We all have many ideas every day passing through our minds, some of which we are conscious and others of which we are not.

Would you agree with the phrase, "Each idea stays creative and manifests in reality?"

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blubird two

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Barry Allen ♦♦

Thank you for asking this question bluebird.

I like to get this answer started now and expand on it later.

It just happens that I have been reading up about this phenomenon from a different angle and my concepts of "manifestation" are changing a little bit because of it.

According this information, (that attracted my interest), much of our experience here is mind experience that is super imposed upon an excising physical reality.

It seems that it is from this perspective that the description "our experience is an illusion" takes its origin.

The more I play with the "silence" while still participating in reality, the more I am discovering that this concept is absolutely true and verifiable by every individual.

The way you asked the question is perfect, because this answer only applies to the specific way you have worded your question.

You asked "do all of our ideas really manifest in reality in some form?”

And within that context, the answer is YES.

But the unspoken truth about it is that it is mostly as illusion.

I'll expand on this later.

The following was added on July 30th 2011

OK Here is the answer after many edits and re-edits. This is the best I can condense it without changing it too much. Sorry for the looooong answer.

Ok let’s take “manifestation” and look at it for what it is.

We are not really “manifesting” anything.

We don’t wave a magic wand, say a few magical words and make it appear out of thin air.

Nothing gets magically created in manifestation.

When we say manifestation, we are really talking about having (attracting) something that already exist or can potentially exist where the existence of it is easily envisioned in the mind.

Most of the manifestation of “stuff” is a process of attracting the experience of having that stuff.

And those who have experimented and studied this phenomenon would have arrived at a few solid and verifiable conclusions.

When you focus, envision, and attract a thing or an experience, the process falls under one of two ways.

The most common way is where, opportunities to make that experience happen come to the attention of the individual doing the focus, and it is up to the individual to get off the couch and act (WORK) towards having that experience; all the while holding on to an uncompromising vision of eventually attaining that goal.

However, the difference, when focus is applied is that the chain-links of connected events appear to miraculously fall into place as-if by magic, and yet each linking event only connects to the next when one decides to actually do “WORK” towards accomplishing the goal.

It is as-if the universe watches your effort from within you and helps you along with coincidental magic.

It is quite different from just working hard (without focus or intent) till you accomplish your goal.

It seems that when you work towards a goal with an intense focus of vision and confidence as if it has already happened, and at the same time work with effort at every step of the way, something magical and spiritual happens where all the details get taken care of magically.

But what is this?

Could it be the power of creation working through each of us and pushing the envelope of creation?

Could we not also see this as the communication between all of humanity that is assisted by our natural ability to connect psychically and our collective participation in a common ocean of consciousness?

Because when you observe the magic that unfolds, you find yourself receiving instructions from within that are essentially hunches or feelings of guidance to either be somewhere or call someone, or make a sudden stop that you normally don’t make etc., which miraculously lead to seemingly co-incidental “bumping-into” of individuals that hold the key to your next step towards accomplishing your goal.

Anybody who takes this so-called “Law of Attraction” seriously and decides to test it with sincerity and an open mind instead of skepticism, can and will always experience and event that that will seem miraculous.

Once you study it as a psychic phenomenon combined with the collective consciousness, it doesn’t seem to be so magical after all, because, you really can’t actually “Manifest” things with this approach.

You can only attract the experience – of something, but you need to put in the work.

Now that is all the first type of experience.

The second type of attraction possibly works with the same phenomenon but appears to work with the energy between creation and our consciousness, and its effect is truly magical and amazing when experienced.

This is where you envision something that is not “Stuff” related but more “show me or guide me” related where you are praying for a miracle, or guidance.

This is where you surrender yourself into a state of gratitude for the guidance you are seeking, and you take yourself to a place of thankfulness in your mind as if you have already received what you are asking for.

When you do it right you feel extremely vulnerable and the smallest thing moves you to tears but you feel a strange sense of safety in your state of surrender and anticipation.

And here’s the most interesting moment in this approach.

You don’t choose the moment.

The moment chooses you, or to put it more specifically, I think the power of Creation chooses the moment and any number of miracles unfold.

Sometimes, you are summoned to become the difference in someone else’s life, where they are left with the experience that you are an angel in disguise and you are left with a feeling of joy.

Or more miraculously, nature appears to suddenly respond to your needs.

I’m sure you have read such accounts as a sudden gust of wind appearing to help a lost sailor, dolphins helping a drowning victim to safety, animals alerting their owners of an impending heart attack, or even a feeling of danger causing a person to miss a plane, which later crashes, where their life is spared because they trusted that feeling.

These types of things begin to happen more frequently as a person begins to surrender their analysis and instead allow guidance a chance.

