Hello IQ! I found this place a couple of months ago and have been lurking and reading and learning so much. I really appreciate so many bright, practical minds gathered together.

Here's a little background to my question: I've been studying Abraham-Hicks' teachings for years. I make genuine efforts to grok, and I feel like I get it to some extent most of the time. Their teachings have been really useful to me: I am significantly more cheerful and laid-back than I used to me. (Which is perhaps not that impressive if you don't know how gloomy I used to be!) So I feel like I ought to be able to, if not constantly be manifesting glorious floating castles and flying unicorns, at least be able to maintain my mood/vibrational setpoint within a reasonable range.

Right now I find that I mostly hang out somewhere between "boredom" and "hopefulness" a pretty significant part of the time. There are swings into higher vibes and dips into lower ones, but that's mostly my setpoint right now. It took some effort for me to get here; I think, when I found Abe, that I was actually vibrating at a much lower level than I realized at the time. I'm currently on a kind of Abe challenge for myself, where each morning I try to do some focus wheels/blocks, grid-setting, etc., and then do the guided meditation. I find that this has really helped me start a day off in a cheerful place. And my daily life has felt improved! I've noticed a general feeling of increased ease, diminished judgment of self and others, a general sense of "things are okay", and easier parking. :)

I have not noticed major physical manifestations. I very much want to be okay with that, and mostly I really am. It's definitely not like I'm sitting here constantly going "Where is my new red truck?"! (At this point, it's really much more important to me that I really understand how this stuff works than that I manifest something physical.) But as I look to my emotions as information for how I'm doing, I hit a snag. Because I will have a couple of days of being pretty cheerful and feel like "I've totally got this! Manifestations schmanifestations, what matters is that I can 100% set my own mood!"

...and then I will have a day where in spite of little or nothing being different, I'll somehow start off on the wrong foot, and I'll just feel like "Everything is the worst! I can't do this! Clearly there is something wrong with me and I can't get a handle on this. I am probably wasting my time and instead of spending so much energy trying to figure this out I should just get a nursing degree, because clearly I will never have any real control over my life outcome." Gloomy!

It's like Abe mood swings. And I am baffled. I know that a lot of Abers would probably say that I need to stop feeding the "what am I doing wrong" fire, never speak of it again, and just keep going, but that thought just fills me with confusion. I'm really wanting clarity on this. Does this "mood swings" thing ring a bell for anyone? Any tips? I've wondered if, as I become more and more consistent about using my emotions as guidance and no longer "happy-face stickering" things I don't feel good about, I'm uncovering resistance that I was previously basically unaware of. That is, of course that resistance on Subject X would have been active in my vibration, but I basically didn't really even realize I had it. But now that I'm really willing to feel all my feelings and use that information, maybe feeling bad feels especially awful?

During the past couple of months, I've been focusing especially on my desire to understand how to move up the vibrational scale in a stable, deliberate way. I've previously felt like I would tend to shoot up a couple of jumps, then not be able to maintain that new place, and fall back down. So right now I'm really feeling like it's okay for me to take days/weeks/months to shift my vibration on something, so long as each step feels like a solid new foundation. I guess it's possible that I am still doing that - making vibrational jumps that are unsustainable - but I'm confused as to how that's happening.

Any ideas? Thank you for your insights!

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Please explain here why you downvoted: it My browser jumped as I pressed the up vote. I fixed it you have my up vote now. :-)

(27 Apr '13, 19:48) Wade Casaldi

@Wade This has happened to me - it is mortifying.

(28 Apr '13, 08:10) Catherine

It happens to me all the time too. I always fix it..

(29 Apr '13, 00:43) ele
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Does this "mood swings" thing ring a bell for anyone? Any tips?

Yes, I think these "mood swings" are very common. I think you are doing just fine.

The "mood swings" will naturally vanish completely in time as your good-feeling vibrational setpoints become more habitual. I can guarantee you that from having gone through it myself. I had a pretty rough time swinging back and forth when I first started playing with these Abraham ideas on a consistent basis.

