To give a little context, my default understanding of emotions, the one that seems to make sense in the world, is that they are guides to action/inaction, created by your mind's understanding of a situation. If you see a big, angry dog and your mind knows it is dangerous, you experience fear to encourage you to retreat. Confusion and anxiety keep you from taking action when your mind can't figure out what to do and senses the wrong action is dangerous. In other words, emotions are just an effect. The only way to change them is to change their cause, which is whatever situation caused them. You can get rid of fear of dogs by coming to the realization they are not dangerous but if that realization is false, the dog will attack and the fear will resurface. You can get rid of anxiety by pretending everything is okay but if it isn't, you'll experience the pain and return to a state of anxiety.

So how do I shift from this view of emotions, which is backed up by my life experience, to one that is more along the lines of Abraham's? Where do I find evidence to support the fact that good things are not just a product of random luck + social dynamics + deliberate action upon the natural world? How do I convince myself that I don't have to worry?

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Before I get the whole "Being happy is enough because that is the only reason you want the manifestations in the first place", or "You should be happy from the inside and not rely on external things"; Emotions are sensations, experience involves all our senses, not just emotions. I don't believe there is anything "external" to me, things are just patterns of my internal experience. If there is anything external, that is God; since I don't want to live in darkness, I do need it.

(02 Jan '13, 13:02) flowsurfer

Abandon thy self, and conviction of no-one will be needed

(02 Jan '13, 17:51) CalonLan

Emotions are the first manifestation of whether you are letting in what you want or holding it away from yourself . So I like to think of them as a traffic sign , good feeling/God Feeling = connected to Source and the green light, keep it up.. yucky feelings disconnected from Source therefore red light = going wrong way. It is your inbuilt guidance system to show you if you are in alignment with how your higher self experiences by Emotion ,it doesn't do the physical car, house,girlfriend , etc

(03 Jan '13, 23:04) Starlight

@Starlight, feeling good has nothing to do with being connected to the source. Not in the way you, Abraham or Bashar or as a matter of fact vast majority of people, present it anyway.

(16 Jan '13, 04:12) CalonLan

@Calonlan , you live by your beliefs and I will do what I know without a doubt works in mine . AGAIN "you and I will have to agree to disagree "

(16 Jan '13, 09:40) Starlight

Stare into the sun and all of life will be, only what the sun allows to see. In blinding darkness binding light, light much darker than the darkest night.

But of course, enjoy it ;)

(17 Jan '13, 02:15) CalonLan
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So how do I shift from this view of emotions, which is backed up by my life experience, to one that is more along the lines of Abraham's? Where do I find evidence to support the fact that good things are not just a product of random luck + social dynamics + deliberate action upon the natural world?

If you've ever experienced the phenomenon, When it rains, it pours, then you have experienced evidence of the law of attraction in operation. In this case, it is in a negative sense, of course. I think we've all been there at one time or another.

If you have ever had the experience of a "good streak", wherein everything just seems to go right for you during the entire day or week, then you have also experienced it. (Maybe this hasn't happened in a long time...but it probably happened to you at least a few times during your youth).

There is also a wealth of historical evidence in the public record, if you examine the lives of certain famous people.

On the negative side, most of the gothic and early horror writers died in strange or horrid circumstances--Edgar Allan Poe (mysteriously disappeared, later found delirious and dying in the streets, wearing someone else's clothes), Matthew Lewis (plague), Anne Radcliffe (madness), H. P. Lovecraft (wasted away from a cancerous illness, much like his doomed characters), Sheridan LeFanu (madness, visions, and strange feverish illness). Nearly all of these authors spent their careers writing about doomed characters experiencing horrid phenomena, and in the first person. So this seems to be virtual proof of these people manifesting what they were conscious of, what they focused on, and what they wrote about in the physical realm.

In the modern day, we also have the example of Stephen King, who wrote a book called Misery and then experienced an accident and circumstance peculiarly similar to what he wrote about.

