because they are self-imposed, if you are aware of them they can be self-removed and then anything's possible because you believe it is :)

(26 Apr '11, 08:38) Eddie

eddie close your eye can you see the path to get home can you see your home can you experiance that then when you decide to get home you can experiance that also or not experiance it! it is your choice!

(12 Jun '11, 13:41) white tiger
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Im no mystic but in a way im qualified to answer this as i am one who experiences life,along with every other contributor here.So were all very qualified to offer an opinion here and as living conscious beings our answers will always be right.Because to us they are!

The meaning and purpose for me is Joy.

Its just that simple.

Whats better than being in a state of Joy.

In a way the "meaning" isnt really that relevant.In a way the purpose isnt that relevant.

Without Joy life has no meaning,it has no purpose.



answered 24 Apr '11, 09:05

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Monty Riviera

joy is also good monty! for me the meaning is important because only when you have the meaning that you can put the though to rest!and that also is a joy!

(24 Apr '11, 09:17) white tiger

The soul requires the pysical existance to feed all of its experiances to the higher self, as does god by being fed these SAME experiances from all of the higher selfs in every existanc3e, universe , demension, and density. My source speaks of it in this video very well in the aspects of evolution on the ideas of re-incarnation,

love n light,



answered 24 Apr '11, 20:12

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TReb Bor yit-NE

ok sense no one seam to have anny though on the subject! i will tell you a vision i have add long time ago! the big bang is the point where god counscience as become aware and created the universe(the universe being is body since he is a bigger light source he needs a bigger body) that is always vibrating and expanding!also after i have seen that the evolution that we can reach is the same as that!


answered 24 Apr '11, 08:40

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white tiger

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