As for why these "mood swings" happen, consider a pair of weighing scales...

weighing scales

When the scales are firmly out of balance to either side, there is a region of stability and they are firmly tipped over. It will take some considerable (relative) weight change to make them tip over to the other side.

But when the scales are almost in balance, there is actually a region of instability and the slightest force will make them sway easily from one side to the other.

You can see the effects described above in this video...


Another way of looking at it is that our tolerance for negative emotion in our life changes as we become more used to positive emotion.

To illustrate this, consider your email inbox.

For most people, there are a certain number of emails in their email inbox which they are prepared to tolerate before they start feeling uncomfortable and decide to do something about it.

alt text

Let's say that for someone that figure is (approximately) 500 emails. There is an interesting effect that once that figure of (approximately) 500 is crossed, that person will somehow feel an intuitive push to start reading and processing those emails for a while.

And once that figure is below (approximately) 500 emails, the person will feel distracted to go do other things.

And what is really interesting about this is that if that person is forced to clear out their entire email inbox to zero on a particular day then, probably within a few days, their inbox will go back to roughly that same 500 emails number again before they feel any impulse to do something about it themselves.

That figure of 500 represents the amount of emotional pain they are prepared to tolerate from unread, unprocessed emails before they are inspired/motivated to action.

You can see the same effects involving clutter in people's houses, litter within a person's car, length of grass on someone's lawn...everywhere in people's lives really :)

So the same thing also applies to vibrational work, I've noticed. There is a certain amount of emotional pain we are prepared to tolerate in our lives before we do something about it, like applying an Abraham method.

As we habitualize to more and more good-feelings in our lives (it happens gradually and naturally), our tolerance for emotional pain goes down until we reach the point where even the slightest thing that feels uncomfortable makes us launch a major investigation as to how can such an appalling thing happen?

For me, these days, it's like a Crime Scene Investigation (internally) if an expected parking place doesn't manifest on time :)

When you reach that level of emotional (in)tolerance, it's safe to say you are no longer in any region of instability as far as those vibrational "weighing scales" are concerned...they are firmly tipped over into positive :)

Hope that gives you some insights into your own situation.

I have not noticed major physical manifestations

Just wanted to comment on the above sentence...I rarely notice major physical manifestations...often, other people notice them and point them out to me :)

To me, they always feel like "no big deal" even though past versions of "me" would probably be leaping with joy about them. When you are up to speed vibrationally with your manifestations, they tend to feel like "yeah, whatever" rather than "Yipee! Yahoo!" when they come.

Abraham call this the principle of The Next Logical Step.


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Please also read @Stingray 's brilliant metaphor of the "Battered Car". I think of this many times when frustration comes a-knocking!


(28 Apr '13, 07:29) Dollar Bill

Thanks so much, Stingray. The way you explain spiritual ideas (often ideas I am only just within the vibrational range of being able to understand) is always a Eureka! moment for me. Your internal CSI team made me laugh. That is exactly it. "I feel mildly bad. What is happening?!?" I'm also thankful that you mention that you yourself recognize this, because if another analytical type could eventually get past this, I have hope for myself!

(29 Apr '13, 00:35) corduroypower

I recognise well the scenario of the Abraham wild mood swings (as I am sure many others do).

The reason for this is that once you raise your vibration, all the parts of your vibrational signature not up to speed with that higher frequency eventually want to "come up" to resonate with it. It is usual at that point to start focusing on the negative feelings and compounding them with anxiety and a negative internal dialogue. It is really that bit of the situation you need to focus on.

Firstly, accept that at some point you are going to have to deal with these darker feelings and really that is a good thing because by facing them and accepting them you are integrating them and "cleaning up" your vibration. It is just an impression I have from listening to hours of Abe that they don't labour this point enough and so I got stuck for a while in a place of pushing too hard on "trying to feel positive" when the most appropriate thing to do would be to just accept a darker feeling and let it pass.