If you do some internet research, you can find further examples of famous people who predicted the manner of their deaths (by drugs, suicide, etc.) long before it actually happened. Michael Jackson, Ernest Hemingway, and the actor George Sanders are but a few examples. In this case their firm beliefs in their "doom" or "fate" became a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Hope all that didn't get you onto positive examples.

I've already started a post containing a list of evidence, which I add to from time to time. Here it is:

And this answer, farther down on the same page:


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@lozenge123 Nice answer:). And here are some musicians that predicted their own death

(02 Jan '13, 16:39) releaser99

@releaser99 - Wow! Didn't know about those. Thanks for that, it's valuable evidence.

(02 Jan '13, 17:37) lozenge123

When it rains, it pours, - and you either feel the rain or get wet.

@lozenge123, does positive thinking stops you from dying? Maybe those people chose the way to go in a certain way and it happened. Good for them. Every living thing is going to die eventually, it doesn't matter when if you life full. For when matters only to empty. And time matters only those who fear death.

What seems "horrid" to common man, was normal to them. Just as there's nothing to fear about death for those..

(02 Jan '13, 18:40) CalonLan

...who understand death is but a friend of life, welcoming every living being into non-existence with open arms, just like life welcomes you into existence. ;-)

Life or death, it's a party either way

(02 Jan '13, 18:41) CalonLan

Your death may be a friend of life but my death is not.

(02 Jan '13, 18:50) flowsurfer

There's no "my" death, of "my" life. Only death and life.

(02 Jan '13, 19:34) CalonLan

@CalonLan - Although (assuming one believes in the immortality of the soul and its connection to Source) it is true that in the long run there "really is nothing to worry about"--even with regard to death--the negative examples I quoted above were for the most part (self-) tortured people who led a painful existence. Death may have been a release, but it was a painful march towards that release. And while their fate may have been their choice, I don't think it was a conscious one...

(02 Jan '13, 20:25) lozenge123

...(In the case of the suicides, I don't believe they consciously chose the unhappiness that caused them to seek release). For those of us "on the path", who are seeking a life of greater freedom, happiness, and conscious control over our own reality, I think it can be confusing to lump together pain and joy, life and death, etc., all into the same boat. To say "it's all just the same thing." Maybe from the point of view of God, or a non-physical spirit, or an enlightened being...

(02 Jan '13, 20:25) lozenge123

...but from your average human truth-seeker on the ground, it's not going to make much sense. Anyway, I've been in those dark trenches myself, and frankly, I wouldn't wish them on anybody. Although some people may get caught up in negative momentum and make choices that cause them pain, I think, for the most part, these people still want to be happy...they simply make those painful choices because they can't see the way to the light...

(02 Jan '13, 20:25) lozenge123

...That's why (I believe) most of us are here at Inward Quest. We're looking for the way to the light, to find happiness, to consciously create our own reality--and help others find that way too.

(02 Jan '13, 20:25) lozenge123

@lozenge123,that want to control reality and keep it on the side of happiness is causing all the unhappiness.Sometimes I want to smile and other times I wanna cry,I want to feel sad because I feel too happy.Sometimes I want to be loud,sing,dance,get drunk and other times I sit alone,in darkness,in silence,aware of myself.

And indeed it is confusing,cuz of the boundaries "self or sense of identity" creates.When you enjoy pain,because you had too much joy,sweetness of balance will be understood.

(03 Jan '13, 08:39) CalonLan

@CalonLan "Enjoy pain"... I always think, isn't that going in the positive direction anyways? I'm thinking of this in regards to the answer you gave me awhile ago and the seasons example... "enjoying winter and summer, not wishing for summer". Isn't it still all enjoyment?

(03 Jan '13, 14:16) LapisLazuli

Or are you saying it's the constant need to keep changing things into something different? Instead to just enjoy things as they are?

(03 Jan '13, 14:20) LapisLazuli

I think the need to change things is definately a barrier

(03 Jan '13, 14:21) LapisLazuli

@LapisLazuli, there is no need to keep changing things at all. Everything in life is act of balance. For winter there is summer. For working hard in loud environment, there is resting gracefully in silence. For thinking too much, there is no thinking at all.

