I have a very ill hen. She still eats and drinks but looks defeated. I do not believe we have the right to kill any living thing and I don't feel that I could hand over the task to anyone else. Should I just let nature take its course. Please give me some advise.

asked 15 Nov '10, 12:16

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edited 15 Nov '10, 14:55

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Barry Allen ♦♦

Oh evelyn! that's a mighty sad situation you got there. Of course you should let nature take its course.........

thank you, namaste


answered 15 Nov '10, 13:35

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So sad, and yes I agree with danielle. Check out "Rainbow Bridge"




answered 15 Nov '10, 16:22

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jim 10

Evelyn, my heart is with you but can you honestly sit and watch your hen die? Is she suffering? At least we humans are enabled to lessen animals sufferings and I feel we shouuld as and when we can. I know that I will always euthanise in cases of suffering because I can't deal with seeing it.


answered 16 Nov '10, 13:16

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