Here is a really useful technique from Nora Herold - Eckhart Tolle also offers similar advice in his books.

When you find yourself feeling those what you term darker feelings:

Firstly, give yourself complete permission to have that emotion and then OBSERVE yourself feeling that emotion.

Typically what we do is feel the feeling and then react to that feeling state. As soon as you react to the feeling state you lose the ability to access the higher perspective, the fifth dimensional perspective So instead of reacting, judging, blaming, hiding away etc you just OBSERVE. Say something to yourself like "I am feeling anxious/depressed/whatever the darker feeling is and I am going to observe myself feeling that and completely and utterly accept myself in this moment with this anxiety."

As you run this programme of full acceptance of yourself, you start to them expand your consciousness into the fifth dimensional realm as well so that you can then see the gift in that anxiety/depression etc. You are also able to access a greater source of unconditional love that then allows you to pull in the JOY frequency which is really what you are after.

It isn't so much about chasing yourself out of anxiety/depression etc through using JOY, it is really about feeling your anxiety, giving yourself permission, loving yourself even as you are feeling anxious. This is really the key to seeing yourself as LOVABLE even as you are feeling your darker feelings.

Effectively you are running two experiences at the same time - the emotional experience and your engagement with your higher self. The higher self part of you is then able to direct the unconditional love/healing as the 3D version of you (the bit that is feeling anxious) opens up to receive that.

The key is: Run the emotion (don't get into trying to feel better in that moment), accept it, observe and don't judge it. The bad feelings pass fairly quickly with this process. You may need to do it a few times but it actually comes naturally to you since we are all multidimensional. The hard part, I find, is remembering to do it in those moments.

Once past the darker feelings, I find that I can then start to just go gently and generally positive. (Assuming I remember Nora/Abe's great advice in the first place!)


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This is really good advice. I have recently been realizing that by doing exactly what I thought Abe was teaching - yanking my attention from thoughts that feel bad - I was actually resisting them. So I'm (slowly) working on changing that. Thank you!

(29 Apr '13, 00:39) corduroypower

Accept your boredom, accept all that that is happening. It is part of the process. It is not meant to be understood really. To analyze this is to stay in the mind/ego. It will never work to manifest from the mind. It will always be from the heart. You are Spirit living a human life. Bar none.

Abraham is Spirit. Spiritual existence is not meant to be understood it is meant to be experienced. It's about true love with God, Higher Self(your true twin flame by the way) and your Physical self. We evolve faster in the flesh than we do in Spirit. Your soul chose to be here to play, experience and evolve.

To remember to be childlike. Forgive like a child would, enjoy life like a child would and to see with fresh eyes that have not been tainted as a child would. Jesus once said, "...in order to enter the Kingdom of Heaven, one must enter as a child." Heaven on earth is possible, it is why you are here. Live it in childlikeness and you will never be bored. The opposite of childlike is childish. We all have a choice of how to live.

The childish choice is to do the opposite, it's to stay bored, analytical, imprisoned and singing the same old story. The childlike choice is to seek out treasures and leave the rest behind. To live life fully, the feel the moments as they come and to wave goodbye to them as they go. I say STOP IT! and tell a new story as Abraham has advised and live free of all this analyzing.

Life is meant to be enjoyed & molded. Here's a tip, when you are bored find something fun to do, volunteer in an orphanage, homeless shelters where tons of children and people everyday could use a positive lift. It will remind you of why you are truly here and to find your true inner peace. Once you truly connect with your inner peace and God, none of the flesh desires will matter anymore, I assure you. Be well and I say this with tons of tough love.


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Barry Allen ♦♦


@teeleec - BEAUTIFULLY PUT!!!! All of your post! Especially "Spiritual existence is not meant to be understood it is meant to be experienced." If I could give you ten upvotes, I would.

And remember, seek Joy, Beauty, Love, Happiness and if ANYTHING does not resonate with Joy, walk away. Don't fight it. Don't complain. This is all you need to know. All you need to do.