Extremes, that's where most people forcefully reside. They summon affirmation and techniques to stay happy all the time. But they need to force their happiness, because they are still eaten by all the things that bring them unhappiness....

(03 Jan '13, 15:43) CalonLan

...When you don't cling to life or happiness, as in, you are not running from death, nor from things that seem to bring you unhappiness. Then you can look at lives of your close ones and see poetic stories where everyone eventually dies. And perhaps you cry from sadness by their end, but still feel happy anyway. You do not regret the story has ended, and while their end might make you momentarily sad, knowing how beautiful those story were makes you cry happy tears.

(03 Jan '13, 15:53) CalonLan

...this kind of happiness is something else than the happiness you see as opposed to sadness. Happiness is not even the right word, but I hope for illustration sake it will suffice.

And these words are not helping me much, but I'll tell you this...

When you find yourself in sadness so deep, your eyes feel like rivers and face like waterfall, yet of all the moments you've been happy, this one is the happiest of them all

...then you will understand firsthand what I was trying to say here :)

(03 Jan '13, 16:04) CalonLan

@LapisLazuli, one more thing, don't try to understand it through logic. Logic can't comprehend it. It says happiness is this way, and sadness that way. But I say to find happiness is to go towards sadness. To have more, you have to have less.

It's illogical to search for happiness in house of sadness, but only when you can embrace that which you are running from, you become complete. Then "happiness" will follow. Or feeling of being complete it is.

Sadness and happiness is the same thing...

(03 Jan '13, 16:18) CalonLan

....just like death and life are the same thing. What sense does it make to want to reach that thing (in form of happiness/life) if you are running away from it (in form of sadness/death)?

Welcome and embrace them both and you'll see what happens.

When you dance with death, you are in fact dancing with life. Stay in the center and let opposites, yin and yang, run through you. Don't run with them, there's no need. Just enjoy ;)

(03 Jan '13, 16:23) CalonLan

"There's no need to keep changing things at all" Sorry, I wasn't being clear:/ I meant when a person feels a need to change to be happy, that they have to keep changing until the outside changes, instead of just being happy.

Just enjoy. I agree :P

(03 Jan '13, 20:17) LapisLazuli

Oh, and you are very poetic, I enjoy your writing. I really have to think about what your saying sometimes, even then I'm not always sure if I interpret it the same way you were trying to explain it, but it is always helpful nonetheless.

(03 Jan '13, 20:22) LapisLazuli

@calonlan i would rather say that they are opposite extreme of the same balence.yet happiness is not find in extreme but right in the middle when you know how they relate together.when you see the big picture you do not need to go in extremes anny know the truth and are set free.experience and enjoy.

(03 Jan '13, 22:19) white tiger

@Lozenge123, Great Answer!!!'Although some people may get caught up in negative momentum and make choices that cause them pain, I think, for the most part, these people still want to be happy...they simply make those painful choices because they can't see the way to the light...' - thank you so much for this comment. Been there done that, I have inflicted pain upon myself knowingly and no matter how i tried i could not sooth myself foe having done harm to myself knowingly

(16 Jan '13, 19:49) dreamersmiles

@Lozenge123, your comment has soothed me so much has taken away the sting from the thought, has helped me to put the whole experience into perspective. I just needed to read it right now. Thank you so much for your wise words and the relief you have brought me though those words. Thank you so much.

(16 Jan '13, 19:50) dreamersmiles

@Lozenge123 and @LapisLazuli I am really sorry i made a mistake in making my comment and had addressed it to wrong person. I apologize and I have now corrected my mistake and if you get any notification about the comment please pardon me.

(16 Jan '13, 19:52) dreamersmiles
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It seems to me as though you’d benefit greatly by redefining your ideas about beliefs, emotions, chance, randomness and luck etcetera. I’ll simply offer a few definitions that I know to be true and helpful, based upon my life experience and leave you to join the dots :)

Everything you currently believe is backed up, in one form or another, by your life experience. This is because the very nature of belief is that it will perpetually bring you evidence of what you most believe to be true until you decide to redefine and believe in something else. There is no reality outside of any reality that you can imagine, define and believe to be reality.