In the second case, the manifestation or attraction is not a “thing” but rather an opening up of a connection to this “creative force” where one gets to experience this magical quality to life that is always illusive when you chase it, and yet it is right there when you surrender to it.

It is like trying to catch the wind, which is not only impossible, but when you try to catch it, you realize that you don’t possess the understanding or the skill to comprehend it or contain it.

You have to surrender yourself to it and let it blow on you, and in that moment you experience its existence and power along with the wonderful sensation that follows when you let it do its thing.

Analysis, it seems, is the one thing that seems to widen the gap between the practical and the miraculous.

The funny thing is that when one relaxes the analytical mind they begin to access both the practical and the miraculous.

But when one insists on existing within analysis alone, they are not only cut-off from the miraculous side of life, but they are totally unable to “fit the experience” within a practical context or application, and therefore prefer to disqualify the event with well-established theories if dismissal.

But let me come back to my first point.

As miraculous as these experiences seem, when you go through them, you don’t possess the power to “manifest” and “create” and experience them by your own effort or power.

The experience is more like “ask and receive” or “ask and wait for the next instruction, follow that (with work) and receive your next instruction, and the next, and so-on until you are staring at the thing you asked for in the first place.

So we may not possess the power to create or manifest anything.

However, our ability to develop a relationship with this un-seen energy does make events coincide in our favor.

Now let me come to the problem side of this whole “attraction” thing.

I think that while we possess the power to ask and receive, we were not meant to walk around with this crowded conversation constantly running on auto-pilot within our consciousness.

There is something else going on here.

While there definitely is an energetic property to matter (which may or may not be intelligent), and while we possess this quality within us which we describe as intelligence, there seems to be another layer or behavior that is involuntary that is affecting and "effecting" our experience.

This layer almost behaves like the analytical mind with the power of reasoning, but it isn’t.

It is something else that almost pretends to be the analytical mind; perhaps we can call it the involuntary mind.

It is the behavior of thinking when we don’t want to think.

It is the portion that when you are about to meet someone for the first time, imagines something going wrong.

Now you didn’t really want to imagine something going wrong like an awkward or embarrassing moment did you?

The why did you do it?

It is the portion of the mind that, when you are reading a book, suddenly thinks another thought breaking your rhythm.

It is the behavior of you mind where when you are listening to someone during a conversation, your mind suddenly takes a detour on a different memory while the other person is still talking to you.

It is the portion of the mind that drapes everything within a layer of meaning, independent of the object or event.

It is the portion where, when one looks upon a coconut tree and sees a Caribbean vacation, another experiences the 2004 Tsunami in their imagination.

They are involuntary thoughts that leap into the imagination almost without your invitation or intent.

It is the thought association with every- thing, person, or event.

Most people have never even pondered the nature of their consciousness and are not aware of the steel fisted strangle hold this behavior has upon their “normal” mind.

Most people think that the normal mind is the one where you are constantly bombarded with a thought after a thought after a thought …….morning noon and night.

It is only when one begins the journey of self-observation and consequently approaches inner silence, that they even experience a certain freedom and relief from this never-ending bombardment of involuntary consciousness and thought.

When one begins to experience this freedom from “having” to think a thought about everything and everyone a realization slowly awakens.

Why is my mind associating a meaning to everything that’s around, or to be more precise, why does everything have an effect within my consciousness?

It is only in removing this stranglehold of involuntary thought that one is able to glimpse at the illusion that is draped over everything that surrounds us.

It is a world of imagination that is being kept alive in each and every one of us through unconscious triggers that are associated with every object that surrounds us.

We exist in a real physical world where we live, eat and play and simultaneously process the physical experience with a make-believe dialog within our imagination, which over time drapes itself over everything like an impenetrable veil of illusion.

It seems we each live within our illusion of choice while still participating and co-creating in a physically shared reality.

But who is defining this illusion?

Could it be that we are being manipulated in other ways to stay more and more intertwined and trapped within and existence of our imagination?

We describe this Law of attraction as a process of coming into alignment with who we want to become.

Often this “who we want to become” is an idea of the imagination.

We are coming into alignment with an idea in our imagination.

While we attract the necessary props to uphold the imagination, it is in a way an existence within the imagination.

And in encouraging every-one to imagine more and more about the meaning and feeling associated in having a particular experience (in order to attract it), are we encouraging each other to remain happily or miserably wrapped within a non-existent world of the imagination?

It seems that much of our emotional suffering is connected to our constant existence within this reality of imaginary meaning.

What does not actually exist in physical terms is substituted by an imaginary substitute that is maintained in the mind as a constant ever-present conversation of the imagination.

In this context, you can say that all of our ideas do manifest in our reality in some form.

But a large part of that experience is the inner conversation that accompanies the physical place holder.

