The state of being Present in the now moment or being in the Vortex .Are they really just aspects of the same thing? 

I realise that most teachings and methods seem to point towards just being happy in the present moment.

Thank you.

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Since feeling good is the primary goal that we all wish to achieve one way or another, then yes, the "Now" moment and the "Vortex" are essentially the same thing. They work in synergy with each other even though we give them names or labels that may make them seem to be two different things.

You can't experience a good feeling tomorrow, or an hour from now, or even a minute from now. You can only experience that good feeling this very minute, this very minute, this very minute, this very minute.

Everything that you desire exists this very minute in your vibrational vortex of creation, so it makes perfect sense to be present in the Now Moment right along side of all your vortex creations. Being present right now is who we really are because right now is all there is. Since right now is all there is, then it becomes obvious that everything we want and desire is part of that Now-ness and Is-ness.

When we focus on the illusionary aspects of the past and the future, we are then resisting what we created in the present moment. We can't create in the past or the future, only the present. We are off balance because we are blocking the flow in the now moment by focusing on the illusion of what was and the illusion of what could be, instead of The True Reality Of What Is.

When we visualize about that new car we have always wanted and truly feel that it is in our reality right now, and feel pure joy about having it right now, that is being in the vortex right now. We are then lining up or matching up to the frequency or creation right this very moment. Our own personal vortex and now moment frequency are blending together to create our physical manifestation.

When you are happy in the present moment, you are being who you really are. When you are feeling negativity in the present moment, you are blocking or resisting who you really are. We are eternal and infinite "Now-ness" and are experiencing the illusion of time to grow an expand our consciousness with a new and exciting experience of separation from the one eternal source that is Now.


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@Cory-thanks,really clarified things for me here.i can now also see that the Vortex and being fully present in the moment are really just labels for who we truly are.appreciated:)

(05 Apr '12, 11:50) Satori

@Satori You summed it up pretty well with that comment. Once we can grasp "the concept of who we truly are," then everything else will work itself out and make a whole lot more sense. I'm glad you found some value in my answer and you are very welcome :)

(07 Apr '12, 23:47) Cory
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