Chance, randomness and luck are leftovers from the outdated mechanical (Newtonian) world view. Everything you experience is caused by vibrational attraction, which is determined by your current core beliefs. Changing your beliefs changes your vibration causing a different reality reflection in the Universal mirror of your life experience.

Your mind consists of two parts, a lower physical mind and a higher non-physical mind or higher self. Your higher self guides you to what will best serve you (based upon what you say you want to experience) through intuition, inspiration and emotional guidance. Your emotions are feedback from your higher self that tell you whether or not your current action will best serve you or not. Good feelings mean yes and bad feelings mean no. Always trust your gut instincts :)

To prove to yourself that emotions are indeed caused by beliefs, consider these two statements:

  1. Someone you don’t know approaches you and says, “I’m leaving now and you’ll never see me again!”

  2. Your spouse of 20 years unexpectedly says to you, “I’m leaving now and you’ll never see me again!”

In the first statement no belief exists, so you probably won’t feel anything. In the second statement, due to your beliefs you’ll probably have a massive emotional reaction or response. The point is that your emotions are always tied to your beliefs, so to change them you have to redefine your beliefs and think different thoughts.

The bottom line to this answer is that if it feels good it is good and if not then it’s not in your best interest to follow that line of thought, word and action. 2013 is about transformation, here we go ♥


answered 03 Jan '13, 21:08

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if it is a stranger or your wife that wants to leave it is her choice. you are not responsible of her choice. if they believe that they are better with out you and wants to cut them self from you it is their problem not yours. but what makes them believe that they need to cut them self from you? that is the answer to the problem.

(03 Jan '13, 22:27) white tiger

What has this to do with my answer? I am illustrating something that you continue to refuse to understand. Why you feel the need to comment at all is the greater question...

(03 Jan '13, 22:42) Eddie

Loved your answer Eddie , speaks volumes to me , keep up the fantastic work :-)

(03 Jan '13, 22:54) Starlight

i might understand more that you think, then is it me that refuse to understand? or you that did not connect some dots? who ever made her believe that she was better with out you is resposible of doing this to her and you. and she is responsible of believing this for her and you. and if she believe this did she really love you in the first place?then why should it affect you? you are not responsible of this,are you? and if it affect you is it because she was not truthfull with her self and you?

(03 Jan '13, 22:55) white tiger

then you lived a lie for 20 years at least the stranger did not make you live a lie for 20 years. do you like more the stranger or the wife in that case? yet they did the same thing out of their own free will. both of them made the choice to not see you again. so what if they want to view you as the problem and refuse to look at them self and understand the truth. should it make you unhappy?

(03 Jan '13, 23:00) white tiger

Your emotions are obviously tied to your beliefs, it's hard to deny that. What is easy to deny is that your beliefs are the cause of perception and not the result. Yes, beliefs help shape perception just like learning what a car is will shape your perception of an urban environment. If you learn that cars are a means of transportation, you'll see the city one way. If you learn that cars are evil monsters you'll see the city another way. But one way will be backed by reality, the other will not.

(04 Jan '13, 00:05) flowsurfer

Or will it? It is that problem that is hard to deal with. Is there a real reality in which I exist as an object and which I am more or less enslaved to and therefore must worry about or am I pure consciousness perceiving whatever reality I am tuned into? Because I often find that my beliefs don't quite match my experience; one simple but very illustrative example is when you are climbing the stairs and there is one less step than you expected there to be.

(04 Jan '13, 00:06) flowsurfer

@starlight - thanks, I have no choice because I love it :)

(04 Jan '13, 01:09) Eddie

@flowsurfer - to reach the understanding that there is no reality other than any reality that you most believe to be true; it's worth looking into the nature of existence and the nature of time and joining those dots...

