If the steps to reality-creation are

  • Step 1: The question is asked (or desire is launched)
  • Step 2: The universe immediately responds with the creation of the vibrational potential that matches the desire or question
  • Step 3: In aligning our dominant focus regarding that topic with that of the vibrational potential that now exists as a result of the question being asked, we allow the answer to enter and manifest within our reality (i.e. we get our desire)

...and step 1 is taken care of mostly by us just going about our lives,

...and step 2 is not our responsibility,

...and step 3 is mostly done by making ourselves feel better,

Then is reality-creation mostly about making ourselves feel better?

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Thanks for editing Vesuvius. I shouldn't take it for granted that everyone knows the abbreviation LOA.

(05 Jan '10, 20:58) Michaela

You'd be amazed how many car licence plates I see on the roads with LOA in them, since LOA represents the abbreviation for Law of Attraction for me also. It's just one part of me joking with another part of me, I think :)

(05 Jan '10, 23:49) Stingray
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I would say that reality creation is not mostly about feeling better, but all about feeling better. :)

You could actually do nothing whatsoever in your life except feel good and everything you want would flow to you easily and naturally. That's basically the way I do it with my manifesting spreadsheet...just ever-growing lists of great feeling thoughts.

I haven't actually used the box approach (Manifesting Experiment 1) for a few years though it is very effective as well (so don't give up yet!) and I've started using it again now just to experience the experiment from the point of view of those taking part.

I know these two approaches can seem completely contradictory and confusing - one says you'll get whatever you want by just feeling good and thinking about nothing you want, while the other says you have to get very clear about what you want and just not feel anything much at all after that (i.e. forget about it).

So let me try and clear up that confusion for people - it took me quite a while (and a large dose of Abraham) to really understand why the two apparent opposites result in the same outcome (of getting what you want).

The key point is that when you desire something, a broader (non-physical) part of you vibrationally becomes that thing.

So, for example, if you desire a new car, the broader (non-physical) part of you now becomes the vibration of you with the new car.

Notice this point carefully. You are not creating a new car because the new car was created (vibrationally) in the moment that you suddenly made a decision to want it (Step 1).

You are simply aligning with the brief vibrational glimpse you had of the new car when you launched your rocket of desire for it. During that brief glimpse, you left your broader you up there with the new car, which is why it now feels uncomfortable that you don't have it...there is a vibrational gulf between you and the broader you. This explains why it is more painful to have a desire and then try to ignore it, than not having the desire in the first place.

Everything you do to get that new car from now on is actually Step 3. And the reason that you have to feel better to get the new car is because in feeling better, you are aligning yourself with the broader you that is already living in a vibrational reality with the new car. That broader you is effectively pointing the way (through emotion) for the physical you to go.

In other words, aligning yourself with the broader you is the same as aligning yourself with what you want.

And since the broader you has similarly expanded to become the vibration of everything else you want in life, then just aligning yourself with the broader you is also the same as aligning yourself with everything else you want. (Feeling good simply means you are in alignment with the broader you).

This is why just feeling good brings you everything you want...because the broader you and everything you want are all in the same vibrational place.

But then why does getting very clear about something you want, and then releasing it, also work?

This is because, as hinted at earlier, getting clear about something you want is not creating it (Step 1) but is actually coming into alignment with it (Step 3).

When you think about something clearly enough that you are in vibrational harmony with it and then you immediately step out of the way of it (by forgetting it), it must manifest into your physical reality because you are not holding any opposing vibration...and your vibration on any topic always stays where you last left it.

When you realize that focusing like this is really a Step 3 process, not Step 1, it starts to become apparent why it is not necessary to spend hours using Creative Visualization, Affirmations, Goal Focusing or whatever, to get what you want because you are not creating anything with those processes. The thing you want was already created in the moment of wanting it.

The people that advocate action to get what you want are misunderstanding what the action does. Taking action with the belief that taking that action will get you what you want is actually an alignment process (Step 3), not a creation process.

So, in fact, you could actually take a small amount of action just to make yourself feel good (like putting some paper into a box) and do nothing else, and you would create the same result as taking massive amounts of action.

That's basically Reality Creation in a nutshell...though I appreciate it might take a few readings of this posting to really understand what I'm yapping on about. I hope this isn't all too confusing :)


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Becoming clearer all the time. Thanks!

(05 Jan '10, 21:02) Michaela

Thanks - new way of looking at things...one I will think about deeper. :)

(05 Jan '10, 21:18) Liam

Nice! thank you, namaste

(15 Sep '10, 08:08) daniele

I think realising that step 1 and 2 are done,AND that were not actually trying to create anything in step 3 make the process rather more stress free.Even just realising this takes the pressure off.

(18 Dec '10, 18:23) Monty Riviera

@Stingray....very well said and explained. I totally agree. It only seems weird that feeling good can bring you EVERYTHING you want...until you change your belief about it. Then it makes all the sense in the world. I think we sometimes make manifesting (and everything else)....so much more complicated than it really is :)

(20 May '11, 15:37) streetsanto


(05 Oct '11, 23:46) Nikulas
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From everything I've studied to date on the Law of Attraction I would say the whole manifestation process is dependent on how we feel. Quite simply, when we feel good we manifest what we want and when we don't feel good our manifestations tend to be more in the direction of what we don't want.


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You have got it absolutely right Vesuvius. If we assume that the universe creates anything that we ask vibrationally, then we only need to do Step 3 of aligning ourselves.

You cannot manifest good things in your life unless you make peace with where you currently are. If we currently have a dominant vibration of unhappiness or lack about our lives , then we will never be able to manifest anything to improve it.

So ironically, we have to accept things the way they are and be genuinely happy to get the things we want.


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Pink Diamond

I have the book The Attractor Factor, and also the ebook version Spiritual Marketing, even the web site online version. But one thing the Dr. Joe Vitale says is a sure short cut to manifesting is FEEL GOOD NOW.

So I have to agree with you on this, that is a very good key.

Online version http://web.archive.org/web/20060424151157/http://www.jmskye.com/attractorsoft/main.php


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Wade Casaldi

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Cool. Just read through it now. :) Thanks Wade. A quote from it:

"A study by the author Bryan Tracy revealed that people who simply wrote down their wants and put the list away, discovered a year later that 80 percent of what they wrote came to be!" cough Manifestation Box Experiment 1! cough :P

(06 Jan '10, 08:25) Liam

You are very welcomed I am happy to help. :-D

(06 Jan '10, 08:32) Wade Casaldi

Love love love the link you shared. Love love love it. Simplicity is the key. Thank you for sharing.

(08 Dec '10, 18:27) Aphrodite
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