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We can just Google if we want to read "Motivational" Quotes. But I thought that it would very excellent, and a wonderful thing to do this Holiday 2014 Season, if we all decided to post our own Motivational Stories, or Inspirational Stories. What I am asking everybody to do is to think of a time when you found yourself moved by someone, or heard something that profoundly affected your life.

Please share these moments with each other, and with Inward Quest. What I am hoping we will do is to make a storehouse of personal stories that we can all turn to when we need a boost. Perhaps another way of putting this is for me to ask you, as a Gift to Each Other, and to the World, is to write up your stories and ideas and share them here.

You can share anything relevant: Even artwork is cool. or a favorite poem, or a title of a movie that always gets you going. Let us create a storehouse of "shares" that we can all turn to when we need inspiration. Make your post as full and rich as you care to: Post not just your own little story, but also your favorite inspirational pics, or poems, or movie t@i@t@l@e@s@- Just put all of it into your post.

Check out this link if you need to get yourself inspired.

I hope that this works out. Take some time over the Holidays to post something that will enrich and inspire us all. Be sure to consider even questions from IQ, and links to those questions. Just put into your post everything that helps you keep on trucking!



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I happen to like being reminded that there is more to this world than we know...

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Listening to Bashar's YouTube video on How to Follow Your Excitement is something that constantly puts me into a good mood, or at least into a neautral point where I can decide where I want to go.

I credit that there are vibrations within the clip I pick up on that lift me up.


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"We want to encourage you to seek the exalted self. In search of the exalted self is a quest that is well worthwhile. It is quite a quest, indeed.

You do not have to work with us continuously, or to work with anyone continuously to gather information. The only continuity that is needed is for you to continuously work with yourself and to seek the meaning of what we call the exalted self. Feel. What does that mean, the exalted self? Triumphant. Liberated. Joyous in achievement. The highest in attainment.

Your planet is in desperate need of committed entities who are in search of the exalted self. The continuity that we have been speaking of that will behoove you to bring in to your lives, is that from moment to moment you know inside your being that you are committed to discover this exaltation. This exaltation can be translated in words as a frequency, as a wave of feeling, as a vibration. You all understand vibration in terms of Light and sound. Vibrations are ongoing. They carry forms of intelligence. They transmit forms of intelligence as well. When you look to yourself and do not forget that you are on this path and you continuously remind yourself that you are pulling Light into your body and that you are seeking to raise the frequency of your physical being, to defy the laws of man and to alter the frequency of the planet, this kind of continuity can do more than all of the books and the tapings in the world.

In your commitment to that exalted self, there is nothing stronger. Once you make that commitment and once you speak to the gods and the goddesses, you commit yourself to the energy of Light, to the energy of exaltation and uplifted frequency. Then you are marked. Then you must live according to what these energies put before you as you call for your task to be accelerated."

--Pleiadians channeled by Barbara Marciniak


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