(04 Jan '13, 01:12) Eddie


I love it too. What's not to love? It's clear, to the point & easily understood. I couldn't agree more with what you said. It's user friendly & easy to apply.

(04 Jan '13, 01:17) ele

@ele - thanks, it's always nice to get feedback, even if it is from myself :)

(04 Jan '13, 01:28) Eddie

if i told you that if i play chess with you i could check mate you in 4 moves would you believe that i am telling you the truth?

(04 Jan '13, 01:34) white tiger

@Eddie, what an inspiring message. Thank you!

(04 Jan '13, 15:36) figure8shape

@flowsurfer the one that see cars as monster is in fear,but might have valid point according to bad experience.the one that see cars are a means of transportation as a valid point that is not coming from fear but he might not have add bad experience with cars or he might have add bad experience with cars but he conquered is fear with understanding and truth. who do you think is in reality the one acting from fear or the one in understanding and truth? does this make it easier for you?

(16 Jan '13, 03:47) white tiger
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These are not quite examples that being happy is enough, they involve visualization. But I thought the hat story was funny.

  1. A seamstress and dress designer I know wanted more money. Using her imagination, she held an envelope in her hand and listened to the paper tear as she opened it. Shaking the contents out, she counted the money to the very penny. This she did for seven nights. On the eighth day, a lady called, offering her a job which paid her, to the penny, what she had imagined. Do you know - that lady could have counted out much more and she would have received it, but she was quite satisfied with the amount she had imagined.

  2. Another lady went to Sterns Department Store in New York City, saying to herself: "Neville says I can have anything I want if I will imagine and believe in my imaginal act." Having no money, this lady walked over to the hat department, took off her hat and tried on a new one. Walking around the area, she admired herself in front of all the mirrors, but when she returned, her hat was gone. When she described it to the sales lady, she learned that her hat had been sold! The section manager was called in, and he told her to take any hat she wanted, compliments of Sterns. She liked the one she had been wearing, so she left the store with her new hat on her head, and she hadn't paid a dime for it.

  3. Here is another story of a similar nature. This lady's profession was that of being a lady of the evening. She attended all of my meetings, and one day she said to me; "You know, Neville, the strangest thing happened. You told me that I could have anything I wanted if I simply imagined it. One day I saw a beautiful hat in the window of a department store on Broadway. It was $18, but I loved it so I imagined wearing the hat. As I walked up the street I kept looking at my reflection in the shop windows, seeing that hat on my head. Arriving home, I imagined placing the new hat in the closet instead of my old one. Every day, for the next week or ten days, as I put on my old hat, I imagined it was the new one. Then one day a friend called and asked me to come see her. While there, she brought out a hat box and said; 'I must have been insane when I bought this hat. I wouldn't wear it to a dog fight; yet strangely enough I feel it would look lovely on you.' She opened the box and brought out, not a hat, but the hat, the very hat I had seen in the window and worn in my imagination." Then she asked: "Neville, why didn't God give me the money to buy the hat myself, instead of giving it to me in this manner?" Knowing her profession, I said, "Ann, do you owe any rent?" and she replied, "Yes, two weeks." "What do you pay, about $17.50 per week?" "Yes." "So you owe $35. What price hats do you usually buy? Three or four dollar ones? Have you ever bought a $17 hat?" "Never." "Then tell me honestly. If, when you were looking at the hat, you had seen a $100 bill on the ground, would you have brought the hat?" She said "No." Then I said, "No matter how much money God might have given you, you still would not have bought the hat, so someone else had to buy it for you, and they did."

  4. I have bought clothes, brought them home, and wondered what possessed me to buy them. I did it because someone was treading in the winepress elsewhere. Someone imagined a suit of clothes, so I went to my tailor, chose the cloth, and paid for the suit. But when I brought it home, my wife wouldn't let me bring it into the house. Then a friend who wanted something just like it contacted me and got the suit. He was treading the winepress while I paid for the suit.