And it is in this inner conversation that one’s existence eventually becomes familiar and tired, making the physical experience no longer interesting.

And so we have to find another physical substitute that triggers a bigger and better experience of the imaginary experience.

Until we get tired of that and need a higher fix of the mental dialog to feel the same high.

It is as if we are junkies addicted to our own mental dialog, and because of this we are constantly searching for a bigger and better physical trigger to satisfy this mental “high”.

When one turns their attention inwards and notices the constant hurricane of mental conversation running on auto-pilot it becomes quite disconcerting to notice that it is there.

It is like paying attention to your breathing and suddenly becoming aware of the need to breathe in order to stay alive.

When we slowly break the fog of this mental fabric that blindfolds our observation by practicing silence, the analytical mind’s iron grip upon reality begins to slip, and the relationship between “things” and “ideas” start to loosen and separate.

You begin to see how chasing a feeling is connected to accumulating things, for they are so interconnected and stimulate our consciousness into an addictive response.

Once that connection loosens, the “stuff” no longer pulls the consciousness into an addictive response when one imagines possessing that “stuff”

The physical world no longer triggers the mind into wanting to possess it.

Chasing Joy gives way to making NOW joyful (or miserable)

Emotion becomes what it is without being exaggerated into something else in one’s mind.

We can learn to probe the physical reality with our consciousness instead of being involuntary triggered by it.

We can learn to manipulate with our mind and body instead of being manipulated in our minds and consequently our body.

It appears that we are slaves to our own involuntary mind.

Perhaps, one of the changes that await us is the opportunity to awaken to a reference point where we are no longer imprisoned within our imagination.


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@the traveller-glad you appreciate the question. your answer is real neat-do you know that things have a virtual force that is often expressed by their shape or symbol?in this way we can enter into contact with the parallel illusion world.

(25 Jul '11, 14:22) blubird two

July/26/2011 I put down as much of the answer that came to me and ended up with too many pages of info. Besides I still have to clarify the last part so still more pages to put down. And then condense and edit down so that it is an easy read.

(26 Jul '11, 14:55) The Traveller

Ok, I'm going to have to read this one a few times. Yes we're slaves until we begin to observe and question that involuntary mind :)

(30 Jul '11, 19:11) Michaela

@ The Traveller: “Wow” I read all of it, and another great master piece, very interesting, enlightening, and informative.

(31 Jul '11, 00:23) Inactive User ♦♦

Thanks Vee! This is the major area of interest for me over the last year and a half as I have been expanding my understanding in this direction. I have been waiting to share this particular angle for a while, but I needed time to verify that this is a valid perspective that can be tested by anyone who is interested. These ideas are not original to me, and they have been hinted at in any great master's works of exploration. Something tells me that shedding this "dialog of the mind" is going to be a critical stage in the mind evolution of our species.

(31 Jul '11, 04:18) The Traveller

This could quite possibly be the best post I've seen on this site.

(02 Aug '11, 03:24) Vesuvius

Wow! Vesuvius. Thank you for those words. I feel good about the effort that went into answering this question. At a certain level, I am frustrated that putting down an answer like this is like trying to capture a moving picture into a still frame (a painting). But the actual answer that is within is alive and constantly reaching towards more. I can only put down one version of the idea, which really doesn't do it justice. That's why I emphasized the "test this by yourself" concept so that the idea is understood through experience instead an acceptance of another’s perspective.

(04 Aug '11, 04:41) The Traveller

loved ur answer @ The Traveller. ur efforts are hearty appreciated :))

(07 May '14, 14:16) supergirl
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Absolutely yes: look around you, everything that you can ever think about already exist in some form or the another waiting to be claimed by someone, or another for their own personal use, and enjoyment at the time they are really ready to accept it into their life, and to use in accordance with the thought pattern given, when it was in its’ manifesting from.


answered 31 Jul '11, 00:45

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Inactive User ♦♦

What if one hundred people want to manifest the same thing and only one exists?

(31 Jul '11, 00:58) you

@Us: Have you ever been tothe Grocery Store to buy something only to be told, we have no more? Just for fun, what did you do?

(31 Jul '11, 01:45) Inactive User ♦♦

I did nothing. .

(31 Jul '11, 04:37) you
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I think once we put an idea out there it becomes part of the quantum soup of potentiality.

However, I think the amount of attention we give that idea is what determines whether it manifests as part of our reality.

If we take our attention away from the idea, it still exists as a potential manifestation which could manifest in someone else's reality if they pick up on the idea and put their attention in that direction.

So I would say each idea stays creative and always has the potential to manifest in reality.... Nice question blubird :)


answered 23 Jul '11, 12:17

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@michaela-nice answer...merci

(23 Jul '11, 12:42) blubird two

we seem to have a very similar idea of what its all about.

