Well, I ask that question because a long time ago I heard someone telling a story about when he was a boy and he was a old man than that he had heard the story of the men of the community hunting a dangerous cat an corner it upon a house top and shot it and it fell to the ground and was lying dead and proceed to turn to a man. Now, this was before all the fictional romance novel reading of shape shifters came about.

But myth, fiction,fairy tales, just fun story telling, and plain lies, and true stories get all mixed up and than as it is past on down in history from one generation to the others it is altered or changed and no one really knows if it is true or not. I know now there are a lot of writings about it but it is mostly presented as fiction of course.

Some people have even said that shamans can change into their animal their animal spirit form. I am not familiar with this notion don't know whether any truth is to this for I have read so much but even as things are presented as factual does not mean it is true. Our history books is both made of true facts and 1/2 truths, and none truths. For unless you go back in time to see for your self you have to accept the factual books as true until proven wrong.

Kings of long ago when they took the throne especially in Egypt if they did not like the king that came before him they would destroy all paper works, tear down all monuments or anything that was relate to him or her so that the next generation would not know of this person. So, fact and history has been altered according to who was in charge and what they wanted unless someone hide true books, knowledge and manuscripts to be re-discovers ages on down the road.

I am saying all of this to say they have been many stories told as fiction that were true and stories told as truth that were fiction so how do we know. I surely don't!

I also thought of this because on the radio this man was talking about he was a horse and I half listen to him. I am not presenting this as facts I was just wondering what was your opinion on this or your take on this subject.

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Barry Allen ♦♦

I have done this but only in my dreams, one time I turned into a wolf and ran with a pack, another time I turned into a black panther, I was alone that time. Lastly I remember I also turned into a plasma man that could go under doors and stretch my hand to reach something far away on the second floor balcony while I was on the first floor.

As we think on this we are not solid, we are a mixture of atoms formed into a pattern, what determines color is order and what determines shape again is order. If we are in control over these bodies and are not these bodies then we should be able to command them to conform to our needs. Thus through this command changing how we look our age we appear to be, everything. I nearly forgot I duplicated myself in a dream once too, I needed more of me for some task.

I know I have read of the Buddha that he supposedly changed form and multiplied himself too but his was not just in dreams like mine. It would take full disassociation of the body as yourself and fully letting God come through much like Jesus did a total surrender to God in mind spirit and body.


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Wade Casaldi

WOW, Wade Casaldi is all I can say! That must have been unique and fun adventure of running with the pack in your dreams; I bet in the dream you could speak wolf to wolf for you know animals and fowls or birds have a telepathy way of speaking sometimes and a over all understanding of what to do as a whole group. The Black Cat dream was full of strength an power from which the cat revel in. If I may ask were you dual by that I mean were you both cat and man when while you were in the cat body did you have both the mind of the cat and the mind of the man and you could alternate between the two?

(08 Feb '11, 02:42) flowingwater

I don't really remember speaking wolf to wolf it was more just like being with friends and no words needed. The panther dream was when I went to Tibet in my dream, I can't really say human mind, panther mind. I think mind is mind now brains would be different but consciousness didn't seem to change. I was self aware of being these but it didn't seem to be unusual, it wasn't like "whoa I'm an animal now this is so cool!" It just felt totally natural.

(08 Feb '11, 03:07) Wade Casaldi

The wolf dream as I recall if there was a "leader of the pack" it was me now that I think about it.

(08 Feb '11, 03:08) Wade Casaldi

Wade Casaldi you seem to have so many gifts and a open mind to all of metaphsical, spiritual, magikal aspects of the whole process and how to attune your body, mind, spirit, auras, and energies as they enter the different relms, dimentions, planes, and portals in our mind carry us to. You are one unique man. I would like to know how do you go to the you are focus on and touch them as you said you have done someone you love and care about as a friend or more. Do you already have to have a very strong physical and spiritual connection to just console them with a simple hug or the sending of love

(28 Mar '11, 21:18) flowingwater

Answer Flowingwater: You simply imagine giving a hug, pantomime the hug and feel it in your heart. Attach the feelings of love to it really feel this love and comfort like this is real. You could hold a pillow if you need and imagine that is the person.

(01 Apr '11, 21:37) Wade Casaldi

The Key Is Faith

(01 Apr '11, 21:45) Wade Casaldi
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