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This is another thing that's new for me and I'm loving the blurring of past, present, future that it brings to me.

I have lots of "abundance" dreams: dreams that are fun and exciting, doing things that I can and will do in my physical reality one day. I buy luxury country houses and live there, I go on yachts with celebrities, I do all sorts of amazing things. I love my 'dream' world very much.

Last night / yesterday, for example, I was in a top, London hotel having afternoon tea with a member of the boyband, One Direction.. I often think about the band during my waking hours as I am fascinated by the level of abundance they have tapped into, unconsciously I'm sure. They must have very few resistant thoughts when it comes to their work lives and they probably spend a lot of time in the Vortex without knowing it. So last night, a long fun day with a member of One Direction.

This happened to me. I recall this now as a memory, not a dream. I recall all my dreams as true memories in the same way that I would recall what I ate last night. I've just started doing this this week.

Does anyone else do this? It's a form of visualization I suppose but it feels very true to me. I know it happened to me, if you see what I mean. It was a real experience.

asked 28 Nov '13, 06:13

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This is actually a problem for me because sometimes after particularly vivid 'dream' like experiences I can have difficulty actually differentiating between real memories and created ones.

I suppose this would be useful if it were under my control, but unfortunately it largely seems to not be.

(29 Nov '13, 04:23) Snow

You can control it, just say to yourself "Isn't it great that I can create my memories at will and they're all positive" It won't be long before you believe it. It gives you a lot of creative power then because you're always thinking about things that feel good to you. You can rewrite your "past" then if you choose to. :)

(29 Nov '13, 07:35) Yes

I've put a great deal of thought into what you're saying right now. It actually came up in a conversation tonight on similar subjects.

What concerns me is I can't really tell if trying to go down that road is going to end up leaving me better or if that's the last step off of a cliff into full blown insanity.

For now all I've thought to do is stick to attempting to filter what I can, and behave according to the most logical events avoiding any questionable or unlikely data.

(29 Nov '13, 07:51) Snow

All of your life is just thought manifested anyway so choosing memories at will and directing your thoughts of past and future experiences can't lead you to 'insanity' because you're doing it all day every day already. :) It's just you will now have total control of those thoughts and memories, so you can make them as you like them and then they "manifest", if you want them to that is.

(29 Nov '13, 10:12) Yes

snow, when he sees polarity and a decide shift to one side he turns the teeter totteraround 180 degrees and as it swings back tries to find dead center, this to him is reality

(29 Nov '13, 18:49) fred

I always try to see good, feel good. This made me very positive. I like it.

(29 Nov '13, 22:31) PERFECT GOOD

@Snow - Me too. It can make me a little nervous in conversations with friends in the context of "Remember when...". I have a whole other life that no one else was witness to.

(02 Dec '13, 16:42) Grace
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To quote bashar "dreams are the real reality" :)

"Dreams: does anyone treat them as fact, as true memories?"

The dream reality again is the real reality.. this is the illusion as bashar points out ;) The thing is there so weird and umm.. ambiguous because that's where we come from.. where we come from we can manifest instantly all things, where we come from is non-physical.. (+ a lot more love) and trying to bridge that with physical can be hard (cause we usually only think in physical and don't have much clue what non-physical is) so that's why dreams are weird because it's trying to bridge to non-physical.. physical reality has certain rules and really in some ways huge limitations.. and because of that it's again why dreams are weird.. imagine if you will that you are a million mile SEA.. but being the human experience.. is like trying to squeeze your SEA self through a 10 foot damn.. yah that's the human experience all right (for now!) ;) :)


answered 28 Nov '13, 12:29

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I love the analogy about the sea! That's exactly right. I see myself as always present in my now moment doing whatever I'm doing and the past and the future is a big, vast "sea" and that sea moulds into any scenario that I choose to think about, to tune to. It's awesome!!! I love living in the Vortex. :) great comment, thank you!

(28 Nov '13, 13:49) Yes

If we were dreaming, our consciousness or ourselves were trapped within dream realm. At that case, if we consider dream realm is illusion or less real than our waking life, then we can say that ourselves is less real. If we can live with that then we found thing that is less real which it's ourselves.

On the opposite, if we consider that our consciousness were real while we were inside dream realm, then dream realm was real. Why? Because there is no way for real thing could be trapped within illusion unless we consider this illusion was capable functioning as the real one.

