When I was in relationship with my ex,never once did I see him in my dream even though he was all that I think about whole day but last night I saw him for the 1st time in my dream.we were talking on the phone,I was totally suprised in my dream too(cos after the break up we've never been in touch)he couldn't get over me so he kept calling but again he dint want to be the 1st one to break the cool so he kept hanging up sayin he din miss me n stuffs n den he'll call again n as soon as he did he updated his status is it better to be with someone who cries with u or with someone who makes u cry n doesnt care it was said that someone who makes him cry was me so I wanted to tell him that I too cried alot n cared more.it was all blur every now n then.then we decided to vid chat n he was already there ready to talk.his eyes told me that he cried but before I could talk to him he hanged up. He was still cryin.after that we never talked again.but again there was some battle between him n some other party fightin over me or so n I was on his side but I never saw him again.its true that I still wan him back so maybe its bcos of this?does this dream hav any meanin?n i once read that if u cant stop thinkin about someone,that person is thinkin about u as well? Is it true??I just cant get him off my mind.its not like I think abt him n me being cute together again or so.its like his spirit is here all the time. What does this mean?

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Wade Casaldi

It can have multiple meanings because dreams are generated from mix of current focus and also certain symbolic references you attach to certain objects. However, THE FEELING OF THE DREAM ALWAYS LETS YOU KNOW THE GENERAL NATURE OF YOUR FOCUS on some topic (: perhaps even all topics :). I notice that the dreams I have, in addition to letting me know the general state of focus, usually refer to what I am choosing to expect from something or someone and also sometimes that I am thinking in the "same ballpark" as someone else.


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Hello bigb,

I will try to offer you some insight into one possible meaning of this dream. Only you can decide whether any thing I am suggesting actually relates to the dreams meaning or not. Before I can do that, however, you need to understand that you alone are the writer, director, and producer of all your dreams. They are a creative way for you, the soul or spirit self, to send a message to yourself. To accomplish this, you will use various objects, events, or personalities (such as your ex.) because they symbolically represent something to you personally. For instance, meeting someone in a dream does not necessarily mean that the person himself is there with you. We often will include someone as a character in our dreams because they represent certain characteristics that pertain to things or issues that we are dealing with in our day-to-day "awake" life.

When relationships end, people often feel as though a part of them is missing. We not longer feel complete or as a "whole" person anymore. This can be very depressing if allowed to continue over time. If that were the case, then the "ex" in your dream is representing that part of you that you need and want to reconnect with. Your conversation may not be with him so much as it is with the part of you that seems to be missing now that he is gone. It is a your (quite creative) way of getting in touch with yourself in an effort to convince you that it is time to let go of the past so that you can feel whole again and get on with your life with "some one who will cry with you" rather than "someone who makes you cry and doesn't care." This is the real question you are trying to answer and the focus point of this particular dream because when you can truly accept the answer, you will have removed that which prevents you from moving forward to find the life you are wanting.

What follows is your dream, as I understood it and some brief comments on its content. Again, this is only one of many possible explanations you might consider.

In my dream, we were talking on the phone. He could not get over me so he kept calling. He dint want to be the 1st one to break the cool. He kept hanging up saying he didn't miss me. then he'll call again and updated his status.

From the perspective, I suggested above, this part of the conversation could be seen as the conflict within your self about this person. It is a part of you that is unable to "get over" him. That part of you keeps "calling" when ever you imagine being back in a relationship with him. Each conversation ends (hangs up) with you reminding yourself that he does not miss you, and that he is not calling to tell you otherwise. In effect, you want your dream self to convince you that it is over even though you want to believe that its not.

It was said that someone who makes him cry was me. I wanted to tell him that I too cried a lot and cared more.

Why would you allow anyone to take from you the control over your feelings and emotions? No one can "make" you cry or make you feel angry, or sad or happy for that matter unless you choose to allow it. When you say to someone "you make me so angry", what you are really saying is "here, let me give you control over my feeling and emotions. I am giving you the power to choose how I am to feel whenever you like. You now have my permission to make my life miserable, steal my dignity, put limits on my worth, and destroy my self esteem". This will eventually leave you feeling depressed, hopeless, and powerless with no choice but to live with it or face the difficult challenge of overcoming all those negative emotions and rediscover the positive emotions you were able to enjoy before you decided to give someone the power to control a significant part of who you are. It makes more sense to keep the responsibility for what you feel in your hands where they belong. It is unfortunate that so many in our society are willing to give this power to others with no consideration to the potential for abuse.

There was some battle between him n some other party fighting over me

It is the part of you that is missing that is fighting him in order to make you whole (and healed) once again.

I was on his side but I never saw him again I still wan him back.

Through the dream, you may be telling yourself that he has moved on and will not be back. Maybe it's not necessarily him you want. Rather it is the idea of having someone who completes you, loves you and reaffirms the fact that you have worth and are deserving of all that is. Furthermore, there is nothing that is preventing you from calling him while you are awake and "breaking the cool" just to confirm his "status" on the matter of you and him. Maybe that is all that is necessary to re-establish a relationship or at least bring some closure that can allow you to move on. You will not know if you don't try. Consider the possibility that the dream is your way of telling yourself it is time for a new beginning.

If you can't stop thinking about someone, that person is thinking about you as well? I just can't get him off my mind.

Under certain circumstances, it is possible that two people can be thinking about each other at the same time. Based on what limited knowledge I have, I would say that this is probably not what is happening based on the information you were able to provide. Again, you can always call him to know.

Hope you find something here that helps. Only you can say.


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