The story of the boy:

One afternoon a young grandmother, a business- woman in New York, came to see me. She brought along her nine-year-old grandson, who was visiting her from his home in Pennsylvania. In response to her questions, I explained the law of assumption, describing in detail the procedure to be followed in attaining an objective. The boy sat quietly, apparently absorbed in a small toy truck while I explained to the grandmother the method of assuming the state of consciousness that would be hers were her desire already fulfilled. I told her the story of the soldier in camp who each night fell asleep, imagining himself to be in his own bed in his own home.

When the boy and his grandmother were leav- ing, he looked up at me with great excitement and said, "I know what I want and, now, I know how to get it." Surprised, I asked him what it was he wanted; he told me he had his heart set on a puppy. To this the grandmother vigorously protested, tell- ing the boy that it had been made clear repeatedly that he could not have a dog under any circum- stances . . . that his father and mother would not allow it, that the boy was too young to care for it properly, and furthermore the father had a deep dislike for dogs — he actually hated to have one around.

All these were arguments the boy, passionately desirous of having a dog, refused to understand. "Now I know what to do," he said. "Every night just as I am going off to sleep I am going to pretend that I have a dog and we are going for a walk."

"No," said the grandmother, "that is not what Mr. Neville means. This was not meant for you. You cannot have a dog."

Approximately six weeks later, the grandmother told me what was to her an astonishing story. The boy's desire to own a dog was so intense that he had absorbed all that I had told his grandmother of how to attain one's desire — and he believed implicitly that at last he knew how to get a dog.

Putting this belief into practice, for many nights the boy imagined a dog was lying in his bed beside him. In imagination he petted the dog actually feeling its fur. Things like playing with the dog and taking it for a walk filled his mind.

Within a few weeks it happened. A newspaper in the city in which the boy lived organized a special program in connection with Kindness to Animals Week. All schoolchildren were requested to write an essay on "Why I Would Like to Own a Dog." After entries from all the schools were submitted and judged, the winner of the contest was an- nounced. The very same boy who weeks before in my apartment in New York had told me "Now I know how to get a dog" was the winner. In an elaborate ceremony, which was publicized with stories and pictures in the newspaper, the boy was awarded a beautiful collie puppy.

In relating this story, the grandmother told me that if the boy had been given the money with which to buy a dog, the parents would have refused to do so and would have used it to buy a bond for the boy or put it in the savings bank for him. Fur- thermore, if someone had made the boy a gift of a dog, they would have refused it or given it away. But the dramatic manner in which they boy got the dog, the way he won the city- wide contest, the stories and pictures in the newspaper, the pride of achievement and joy of the boy himself all com- bined to bring about a change of heart in the par- ents, and they found themselves doing that which they never conceived possible — they allowed him to keep the dog.

All this the grandmother explained to me, and she concluded by saying that there was one par- ticular kind of dog on which the boy had set his heart. It was a collie.


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@flowsurfer - Great examples. I've always wanted to read Goddard after I heard the story of the boy who manifested a pet puppy, taken from one of his books...I think it was quoted in one of Greg Braden's books. Great story if we can find it.

(02 Jan '13, 20:29) lozenge123

@Flowsurfer , these are great , thanks for sharing and making my smile even broader this morning . I especially love No 3 , because I know that same has applied to both me and my friends . Love and Happiness my wish for you ♥♥♥

(02 Jan '13, 21:12) Starlight

The story of the boy who manifested the puppy makes me cry everytime I hear it. It is one of the case histories from The Power of Awareness. I'm adding above.

(02 Jan '13, 21:43) flowsurfer

@Flowsurfer - Thanks for finding that. Such a great story. I'll be reading more Goddard thru that link...

(03 Jan '13, 00:16) lozenge123

@flowsurfer - the story about "aladdin and the magic lamp" really can come true ... :)

(03 Jan '13, 01:19) blubird two

@flowsurfer , I revisited your second link today and want to say thanks again , it's very usefull info from Neville :-) Many Blessings ....