(25 Jul '11, 03:56) blubird two

Thank you again :)

(28 Jul '11, 23:18) Michaela
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This is a good question. From what I saw in The Mind of God, everything "zips" out from our minds into the Mind of God, and goes out...everything! But what happens after that just depends...Then it is just as Michaela has stated. If we send repeated messages and thoughts and prayers after the same thought, these thoughts gain more and more "spiritual momentum" and are much more likely to manifest as some sort of reality.

Here is a small example: My eyes have been a problem lately, and I wondered to myself if I needed a stronger-strength pair of reading glasses. That was the initial thought. I did look casually at a few pairs, but found them too expensive to fool with if they turned out to be too strong or the wrong prescription. But that thought had gone out...I found myself in a grocery store I do not usually shop in...and there were reading glasses for sale at $1.50 a pair (very cheap). Not only that, but they were exact replicas of my first pair of glasses I had as a child.

So the Universe had heard my thought, and it manifested because I think it was something easily manifested, and also something I really did need, as it turns out. If only new homes were as easy to manifest, or Mercedes cars...but I'll bet if I already had the money, and wanted a new car, the car of my dreams would manifest easily if I had a thought for it. It's a bit harder on the Universe to manifest an object when the money it costs is not already in your pocket...I guess because it is a double manifestation...first, the money (very hard to manifest) and then the car (easy if you have the money first).

But we must never give up hope on this in any way. Repeated thoughts and prayers, repeated beliefs, in other words, eventually do manifest. But hard work and efforts on our part also play a role in manifesting what we dream.

Blessings, Jai


answered 30 Jul '11, 20:05

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i very much like the idea of a quantum soup(thanks michaela), because i'm almost certain that all of our ideas manifest in our reality in some form and the soup model fits nicely.

think of a vegetable soup, a mixture of water, salt and chopped vegetables, the big chunks manifest in our reality in a big way, the small chunks in a small way. the main body of the soup is a blended liquid corresponding to the hundreds of thoughts that passe through our minds everyday, and each individual passing thought has lost its identity but nevertheless contributes in someway to the whole mass of ideas, it could correspond to the collective reality.


answered 25 Jul '11, 03:54

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blubird two

Let's be clear we don't THINK ideas.. we download them from non-physical.. were not thinkers were experiencers..

Also bashar has said... "everything in your imagination exists, somewhere, somehow" :)


answered 24 Nov '13, 11:47

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edited 24 Nov '13, 11:48

yes @themaster i like the "download" bit ...

(07 May '14, 12:14) jaz

Yes everything happens starting with an idee. If you've the idee to build a house you'll see the house in your mind according to what you want it to be. When you pay people to built it you'll tell them how you want it to be and with that idee they'll take the mesures to make it according to your idee. So you see ideas are the building block of creation and yes if you've an idea it'll manifest at the point where the potential to manifest it is the highest. ![alt text][1] experience and enjoy. [1]: http://www.inwardquest.com/upfiles/how-to-build-your-house.jpg.crop_display.jpg


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white tiger

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No, not all ideas or thoughts materialise in our reality and thank God for that for people being people not all allways think in a positive way but sometimes in the negative and unproductive and sometimes in a dangerous way. Imagine what would happen if all we thought of become our reality. The good stuff would be great but what about thoughts of anger or worse.

The ideas and thoughts that become our reality are only those we are focusing on the majority of the time and we impress our subconscious with. In other words if we habitualy think certain thoughts or if we habitualy have certain ideas we will only materialise them if we convince our subconscious mind of them. Yes our subconscious first has to accept as truth those thoughts or ideas which we consciously try to impregnate it with and then it will be manifest in our reality.

Convince your subconscious and youv'e won the battle of manifestation.


answered 24 Jul '11, 19:34

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Paulina 1

yes i agree, our habitual thoughts are the ones that most impress our subconscious mind ... is'nt that how the manifestation box works?the idea is fixed in a hermetic cavity.

(25 Jul '11, 03:59) blubird two

Since everything is a potential, anything can happen But in order for somethings to happen, other things cant happen for others.

There seems to be a belief that there is an infinite amount of"stuff" for everybody.

There is NOT.

If you want to be president, you can manifest that but to do so you will have to play their game and do things that might not be of your nature. That is why when we "manifest" it works best when it suits our vibration. I will never manifest worldly goods because I hate money. But I do manifest great relationships because that is me.

The thing about "manifesting" is that you have to align yourself with it to make it happen.Do you think the whole world can manifest a million dollars? No!! But some can.

Your natural path has very probable potentials. Even though you technically have infinite possibilities the most likely are the easiest to align with.

So no, If I think about committing a crime, it will not manifest with someone like me. Let me finish by saying it unwise to think everybody can be monetarily wealthy. Everyone can not.


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