What does it mean to manifest things into reality? Can you give me an illustration (or an example from your own life) describing how this works? Please be specific.

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Manifesting things into reality is a process of bringing that which we "intend" into actual existence in our physical world. That which we intend has already been created by thought and has been visualized at least in some rudimentary form.

Manifest means "to make clear or evident to the eye or the understanding; show plainly" (from Dictionary.com). There are different explanations about what this actually means in a metaphysical sense, but whether the intended things are understood to have previously existed only in our dreams, our waking thoughts, or in some alternate state of existence, the end result is to bring the intended thing into evident existence so that it can be seen or understood clearly in our reality.

I'll give two references readers may want to check out. First is an article by Laura Adams, "Understand Manifestation: the Step-by-step Process Revealed," which gives a very practical approach to manifesting. The second is by the notable Enoch Tan from his "Manifesting Dreams." Both writers include the following elements in describing the process of manifestation: intent, desire/passion, and action. Visualization plays a key role in the process as we "see" what we are intending and desiring. Passion is critical in both the intent and the action. Our thoughts and actions must be in harmony with each other. I especially appreciated Enoch Tan's comment: "Thought without action is halfway manifestation. Action without thought is inaccurate manifestation."

The example from my own life has to do with relationships with two individuals at work, a supervisor and a co-worker. The relationship with these two people was downright antagonistic, something that was unacceptable to me. I knew there was a better reality that I wanted. I intended for that to become my reality and I had a clear vision of what that relationship would look like. I visualized a friendly, cooperative relationship with both people. I had a desire and passion to make that vision real because my current experience left me with negative feelings and a stressful work environment. I kept visualizing what I wanted that reality to be, I persisted in believing it would be my reality. Then I took a critical step of aligning my attitude and actions with the intended reality, so there was harmony within myself. The acting out of this step included acting "as if" we were already on a friendly basis, including paying more attention to their interests and spending more time with them. I'm happy to say that that has become manifest in my reality now. I cannot say that we are best friends, but that was not my intent.

I hope this is helpful to some degree.


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Manifestation is thought clothed in the physical realm. Our thinking creates our reality. In short, manifestation is a tangible thought in the objective realm.


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*"Manifestation is a Universal LAW that brings the invisible into visibility; it is the proof of Truth, Reality." Our job is to unite with reality in order that IT may be manifested, to, through and by our physical embodiment.

So many search for answers outside of themselves not realizing that all is within them. There is a quote that states: "Stop seeking for a heaven up in the sky." Happiness, joy, fullfillment are the end result of one's sincere inner work. There are no short cuts and yet one can achieve all their needs, wants and desires in this one life time if one will but grasp the reality that there is no need to question but to DO. The manifesting of all material objectives are but an illusion. They are but a temporary fix to a much deeper situation. The situation is that much of humanity is looking for comfort, happiness and peace outside of themselves. Material objects cannot bring you these, they can only give you the illusion of them.

Love and Harmony,

Your cosmic sister in truth

*Quote from the teachings of David M. Berry

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Thanks Vesuvius, i love this question - it means that something enters into our reality as a result of a conscious or unconscious desire, feeling or wish - and this something can be a physical object or a lightbulb moment, that is, we suddenly have a clear understanding of a situation, event ... in other words we are all manifesting various things everyday simply because we are physically present and feeling beings.

Once we are fully conscious of this phenomenon, that nowadays we name "the law of attraction", then it becomes clear that we have the possibility control and create our own physical reality.

An example from my own life is that at one time i was in need of money so i imagined bank notes, everyday i went through the exercise in my imagination, i imagined counting them and feeling them in my hand

alt text

about three months later these notes really started entering into my physical reality and flowed in ever growing quantity - this is a demonstration of a physical materialization. There can also be spiritual materialization, that is what i mean by a lightbulb moment, a clear vision, a perception, an understanding comes into your consciousness.

alt text

A deep example of such a perception for me i can only describe as being as if physical matter becomes transparent and there is perception of a simple void, in other words the knowingness that physical matter is a fabrication our our physical brain in the physical realm suggesting that in the void elsewhere there are infinite possibilities.


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I visualized the home I wanted. I wrote it down on paper and truly believed that one day it would come to pass. Now when I did this I had the money to purchase. Thing took a turn for the worst and a great storm came in my life. During that time I was window shopping on the internet just browsing at homes to get into a better mood and low and behold the first one to come up was home I had on paper. I printed it out and put it in my wallet. I was behind on my rent and my cars was being repossessed.

I told God I wanted that home and approx. 45 days later we were closing escrow. Now the events that led up to me getting the home took faith and great courage. My thought and beliefs were 100% in alignment to what I had asked for. This was a 500,000 home and I was directed step by step on what to do next. When I got in the home I had plans on how I was going to pay the mortgage until it was paid in full.

In my heart and soul I knew this home was going to be paid for. Well I went into foreclosure and what I would call a "rebirth", there was so much pressure on me that I think I died and was brought back to life:=)

After that experience there was a great peace that I had and I wasn't concerned about the outcome. You see if it was for only me I would have packed up and left long before any sale. It wasn't for me it was for all those faithless ones who were watching closely to see what was going to happen. I just wanted this to be a testimony that this and other things could happen for them too if they would just have a little faith.

The home went to auction and on the court house steps when the auctioneer got to my home there was a delay. When he resumed he said that the sale of my home had been canceled. I left, called the bank and asked what happened they said that the owner paid it off. I said I am the owner, the representative placed me on hold and transferred me to another department. I was told that the bank that held the second mortgage came in and paid it off. They paid off 443,000 by mistake. They had the option as the second lean holder take over the first mortgage but instead of taking over the mortgage they paid it off!!!!!!!!!! They tried and tried to take back what they had done but it was too late.

That's Law of Faith, Law of Attraction

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