So, in a short, in any way we can think of it, there is more than this real waking life. Or we can say there is another reality as another dimension as real as our waking life, in the sense that we could be influenced, we could be trapped, we could interact within it ... and so forth.

The problem in this case is that, on dream realm, visualization or interactions are unstable, or we might say, it's easily changing to different life forms. But that doesn't have to be considered as less real or not real than our waking life. We better say that there is another realm with different laws of "physics" that typically on its own realm which to be considered easily to be changed, rather than saying it's not real and that's not real. I prefer to say that there is no less real in the universe, but there is only degree of reality depending upon our perception.

Why isn't the dream thought of as "fact" "real" or "existing"? It's because, "it's not our default that would make enough happiness or enough threatening to ourselves", otherwise you would think of it differently.

"Dreams: does anyone treat them as fact, as true memories?" Dream realm is the fact.


answered 01 Dec '13, 17:58

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'Dream realm is the fact' This sums it all up for me. When I desire something, anything, it is. If I experience it by visualizing, by physically experiencing it or by dreaming about it, it's all real, it's all truth. Everything I want is mine because it exists in a vibrational reality and I can feel that at any time. Feeling that everything is yours and belongs to you, within you, is reality to me that is 'fact'. Great answer Seremonia, thank you very much :)

(02 Dec '13, 07:30) Yes

OMG, yes!

Good question! Dreams can last a lifetime. I vividly remember a dream (nightmare) of a gigantic monster, chasing me home from school. I was about eight or nine. The thing was huge-HUGE! Like the Michelin Man in Ghostbusters. I have never forgotten that dream, and finally found out that it was a classic anxiety dream. But what was chasing me was not classic. The size, its menace- all of it are etched into my memory like it happened yesterday. I know this is not what you actually mean here, but that dream has shifted from dream to long-term memory, and that is what you are referring to here.

I have had dreams that turned out to be reality- at least, reality for me. The vortex dream I refer to in my question here (look for my answer to this question) on IQ came as a dream, but it, too, was too real to be anything that could be dismissed as anything but a memory long-forgotten in my subconscious.

My suppressed memories never came back as dreams. They only came back when I let them, and when I felt in a safe environment, as with my MCSW counselor, Kay S., who guided me for eight years through the process of remembering abuse suppressed by PTSD. I never once dreamed those memories.

As for good dreams, I have had quite a few that stand out. In one, I saw myself in a different town, surrounded by different people not family, and I was with a blonde, blue-eyed man. That one came true. (Hiya, Wade, Honey!)

Dreams were thought of my the Native Americans to be an actual passage of the Soul into the Dream World, and are taken very seriously to be anything from just omen to true fact to portents of the future to be taken seriously. The Dream World is special to the Native American, and is not "separate" from the waking world, just different, as the Shamanic Trance is an extension of the senses rather than "different" than reality. We should take a page from this kind of thinking. Some of the best ideas for inventions can come from dreams.

A little trick I regularly used in school was this: If I had a math, chemistry- hard- problem that i just could not "get", I would direct my dreaming self to solve it for me, and give up and go to bed. In the morning, about 90% of the time, I would "see" the answer written out on a blackboard, and would merely have to copy it from my "memory" into my homework. I cracked a lot of Calc, Chem, and other problems this way. I guess I was using my Right Brain- I am not sure. But it proved to me that my brain was surely a busy place while I slept, and that it was capable of taking conscious problems and solving them in my sleep. This rather backs up what the Indians meant by all of consciousness being "fluid" rather than separate states. I prefer this interpretation of consciousness over the idea that everything is discrete.

So go ahead! Enjoy those great dreams! You never know..maybe a rock band or riches are in your future...If you want to manifest them, that is!


Jai ♥

alt text


answered 02 Dec '13, 15:45

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Yes, they are real, in my opinion but should be treated differently.

Behavior at home is different than behavior outside with others, but one is not more valid than the other.

Kindness, Courtesy, all of this affects behavior when outside but inside, when you are just relaxing and by yourself it doesn't matter since no one is around. So in that case, it is just relaxing and enjoying alone time.

My point is, there are different behaviors for different places and yet all are valid/real.


answered 03 Dec '13, 21:45

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