After lately deciding to find relief and feel good as best as I can, each day. With the help of focus blocks, PSTEC, Meditation, MindMovies (To help focus positive emotionally more in the direction of my wanting)

I have come to realize now that, any little negative thing has become painful.

Just having a conversion with someone, if it moves in a not so positive direction BAAAAM! tremendous negative emotion.

I remember before, I chose to not do meditation everyday because of this, it becomes to painful even the simplest things.

I have started thinking, to feel good I will need to interact with people much much less, just so I do not have to go clear every little thing to feel better again.

I am surprised how sensitive I have become, I feel I need to stay still in this spot and don't move LOL!

I am thinking this is normal though right, I am thinking it is because I had just become use to the lower vibes and now I have done some vibrational 'work' ...moving in a negative direction is just much much more painful for some reason.

Help me understand this more better please, thank you

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@kakaboo, you have no idea how much you helped with that link, not only described my current situation but had just gone though a big dip. Feeling a lot of relief right now, thanks!

(20 Jan '15, 20:23) Kriegerd

Thanks Kakaboo.

I another thing happens during these sensitive times, is that eventually as days pass, I find it easier (and feel much better) not molding my vibe.

It is like I feel better not attending to my vibrations, I feel relief in not caring how I feel.

What could this be?

(21 Jan '15, 07:35) ALI6NMENT
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negative emotions are indicators of something that's not compatible with you, and that means you have a choice to make in your perception, to convert that into a positive emotion. Use this formula from Bashar - "I feel __, and i feel ___ because i choose to; and i choose to because i believe it serves me. How does it serve me?" (put whatever's bothering you in the blanks)

Answer that question and simultaneously you'll cancel out the belief that causes you to feel that way, and make room for a better belief, one that you prefer, one aligned with your natural self. Plug that belief in the place of the old one.


"i feel extremely sensitive, and i feel extremely sensitive because i choose to, and i choose to because i believe it serves me. How does it serve me? Well, it's a clear indicator that i'm on my path and i'm more and more aware of how things affect me so that i can clarify my responses and my choices to outward circumstances. I prefer to feel good, so i choose to always have a positive bias and choose to find something good to focus on in every situation, even if it seems negative, i CHOOSE to put a positive spin on it (even if it's just the realization that i HAVE a choice on how to perceive it)"

Keep doing this constantly, with everything, and you'll clear up your perception on everything, it's very beneficial if you stick to it. Hope this helps!


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Nice answer. Hadn't heard of that from Bashar. Thanks for sharing.

(21 Jan '15, 15:47) Kriegerd

Oh man, I know exactly what you mean. Here's my thoughts on the matter: When you start to actively become aware of how you feel (which will inevitably come just from constantly trying to feel good) you start to actually FEEL the things that you weren't a vibrational match with.

Before they were not a problem, and they might have even felt NORMAL, because you were hanging down there at the lower vibration along with them. Now since you are actively trying to feel good you will naturally be aware of the things that doesn't.

In one way you can say that it can be overwhelming. I know for me it was in the beginning. Ironically enough, I felt like I had more issues stacked against me than before I know about this vibration business. I digress. However, looking at it another way, Emotions are really REALLY strong indicators. I would compare them to fire detectors, but they much more than that. Your emotions will tell you if somethings up even before the smoke, so to speak.

I would not recommend trapping yourself in your house. However, I also don't recommend being to hung up on any negative emotions for too long (if at all). I remember when I first started out, I would try to wrestle my rampant emotions to the ground and that just caused me to take part of a tiring cycle of "I see something I don't like, I react negatively, I stay in that negative vibe, I see something I dont like, etc etc."

Like what some others said, just think of your emotions as indicators. Don't take them so seriously, especially when you're feeling negative. I know it's easier said then done, but if you keep practicing you'll get the hang of it..... hopefully :D


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mind can control physical
senses if time is taken
to know how one functions
and why i am here now


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