I am in the process of using deliberate manifestation via the law of attraction to change my eye colour from dark brown to green. I already know others that have changed their eye colour (drastically nonetheless, ex. from brown to ocean blue) using the law of attraction, so I have no doubt that I can do the same.

It's been nearly a month since I launched my desire and I haven't noticed a change in eye colour. I believe that my eye colour has already changed though... but could the problem be that every time I get up in the morning and look in the mirror, I see the lack in change of colour?

If so, should I try and visualize over what I see in the mirror? So look in the mirror and imagine what I would look like with my green eyes?

OR should I not look into the mirror at all?

I know sometimes people might think that this type of manifestation can be "difficult". But I know anything is possible if you believe. However, if you have any added tips on how to manifest my green eyes or if you were in a situation or LOA similar to mine, I would love to hear it in your answers/comments!

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Visualize while bordering on REM sleep (early morning, a few hours before you have to wake up), with a song playing in the background to guide you (I think there are several songs you can pick explicitly about green eyes). One time I went through a "Glee" marathon. As a result, everytime I tried to remember what I looked like, I saw Finn Hudson. Don't ask me why I identified with him, I have no idea. I wonder if you could do something equivalent?

(20 Oct '13, 18:12) flowsurfer
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This is my personal take on things, assuming I wanted to change my eye colour.

So it's been a month since you launched your desire. Cool. You seem to have lots of focus and effort put into this, so there is a big build up of energy and hopefully by now you would have noticed ideas which assist gaining your desire.

At the top of my head, just for this example, you can change your eye colour via ordering some contact lenses which are specifically made to a different shade of colour to achieve this.

But it sounds like you are deliberatly trying to mould your genetics, or some similar fashion, so your eyes somehow naturally re-order their DNA so you wake up one day and they are just of different colour. And the way you're doing this is by visualising your desire, supposedly commanding your cells to re-hardwire themselves.

From my experience, I can offer 2 points which hopefully will increase your wisdom:

1- Visualising doesn't manifest things. Visualising is designed to change your emotions. Through an emotional change, new insights and ideas will come to you when you're feeling happy about something vs being sad about something.

2- Why do you want a change in eye colour? There really is no right or wrong answer to this, but it might help you to look at things from different angles.

Let's say Jim wants a new car, but he's really set on a Mercedes and that's what he tells himself he wants.

Hmm....What if a genie were to appear and offer a Ferrari instead? There still is no Mercedes, there is still this 'unfulfilled' desire. Does the law of attraction even work now? We can all prove the point that, no, certainly Jim hasn't got a Mercedes.

You can see the point I'm getting across. The universe actually responds to the essence of our desire. Jim would be out of his mind to deny a Ferrari, do you think after recieving that he would care about a Mercedes? His essential desire, perhaps, was a shiny, luxurious sports car despite in his visualising it was focused on something different than intended of what appeared in physical reality.

Same goes for eyes. Perhaps you essentially want self-acceptance, or you want someone to say you're attractive, or you just want to feel better in terms of your self-image.

For years I demanded I wanted a different physical appearance. I don't have that appearance as I said I wanted earlier, but I actually wouldn't even consider it a desire anymore because I have learned to accept my own image and think that is cooler than what I thought I wanted.

Sometimes, it's best not to be too attached to specifics.


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Or maybe she (he?) just likes green eyes.

(20 Oct '13, 18:21) flowsurfer

Then maybe, he or she should find green eyes in someone else and look into them instead.

(21 Oct '13, 01:56) CalonLan

Nope there not. Your Higher dimensional self is.

You chose your eye colour, they wont change. Your never going to get your higher dimensional self, the real you, to align with that desire.

Please feel free to give it your best shot by all means. if it works i'll be amazed. And I have been proven wrong before!


answered 12 Sep '13, 14:09

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Monty Riviera

Just keep looking for it. I swear my daughter is changing her hair from curly--and I do mean curly--I'm talking frizzy, crazy curly--to straight. She told me that she was going to do this, and now the bottom of her hair is straightening out while the top is still curly. I guess she's still in the process of it, though. When she told me she was going to this, I just kind of forgot about it. But the other day, my other daughter and I noticed how weird her hair is looking, and I asked her if she thought Natalie's manifesting was working. She answered, "That's obviously what's going on!" Only time will tell if she gets it straightened all the way!


answered 20 Oct '13, 10:56

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Now that a few months have passed, I'm curious, how did your daughter's hair turn out?

(15 Feb '14, 12:34) WeRadiateBeauty
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