Does anyone really understand the concept that we refer to as "Vibration"?

The Internet allows many more millions to be exposed to information from one to another. When considering many of the sources of information, those with an open mind have a clear advantage over those who do not. Both science and religion have taught us much about this world, which we share. The nature of reality, our existence as part of All That Is, however, has been made much clearer by non-physical personalities by way of their human channels. My personal favorites are Seth, Abraham, and most recently, the ever-delightful Bashar. I am aware of many others who have much to offer but these three, in my opinion, are the go to sources with regards to the nature of reality and the manipulation of energy and its vibration.

When we consider the idea that our existence and all that is (all beings, physical, non-physical, terrestrial or E.T., all places, universes, parallel and alternate, and all things, too many to mention) all can be described and identified by a unique 'vibration'. It seems to me that describing vibration as a frequency is far to simple and way to limited, even more so, when location is an inherent attribute of any vibration. I began thinking about this after listening to Bashar answer to questions about traveling vast distances through space. His explanation was that the craft does not actually fly from point A to point B. They simply match the crafts vibration to the vibration of the desired destination. The craft disappears from point A and reappears at point B. Can vibration be described as a simple frequency, and if so, is that frequency determined by way of a complex mathematical equation, one that includes many variables such as mass, shape, gravity, and location just to name a few?

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so long as you try to understand the "concept" of vibration (concept meaning idea, theory or philosophy) you won't get very far because you're condemning yourself to think ... the only thing that really matters is to "experience" vibration by "feeling"

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vibration is energy (for want of a better word) that appears inside and seems to come from nowhere. vibration gives the tone of emotions (feelings) at any one point in time and varies continously following what is perceived inside or outside ... it can be compared to a symphony of music with variations of amplitude and frequency

(18 Jun '15, 00:43) jaz
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This quote came to my attention when I was looking for something else, and I suddenly realized that it answers your question:

"As a man who has devoted his whole life to the most clear headed science, to the study of matter, I can tell you as a result of my research about atoms this much: There is no matter as such. All matter originates and exists only by virtue of a force which brings the particle of an atom to vibration and holds this most minute solar system of the atom together. We must assume behind this force the existence of a conscious and intelligent mind." -- Max Planck

Whatever you focus on, grows. :)

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My understanding is that we are energy beings inhabiting an energy universe. Energy is pure vibration. Since energy on its own is not physical stuff, it is rather a challenge for us energy beings who are having temporarily physically-translated experiences, to describe. But lets try, because it's fun!

So, I get that I am translating energy when I use my eyes to see. We have tools to show us that different colors and intensities of light are simply frequencies of light along a visual spectrum. I learned in school that light bounces off of objects (themselves distinct energy fields with their own qualities) and onto my retina and that my brain translates it all into a visual signal that over time I come to take for granted as the world around me.

All of the other senses are working in the same way. Sound, smell, taste, touch, through our various signal-receiving organs. And since we know that there are colors and sounds above and below our ability to see and hear, it is easy for me to extrapolate that I am only translating a sliver of the energy around me into the experience I am having.

I understand that I can direct my focus and hone in on certain aspects of my environment for observation. When I do, other aspects of my environment become less noticeable, so that I am continually amplifying and dampening signals available to me.

All of this is filtered through the emotional setting I happen to be in. Abraham has been most instructive regarding how the emotions work. I like to think of it like this:

As an energy being, I am hooked up to a supply of energy that feeds my experience. This energy comes to me as the physical experience I am having, from the air I am breathing to the environment I am observing, and also as non-physical experiences above and below the physically-translated spectrum, like thoughts, impulses, emotions, and other signals we just aren't in the habit of putting into language. As I observe the experience I am having, I spontaneously respond with preferences and desires. These preferences and desires become a non-physical aspect of my being.

Now that these preferences and desires are part of me, when I have a thought that conflicts with them, I pinch off an aspect of the flow of energy to me and have a negative emotional signal that lets me know that's what I am doing.

Bad vibes? We are just focussed temporarily on aspects of our environment, usually because it is our habit and we haven't done anything to change it, that cause us to be in conflict with something we want.

Good vibes? We happen to be focussing on something that is a "match" to a preference or desire we had set.

So I think of vibration as energy. The physical stuff of our universe is energy vibrating within the spectrum we habitually observe and translate. Frequency is a quality of the energy we are observing or measuring in some way: how many times in a given timeframe a wave cycles. Other qualities of vibration might be wave shape, wavelength, depth and height. There are probably qualities we have not yet identified from our physical perspective, but from our energy perspective are familiar with and happily translating all the time.

So I understand vibration in my own limited way. I hope the little exploration you inspired today contributes a bit more to others wondering about how energy ends up being a person on a planet having a life.


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LaMont the MemeBeing

Thank you for your insights with regards to my question. I may just be visualising the complicated side of the frequency equation,after F=. Imagine assigning a unique freq. to every object and location in this universe alone. . How many digits and decimal places would be required to describe each. And to match freqs. That would req. some serious fine tuning tech. What is the freq. equation for a pink frog midway through a leap from one pad to another on a planet in a galaxy far away? :)

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This is what is wonderful about being energy translators, as we are. While mathematicians are working to coalesce the whole picture into an elegant numerical formula, someone else is thinking about it in latin liturgical voice, while another is writing romantic persian poetry to describe it. Still another is just picturing the scene in their imagination. Each is feeling the effect of their observation through their emotional guidance system, which is letting them know if they are aligned or not.

(19 Nov '14, 11:10) LaMont the MemeBeing

lmtmb, it is all energy yet at such a diversity. each creation with it's own note

(19 Nov '14, 20:15) fred
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Vibration is vibrating energy (which everything is made up of).

When you put water in a pot, it starts to boil and turn to steam. The heat causes the water to vibrate faster and it becomes warmer and less solid.

Compare this to emotions. Intense Fear shocks and paralyses people. It makes people feel "stuck". Even with less intense fear, it makes people feel "stuck" in life and not able to move forward in life.

Taking a deep breath and staying calm, or meditating, will "warm" your soul/emotional state, so it can move freely again, just like the water becomes warmer and boils and starts moving and turning to steam. With excitement, your soul is like the boiling water. Very active, very hot (due to the faster vibe) and very expressive. This is why when a person is too excited they can't control themselves, they dance, run, and jump with joy.

I hope this explanation helped. Peace and Love

If you are happy, enjoy it. If not, figure out what WOULD make you happy. Either way, your focus will be happiness and that will increase your vibe.


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Vibration is in the perception of the beholder. It is impossible for an object to have only one specific frequency. It is only your own frequency and the way that you feel about certain subjects that determines the frequency of an object. Nothing can exist unless mind enters into the equation. This is why we are the creators of our own reality, because we are free to choose how we feel about all subjects, circumstances, and objects. Then you can deliberately guide your emotions to match the frequency of how an object will make you feel when you receive it and it will vibrate towards you.


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I don't listen to that huey!

Every word you utter exists as its own frequency (vibration). Same with every idea and the same with every living thing. (particles are both mass and frequency) You can change them, but the idea of raising one's frequency is rooted in a mistaken belief about power hierarchies, that is rooted in fear.

People who want to feel superior to others tell others that they have to raise their frequency (or that they have raised their frequency, subtly telling you that you are inferior) You don't have to raise your frequency. You have to increase your self-respect. When you do that, everything just comes to you.


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