I no longer see myself as a "problem solver." I am a "Joy resonator." No need to understand. Experience and Enjoy.

(28 Apr '13, 19:37) Dollar Bill

yes me too, i love it all @teeleec, in short follow your highest ♥ joy

(29 Apr '13, 04:06) ru bis

Greatest peace, love & joy to you all :o)

(29 Apr '13, 08:34) teeleec
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Stingray already saved the day as usual :) and Catherine's answer is also excellent.

So I just want to add something from my own experience. Catherine said

It is just an impression I have from listening to hours of Abe that they don't labour this point enough.

I agree. I think the reason is that the Abraham spirit is such a positive one that they cannot relate that much to negative feelings. And they also don't want to relate because for the most part they focus on positivity and only see our vortex versions. And therefore I agree that Eckhart Tolle's teachings and other philosophies can be complemantary.

There is one thing I would recommend for those who want to use Abe tools only.

IMO Abraham's concept of the emotional grid is just as powerful as Eckhart Tolle's concept of surrender... if you know how to apply it correctly. And in fact I get better at grid building the more I practice it. So far it has become my most powerful tool in my toolbox. I absolutely love it.

Here are a few from my own guidelines for the Abraham Grid.

  • Never use the grid as an escape from your negative emotions. You must call a spade a spade and allow your negative thoughts to be fully present first. This is what Abraham calls stating the specific negative.
  • When you allow yourself to feel absolutely specifically negative, you can now allow yourself to feel more negative and amplify the feeling. Why? Because the more negative you feel at first, the more levarage you get afterwards.

alt text

  • Now that you are at the climax of your negative feeling, you start stating general negative sentences. Sometimes it is not enough to just state 2-3 general negatives. In fact I have some Focus Blocks that are filled with 15-20 generally negative sentences. Why? Because if I feel that my vibration is not ready to move to general positive's, I stick with the general negatives if they still give me relief from the specific negatives. Abraham's "Which thought feels better?"-process is excellent to learn this and to practice it. I highly recommend it.

  • Don't back off from going back to negative anytime...when you feel that it's neccessary.

  • Be playful with negative statements.

Of course it is not neccessary to stay in the negative vibration if you feel that positive statements would give you relief. How do you know when to switch from negative to positive?

You simply try it.

That statement that gives you relief is the right one. Gradually you will get better and better at knowing when to switch over intuitively. (Again, I recommend Abraham's "Which thought feels better?"-process to learn this.)

And this is when the Abraham Grid becomes a real powerhouse. It will then work fast, effective and it will become easy to change seemingly stubborn beliefs in a matter of minutes.


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@releaser99 I moved away from Abe at around the time when the Grid was being more widely talked about on You Tube etc (i.e. probably in seminars they had been talking about it for a while before it filtered through. I did a bit of grid work but didn't stick with it. Lately I have felt inspired to re-visit Abe and still consider them to be the very best at practical day to day advice. Your excellent answer has inspired me to re-visit the Grid info. Thanks

(28 Apr '13, 08:09) Catherine

@Catherine I'm sure you will like grid building if you try it a few times. It became much more powerful after I really understood what Abraham mean when they say to "go general". You start feeling the negative specifics fully and then go generally negative. This alone is often enough to give me massive relief. From there it becomes super easy to switch over to generally positive statements. And when you are at specific positives you are often in the vortex. I hope you'll enjoy it :).

(28 Apr '13, 08:34) releaser99

I love this, thanks! I'm just starting to play with this (writing general negative statements that give relief) and it's kind of been blowing my mind to realize that you have to look at where you are before you can move. I have sometimes felt that maybe Abe is not always the best source of real-world "Here's how to do this LOA business" advice, because they don't seem to really be able (willing?) to go with humans to our grumpy places.

(29 Apr '13, 00:42) corduroypower
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Well, you could have a loose emotional pendulum and easily swing from one state to another.

I find this a much more likely answer though:



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