(16 Jan '13, 19:43) Starlight
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It's not the situation that has created the effect [of emotion], it's a core belief that creates the emotion. If you truly believe beyond a shadow of a doubt that dogs will attack you, then your emotions are the effect of your core belief that they will; because if you didn't believe that the dogs would attack you, you would not feel anxious and fearful when you see a dog. Don't pretend that things are Ok, because that's approaching it in a way that denies your belief that still exists. For example, if you went up to a dog saying "well lets see if it attacks me", you're still believing that it will, and will use the attack as confirmation of the current belief.

When you mention evidence, it's like you're saying, you'll believe it when you see it, but this is backwards to how you need to approach it. When you believe, you will see it.

When you mention how things are "backed by history", recognize that every situation is not the situation that happened previously. Your ego can only perceive what might happen based on what has happened. Just because something happened in the past, it does not mean it will happen that way again. You are generating expectation based on past events rather than being open to what is going on NOW.

As far as being happy goes, be happy because you prefer to be, because you can be. Don't make it conditional. Why only allow yourself to be happy when certain circumstances are met?


answered 03 Jan '13, 18:29

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Love this , reminds me of an old friend who wondered why she couldn't get a new boyfriend , she was fond of standing arms folded across her chest and saying "It's a FACT all men are blah blah blah" My reply , "no not fact , only your experiences " as you can imagine it not well received from a closed mind , lol :-)

(03 Jan '13, 18:38) Starlight

what if i said to you when you stop believing then you will see it for what it is. but as long as you blind your self and do not want to see,then believe annything you want,but it might not be in truth.

(04 Jan '13, 01:17) white tiger

@Symbiotx, really good point about pretending to have a different belief than you actually have. I have a hard time with this one, and will often find myself telling myself (and others) that I have a better belief from the one that I actually hold.

(15 Jan '13, 09:07) Bedazzled

also for dog if you fear they will attack you what ever you believe.also there is different dog some are passive and some are agressif and some dog guard and protect. if you fear with a passive dog he might not attack you.but with agressive dog or a guard dog if you fear it will happen and if you don't fear it might still happen but if you have authority and your level of dominance is higher then the dog he will not attack you when you face him he will back off,onless the dog is crazy.

(16 Jan '13, 03:56) white tiger

I had a dog. It would attack me out of nowhere. I could not push the dog out of my bed without getting a scar. Did being attacked multiple times mean the dog would attack me in the future? No, but I would be an idiot to deal with that dog the same way I would deal with a regular dog. As for being happy only under certain circumstances, it's not really about immediate circumstances, it is about context.

(16 Jan '13, 13:36) flowsurfer

@flowsurfer did you learn to deal with the dog in the proper way? did you find harmony with the dog? all dog are regular dog and all human are regular human. can you blame the dog if is owner made him to become agressif did not properly train him,trained him to guard or protect or made him become crazy? samething for the human as innocent child he was not tainted by this world,and now this world affected him but he is a regular human living in this world what ever is state of being.

(16 Jan '13, 15:41) white tiger
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"How do I convince myself that I don't have to worry?"

What convinces you that you do? :) I mean that seriously, just think - What has worrying ever done for you that is so good you want to keep doing it?

It doesn't help you, it hurts you, in my opinion. Worrying is just a mental habit that you can replace with another mental habit. Instead of dwelling on what's wrong, simply dwell on what's right.

Worrying will bring more sorrow for you to worry about. Rejoicing will bring more happiness for you to rejoice about.

It's something I've learned very recently - just in the last several months. I have kicked the worry habit - and I've been a professional worrier all my life. I am happier, healthier, and more excited about life than I have ever been before. It really does work wonders. Change your thoughts, and you will change your life.

I encourage you; take the plunge. Trust. Let go. Allow yourself be happy, just for the sake of how very good it feels to be happy, and watch what happens. I believe that your own experience will be all the evidence you will ever need.



answered 16 Jan '13, 01:07

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I bet this is your favorite song these days

(16 Jan '13, 05:18) ursixx

I'm not asking which is the best way to live, being happy or being worried. I'm asking if I can manifest the kind of life I desire, in specific terms, just by focusing on being as happy as I can.

