I have what i might call "big" dreams (soul mate, a big beautiful home, financial freedom etc.) which i feel i am having a harder and/or longer time manifesting. I wrote my desires down in detail over 5 months ago. However, i have only just recently discovered Bashar and Abe, and from them have learned about resistance, letting go, following my excitement and various loads of information and have since then remodeled my desires.

I believe that my thoughts become things, i follow my excitement as best i can, and have manifested some things in the recent past. However, for these "big" dreams, I feel that i do not build enough focus and passion into them at the time of or before i write them down to the level i feel that i should. I do not get to experience details like sounds, colors, lights, etc, what i normally can come up with are conversations / interactions- that's it. I also feel i do not hold the focus long enough as most times when i begin to meditate, i get easily distracted.

How can i focus long enough to build a more life-like desire till i feel it is enough?

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Your gentle desire with focus is enough. You don't have to try to force emotion into it because that will create resistance. Actually, I have noticed that a gentle setting of intent when accompanied by non-resistance is more than enough to manifest things. The non-resistance is CRITICAL - that's why so many Eastern philosophies recommend surrender.

The desire is the manifestation at the core of reality. What you desire is NOT a new creation, it was in existence before you selected it from your own Infinite Eternal Potential. What you're doing now is selecting from your potential and setting a focus that will be reflected in the mirror of the "world" (: which is also in your consciousness :). You basically trying to look at a specific aspect your Self in a specific type of mirror and in this case it is a seemingly time-space-physical mirror, so your selected focus will provide a CORRESPONDING (: not always identical, but that is also possible :) reflection or manifestation of your focus. The world is the mirror of your chosen state of mind on many different levels.

The desire has within itself the details and resources for fulfillment provided we stay in the "zone" of well-being and non-resistance. You don't actually need to work out details i.e. the intent is enough as long as you stay in the zone and imagining the experience of the outcome is more for the feeling of the joy of the experience. However, it is nice to develop our imagination in pleasant directions for it's own sake: there's something very nice about that in and of itself.

Long visualization sessions are unnecessary unless you like doing it that way. While visualizing just to do it as best as you comfortably can. Visualizing perfectly is also non-essential no matter what people tell you. Further it is almost pointless because the exact form might not (: although it often can :) match the visualization exactly and too precise visualizations tend to lock us into rather rigid expectations about the specific form or details of the manifestation when we might very well be interested in a variety of forms that produce the same essential experience of which well-being is the most fundamental basis. The important thing is the general intent and maintaining a positive state of mind (: which is the essential nature of the wish fulfilled :).

If you're in the "zone" of well-being only positive experiences are accessible. You are only conscious of what you are conscious of. Negativity enters when we negative emotions enter. And by default we are choosing to move towards new experiences all the time and the nature of that experience will be dictated by our general state of mind. If we're in the zone, it's going to be good stuff (: not always ecstatically good but always acceptably good :).

So ultimately intent/desire + staying in the well-being zone (: that's the main factor here :) is all that is required for all of our dreams to come true.

If you're lack focused you'll never feel it is enough. I used to have that problem i.e. felt I had to pray/go to church more (: when I used to follow formal religion :), or do more affirmations or work more on the positive vibe, or more rituals etc. It's like you notice that you don't have what you want yet and then you think I'm not doing enough of this or that. The desire and the setting of intent is all that is required to set the direction and then you just have to allow by staying in a good feeling place. Rather than trying to focus on a specific desire for too long, try to sustain a generally good feeling point of view.

Also note that EFFORT = RESISTANCE. Be very careful while imagining your desired experience so that you don't start struggling to have a detailed sensory experience. Ensure that these sessions are generally flowing and feel smooth.


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"EFFORT = RESISTANCE"- How i had forgotten this!- Thanks harsha

Yesterday was day 1 of my vortex challenge and doing the ROA felt way easier than visualizing, and for it i was in a happy place all day. I guess i am more focused on a perfect visual than feeling pleasant for the sake of feeling good, without expectation, am i right?

(07 Nov '14, 02:19) bflorrie

I'm happy my reply helped you. Yes, you're right you were subtly trying to force things to happen via the imagination and so you are definitely feeling resistance on some level and this will only regurgitate more of the same. I also recommend stillness meditation i.e. the ability to just hold one thought or focus on just your breathing while allowing any other thoughts-feelings to just come and go without getting too involved in them: it's a great a way to practice allowing and non-resistance.

(07 Nov '14, 03:27) harsha

Normally, I always recommend gratitude / appreciation as beginning foundation because far too often (: I used to do this :) people greatly demean or ignore what they already have. I mean, I'm traveling through South East Asia now and I found the traffic a nuisance initially, but pretty soon I realized that as far as my moving around was concerned I was doing okay i.e. my life-and-limb are in perfect shape (: i.e. no accidents or even close calls :) + I'm having the joy of exotic holiday.

(07 Nov '14, 03:32) harsha

As I changed my perspective, it seemed like traffic seemed to adjust to that i.e. I always found breaks in traffic when I needed to cross a road (: I had to wait longer before :), cops and sometimes even gate staff at malls / hotels would notice me and ask traffic to stop so I could cross - very helpful. We should spend more time appreciating all the good available because everything is a miracle and everything is normal and "big" and "small" manifestations are just results of our chosen belief.

(07 Nov '14, 03:36) harsha

There are days, usually for no reason, i feel super excited, and i am singing and dancing in traffic on the way to work. Other days, like today, i feel kinda aloof, detached, emotionless. These are the days i especially want to use gratitude to remember the good stuff i have, and or already getting. Thanks again, i will consider the still meditation. :-)

(11 Nov '14, 00:03) bflorrie

Yes emotions will fluctuate for sure but they can do so entirely in the good feeling zone but maybe not always at levels of ecstatic joy. I'd aloof / detached / emotionless is more on the level 1 of the good feeling zone where things feel "okay" - that's fine. You can try doing a daily gratitude list when you wake up and before sleeping - just jot down the good stuff from the day or the week even mechanically if need be. Meditation I think is quite important unless you're good vibrational shape

(11 Nov '14, 04:36) harsha
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Mafestation of BIG dreams are just the result of combined joyfull manifested small dreams in one direction. The funny thing is, when you think you should do more, consider doing less :-). Just have fun and act on you highest excitement every moment. Even when this excitement in that moment does not seem to have any link to your BIG dreams. Trust that the Universe knows what you want and desire. Keep good feeling emotions as your highest aim. You can be specific in your thoughts as long as the thought truly feels good. When it starts to feel like a stretch, just be more general in your thoughts. Your emotions are a real language and is perfectly understood by the Universe.


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"when you think you should do more, consider doing less" Thanks TimH.

For sure, i now believe i was forcing feel-good visualizations, and boy was it hard. Reason is, my sister has, in the last 2 months manifested a new husband, various trips to Europe, a new job, etc. and she usually has vivid movie-like visualizations. I wanted to have the same passion-filled visualizations.

(11 Nov '14, 00:10) bflorrie

You're welcome! I recognise your story. You could make lists of WHY you want certain stuff and how it would feel, to trigger the emotion just like visualisation. In the meanwhile you could train your visualisation skills without any pressure. Try visualizing things you already know. like your room or houde. As long as it feels gooed it is good, otherwise, try something that fits you better!

(11 Nov '14, 02:56) TimH
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