I'm at point where I don't feel like anything is working for me. I keep repeating the same old behavioral patterns ive had all through out my life. Iv'e tried energy healing I've tried allowing, iv'e tried focusing on other things, I;ve seen a therapist on and off.

It seems like i'm back to square one.

Things were better for a while but ever since I started sharing my knowledge with others I feel more vulnerable and even persecuted.

I have anger and suspicion of many people including my co workers and even family sometimes. If I let go and allow i feel like i'm not doing much with my life and i feel like pressured and conditioned all the time by those around me constantly. When i do take action use affirmations and other methods resistence builds up and confusion builds along with resistence and negative emotions after a while.

I used to keep my knowledge of universal laws and practices to my self because i would trust no one.

It seems like all of my discoveries of law of attraction ect… gave me hope when i was younger.

I finally found a job during the recession and i felt like i was going somewhere in life. I feel like an education is the only way out of my current situation but it doesn't feel like the right thing.

I don't know what my problem is for sure. I've also experienced more mood swings recently and my paranoia levels have sky rocketed.

Sorry about my rant. I don't feel like anything else is really working for me right now so i'm giving inward quest a try...

What ever is happening I hope it all turns out for the best

Any help would be much appreciated...

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I was in that situation, and i am going to give you my way out of this. but you must understand that i really got sick of all healing methods and the only thing that seem reasonable for me was to cut them all off and to trust my self only. So if you're not there yet and still looking for something to "heal" you, then you can stop read now.

So for more than 15 years I been learning the law of attraction, studied kabala, numerology, I can channel, I get many messeges, I read energies automaticly and many many more…. But I didn't want all this stuff. I wanted only one thing (for the past 20 years) and it didn’t come. No matter what I did, purge, forget about, let go of, act upon, imagine, changed vibration…and even when it came it disappeared the day after. So one day I came to the realization that "hey!, I love my self right? I say that in my affirmation, right? So why do I keep learning the LOA etc? do I need something from this methods? Do I need to change something about myself if i love myself already? NO!!! I've learned so much and I know enough already to know that they can't help me anymore! Why do I keep learning? (answer that to yourself – it will give great knowledge) For people who are "less than me" vibretionally it worked so maybe its not even the method for me!? And that day I started listening only to myself I knew who I am – good and bad. I knew the difference between reality and imagination, the difference between 5d and 3d and more. I Trust that there are things that are bigger than me, that I can't control, I let god do the job, but I don’t try to understand it. I just don’t care. I care about me. The best advise I can give is – be your own guide/lover and everything will come into peace, remember that channelers give advices from 5d and we live in 3d. make your decisions accordingly. for ex. dont let yourself feel bad just because you must be kind (5d) if your 3d version wants to feel/act differently. every decision you make should be best for you.


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