(16 Jan '13, 13:31) flowsurfer

@ursixx - :) Slimy, yet satisfying.

(16 Jan '13, 15:25) Grace

@flowsurfer - Oh. Then.... Yes. :)

(16 Jan '13, 15:26) Grace

@Grace Are you being serious or funny?

(16 Jan '13, 19:28) flowsurfer

@Grace, good to see you, it felt as if you have been away for some time. Its great to hear that you are happy and healthy. Its one thing to get these things intellectually and totally different to 'get them' at a knowing level. I am still working to make this 'visceral' where I 'know' as you and so many others here seem to know. But, one day i would have this all figured out and I would be living from a happy place, viscerally happy,happy for no other reason other than that i want to be happy:))

(16 Jan '13, 19:56) dreamersmiles

@flowsurfer - I am being perfectly serious. In your comment you seemed to ask for a simple yes or no. My answer is yes. I honestly believe that if you just enjoy being happy for the sake of being happy, you can manifest the kind of life you desire.

I'm still very much a student in this myself, but I have come a very long way, and my growth and progress is due almost soley to the advice and encouragement I receive here on IQ. The advice that gave me what I shared in my answer to you. :)

(16 Jan '13, 22:15) Grace

@dreamersmiles - thank you. It seems so funny for me to be on the receiving end of such a kind comment. I don't have it all figured out either, but I am doing so much better than I was, I have some difficulty recalling how I used to think. I can hear @Stingray chuckling knowingly somewhere near. ;)

(16 Jan '13, 22:32) Grace

....He may have known I would get the hang of it, and get to feeling better one day, but I sure didn't LOL! @dreamersmiles, you will get the hang of it too. Just keep at it. It really does get easier as you go - just keep going! :)

(16 Jan '13, 22:32) Grace

Good for you Grace , isn't it amazing , how if we are open to just experiment a little and give it a try , that Universe gives us fantastic feedback :-)

(16 Jan '13, 22:33) Starlight

@Starlight - True that! Somehow that is the most difficult thing to understand - the simplicity. You simply put a process or three into practice to keep your vibration steady, and everything starts morphing, right in front of you. :)

(16 Jan '13, 22:43) Grace

@Grace , I believe on one of Abrahams vids is a reference to "you will laugh when you realise how easy it all is and how you kept yourself away from the things you wanted for so long "

I have been 'playing" with AffOrmations for a week now and as you say things just keep on appearing , it is AWESOME !

plz excuse my enthusiasm ;-)

(16 Jan '13, 22:55) Starlight
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Wow - lots of great long answers. For me it was simple. I want to be happy but I have all these goals. The answer is to remember that life is a journey not a destination. Enjoy the journey. All the good and the bad.

Also this helps I seek the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, Courage to change the things I can, And the wisdom to know the difference.


answered 15 Jan '13, 12:19

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Barry Allen ♦♦

Hello flowsurfer

For me happiness is a by-product of healthy living and the full acceptance of what is ... Gregg Braden gives a deep explanation of this with these words;

"As we mature in our spiritual understanding, that we are part of everything in the world, and that we are capable of creating in our world, the more we believe that it is possible the less important it becomes to change our reality. When we feel we are powerless the ego most wants to change the things in our world. As we realize we have the power to change our reality the maturity that comes with that understanding changes us, and we find ourselves in acceptance of what is with less desire of feeling our need to change the world around us"

Update 17 jan 2013 - the gist of my answer is that in accepting what is, we see things from a different angle and the question, in this case the "need to convince yourself that being happy is enough", vanishes. bb2


answered 16 Jan '13, 10:43

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blubird two

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That may or may not be true but you have to first reach the point of fully believing (from experience) that it is possible. The question was not "how do I reach happiness?", the question was "can I be the specific person I want to be just by focusing on being as happy as I can?"

(16 Jan '13, 13:22) flowsurfer

@flowsurfer-ok, thanks for your comment

(16 Jan '13, 13:40) blubird two
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